Drag Racing Ford RS200 Evolution Tune Level 7 1/4mile 8.262sec

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Aurel Rusanda: why i get 8.355??

IronZombie: Thats why there's a description?

Vero CarrE: Bien.... acabo de realizar 8.2666.... Seguire intentando!!!!

Eldar Milak: got 8.110 lvl 8

Vero CarrE: Compito bajo nombre RamonCarrasco y acabo de hacer 8.261.....!!! Gracias por compartir!

62racer62: спасибо,отличное видео,делай еще,сам проехал 8.259

Тельман Хасанов: четко, а не подскажешь на 4 лвл какая машина быстрая ?

Parvan Alexandru: with this tune I got 8.259 good job

Village Vidiot: Thank you. 8.245 within one hour of updating my car to your specs! Even I was blown away! I'm hitting the nitro and the up shift to 2nd gear at the same time (I think the video shows this but I can't understand the language). BTW It's fast at 1/2 mile too. I think I have .72 for the fourth gear and my best 1/2 in this car is 13.051. Not the fastest car in the Level 7, 1/2 mile, but it freaks the Ferrari's out when you blow the doors off most of them.

ZeidGho: PLEASE share gears: 4 & 5.. i know you dont use them, but they make a deference...

DopeCrazyness: went .264 first run and .261 second run. great tune ! thanks for sharing. for people asking for more gears, you dont need them. you shouldnt even shift to 4th, this is a 1/4 mile tune. either way if it still bugs you, set 4th to 0.799

Vero CarrE: Con estos cambios consegui 8.270... excelente! Seguire practicando ....Gracias!

stathis199072: I can't see anything

Imthiaz Zamani: I cant see the damn tune

Village Vidiot: Hey.... I just set the 1/4 mile record with my 8.245. I had to go back and look at my phone to confirm it..... WOW!

mohd hafis: Share to all the setting n tuneup..

DenisPlayGame: Либо доработанный Lancer EVO X или Gallardo LP570. Сам юзал на тех уровнях именно эти авто. Удачи=)

Marian Hajzler: This tune and my record 8,258 thank
Drag Racing Ford RS200 Evolution Tune level 7 1/4mile 8.262sec 3.9 out of 5

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Drag Racing Ford RS200 Evolution Tune level 7 1/4mile 8.262sec