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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Faceless Gaming: holy crap i missed that i lived in richmond
debsam77: That's very pretty!
YoMamaSapien: just picked this up for $80 in GI. great gun!
SailTCB: FYI, the ruger LCP is a 380 auto, 9.4 oz with 6 plus 1 and the LCR is a 38 Special with 5 rounds. I obviously prefer the 38 special for max energy on impact, but again size matters and a gun at home does you no good if you need it
tab270q1yh: โปรดระงับเสียงรอบข้าง
Ethan Baker: What kind of idiot drinks vodka straight. It has absolutely zero flavor and no personality. You can make vodka from literally any alcohol, including wine and beer, just by distilling it enough.
RcAntax: the PSP version was actualy pretty good, but I miss a career mode as hell

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