#80: MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver Circuit Walk-thru And Review, Plus Bandsweep, Ham Radio MFJ-9340

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w2aew: Can you get it to work on 10 meters with some re winding and a different crystal?

Michael Lloyd: This was awesome. I just built the exact MFJ transceiver and the walkthru was very helpful. The only complaint I have is that it's going to take me a long time to get through your site :) I haven't aligned mine yet. It seems pretty easy but it would have been nice to watch you go through it NE5U

NG9D: Superb!

WX9DX: Can you get it to work on 10 meters with some re winding and a different crystal?

Alan Wolke: Here's a new video for my ham radio "circle". I built a 40m CW QRP Transceiver kit from MFJ. I made this video to describe the schematic/circuit of the unit, and run through a "sweep" of the 65kHz of tuning range, listening to the CW activity on the lower portion of the 40m band.

ChrisWilson5006: Another excellent walk through and explanation. Would have been good to see the alignment. Too late? Thanks Alan!

w2aew: There may be some around. Years ago, there was a series called Warbler, but I don't know if they're still available.

w2aew: Not a external amp, but I had the AF gain most of the way up.

kd1s: Wow - nice little kit and thank you for the walk through of the circuitry!

CP 1993: ok. thank you. is there one you would suggest for that type of thing that is still at a low price. under like $300?

Gerry Jurrens: Thanks, Alan! Very cool explanation. I even was able to follow along & I'm a no-tech Code, you know! Seems like it has a lot of audio output, too, or was that an external audio amp? 73

Todd Harrison: Thanks! I will be watching this a few times just as a learning tool on how the glue works in radios. Great Stuff!

Ronald Lijs: Very well explained once more, Alan!! Thanks for this...

w2aew: thanks Joe!

w2aew: You'd be able to receive PSK, but not transmit. There is no tx audio input (without modifications) for you to be able to do the phase shift keying modulation.

May D: Would be nice if you could also do a walk-throught with the Heathkit HW9

w2aew: I'll add that to the list, Don. I don't currently have a clean schematic for the HW-9, but I should be able to find one.

Brian Boccardi: Gerry has some many toys!

Dennis Hill: You did a great job explaining the circuit. Thanks

Radio wild: Impressive little unit! Really seemed to do well with just a foot and a half of antenna. Nice job as always! RW

w2aew: If I have time to repeat the alignment before I have to give the unit to the owner, I'll make a video. No promises!...

N7EWC: Outstanding walkthrough...Great job just made my favorites...Keep producing great videos...Agree you should have atleast one like from every Ham out there...

Ed Oxer: Getting set to build one and found your great video. Thanks for the informative talk.

CT1JRZ: Very nice video. 73

kais avionics: come on guys.... only 60 likes for this outstanding video!!!!!!!!!!

ceMental: Great job as usual.

P T: Excellent video. This was very instructional for me. Thank you

w2aew: Thank you! It's just a lot of reading, studying, building, and experimenting. You learn a LOT more from mistakes than successes.

CP 1993: this might seem like a silly question but I am vary new to this. my question is if I could use this with a laptop to do psk with?

wussup331: how do I get to the level you're at? Amazing stuff!

w2aew: Hey Don D - I'm uploading a walk-through of the Heathkit HW9 now!

N4PJA: Fine Business. I haven't found my videos which walk through all the stages of these radios. Good for me cause there's not many folks around here who are this knowledgeable or open!

w2aew: Thanks Don. Already done. Found a manual with a schematic that was split up over three or four pages. I've printed it out and taped it together. I'll do a video walk through of the schematic sometime soon.

May D: Google on-line HW9 manual and check MW post Thanks

CP 1993: sry I mint to flidgi
#80: MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk-thru and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ-9340 5 out of 5

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#80: MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk-thru and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ-9340