#80: MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver Circuit Walk-thru And Review, Plus Bandsweep, Ham Radio MFJ-9340

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Michael Baker: I finished the assembly process alignment and such but noticed that this kit has a tremendous problem with drifting and can't figure out why it is doing this.

marty james: excellent circuit explanation - thank you, very helpful

Bradley Hardin: I'm thinking about buying a paddle key and iambic (mode B) keyer. Will that work or am I restricted to a straight key? I have not explored the leap to automatic keyers yet.

Bradley Hardin: Does it take any special test equipment to align it (e.g., meters, scope, sig gen) once it is assembled?

kjilk simble: Can you buy it built already??

Petr OK1RP: It sounds pretty noisy isn't it?

Joe Schlabotnick: i before e except after c.

andrew wood: Ive got 2 cubs for 20 and 40 meters band and i love them..
On 40 meters band receiver is not louder like in 20 meters one.
Which parts should be focus on ? 73' Andrew

Matt Rainey: Just curious, but how does this compare to the Ten-Tec 1340?
I'm looking to build a kit and I can't decide which one.

paulwhuzinasr: ive watch this several times and like it very much. i am buying a 9320 and was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me to modify the radio a bit. i love ham radio and have been in it since 64. i enjoy building things and this radio wont be any different. but there are some thing i want to add to it. it is a perfect size if there is such a thing. tnx for your time. 73 kb1iai

Randy Upchurch: Great video.  Nice little rig.

berkmanyt: Nice job…. AGAIN….Thank you   walt  K2CXP

Michael Lloyd: This was awesome. I just built the exact MFJ transceiver and the walkthru was very helpful. The only complaint I have is that it's going to take me a long time to get through your site :) I haven't aligned mine yet. It seems pretty easy but it would have been nice to watch you go through it


: Superb!

w2aew: It would involve more than just changing the toroid windings and changing the crystal.  You'd have to adjust the receive bandpass filter, the VFO used for the rx and tx LO, the transmit bandpass filter, and the tx PA output filter.  That's assuming that the buffers and PA are up to the task for 28MHz operation, which might not be the case...

WX9DX: Can you get it to work on 10 meters with some re winding and a different crystal?

CP 1993: ok. thank you. is there one you would suggest for that type of thing that is still at a low price. under like $300?

CP 1993: sry I mint to flidgi

CP 1993: this might seem like a silly question but I am vary new to this. my question is if I could use this with a laptop to do psk with?

wussup331: how do I get to the level you're at? Amazing stuff!
#80: MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk-thru and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ-9340 5 out of 5

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#80: MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk-thru and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ-9340