Mild Seven Sky Blue Cigarette Review

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Jordan Boehm: can I find these in canada. Im in vancouver

Ahmad Farihan: There's a new Mevius (Mild Seven) called airstream here in Malaysia. Very light. I like it better than the Sky Blue which was previously my everyday cig.

MrCZW777: mild seven = mevius

MascaChild: It's probably from the UK because the European Union has that kind of a warning on all the packs and it's in English. Those ones suck by the way in my opinion. Marlboro Full Flavors all the freaking way man! Awesome vids.

Fredcyran: JTI = Japan Tobacco International

bisa993: hey Bot don't smokeing kills you body all okay bitch

NewBetrayal: Damn i love this channel!

syuxzter: What's the difference between Sky Blue and Lights? Im from Malaysia, they dont sell Mild Seven Lights here, just sky blue.

Jack Norman: japan, japan, japan, japan, japan

icebox1119: nope, all we have is the surgeon general's warning on the side of pakcs . they tried to get ours to have the pictures but surprisingly congress ruled against it

BulletFever1: @50CalTV you probably know this already, but the reason for that is because the charcoal filter filters a lot more tar and nicotine which is why it's called a light cigarette, but the tobacco that's inside it is closer to a full bodied tobacco, hope that explains it for you :)

50CalTV: Boy, that puts off a tremendous amount of smoke for a light cigarette.

GluedTechDude: lol @ almost saying "Jabacco"

ChurchillCigar: On the Mild Seven "Original" review, you said the taste was close to a Camel filter. Well, Japan Tobacco International makes Camel and Winston outside USA... hence the similarity of taste. JTI is doing the good job, always a quality cigarette (Camel, my favorite, filtered or unfiltered). Awesome vid, as usual !

AWPertunity: yes dan charcoal filters are to make your smoke REAL smooth. like i said before in canada where i live we have a cigarette called Belmonts. they are a very strong cigarette without the filter but with the filter it has a good body, smooth tasty smoke and the flavour leaves a great after taste in your mouth. they are good cigarette for between 9-11$ a pack. for a pack of 20 i believe its $9.25. for 25 king sized it is $11.25. so twice the price of your reds. i hope one day u can review these!

ThePoorboyX Gaming: No kidding! If was from Australia or Canada it would!

ThePoorboyX Gaming: :) Thanks! I haven't seen Chesterfields in years!

ThePoorboyX Gaming: sometimes, lately I have been shooting them one day and then upload the next day on WiFi.

nicolefreak5: Lol it says smoking kills, surprised it doesn't have a gross picture

Fredcyran: My fovorite channel !!!! Now I smoke Chesterfield Blue Super Slims :-)--~~~~ Enjoy !
Mild Seven Sky Blue Cigarette Review 5 out of 5

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Mild Seven Sky Blue Cigarette Review