How To Fix AC In A Chevy Malibu

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Did this video help you?

Jason Bryant: Worked like a charm! Thanks!

Scott Baillie: Thank you so much! Followed this step by step and fixed a five year old problem in 20 minutes. Works great now!

Jessica Lewis: so how did you know it what that circuit board being dirty?

Danielle McFadden: Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing this tip. I have paid mechanics several times to find out why my air would go off and on. I didn't have the socket set so I went to my local auto parts store and used theirs. I set in the parking lot and did this. I didn't have alcohol so I used hand sanitizer. I'm so grateful for this video.

bagofnailsbon: Thanks! I just did this on my 98 Olds Curlass and the a/c stays on now. I asked a mechanic to look at this and he refused, saying the a/c just needed a charge. That cost me $100 and did not fix it. This video helped me correct the problem myself. Thanks again!

pljanes: Wow.  Thank you so much.  Excellent video, made the job quick and easy.  A/C works perfectly.

quatromilpas: Thanks for posting this video. Just completed the repair today and the AC is working...good thing cuz it's been hotter than hell now for a stretch. What I found was easy when putting it back together was to take the faceplate and turn it facing down and then dropping the four small push buttons into the faceplate, then drop the clear plastic piece down, and lastly putting the back piece with the circuit board and snapping it together.

Lewis McMillion: Worked like a charm! I didn't have any rubbing alcohol on hand so I just used a pencil eraser to clean it but it worked. I did, however, push the connectors on the nobs up a bit to connect better.

YukonBiggles: Thanks for this! Looks like it worked for me

MusicMatic707: This video helped out a ton.  Fixed my AC on Monday and it has been working perfectly.  Thank you for posting this.

Andrew Sedgwick: I did everything in the video, but issue remains. Did I have to also apply graphite to the tiny copper prongs that make contact to the graphite rings on the mother board? The issue I have had for past few years is that the AC button doesn't seem to be turning it on. The light doesn't even turn on. Same with the rear defroster button right next to the AC. Thanks for the very in-depth video! Extremely helpful! I just need to figure out what my problem is with the AC/rear defroster switches.


Oklahoma Hoss: Thank you so much for this vid!  One question, though, your video didn't actually show you removing the faceplate, so how do you handle the ignition in the upper left corner? Does it just pop off or do you need to do anything special to get it off?  Thanks very much in advance for your answer!

Just Asking: I have this model car, and it seems like something is blocking the vent and the air wont come out.  The blower is fine, the compressor is fine, but it would blow toward me.  The air blows when placed on defrost, but something is clogging the air from blowing on any other notch.  Can someone advise me how to fix?

brandon cubberly: Does this also work to get the heater working!!!! I really need to know because it started to snow where I live and it's really cold need the heater working ASAP 

Tony Skiffington: did he say thats the metric system, not the "american" system? lol

Joy Toney: After all the problems everyone is having with GM products, especially Malibu's. I say we get together start some kind of petition, sue GM, demand the problems be fixed or another car of the same value replaced!!!! I am fed up with this car!!!! I have a 03 Malibu Ls, my ac is blowing hot now as of a week ago, and keeps cycling on and off, its not staying on long enough to cool anything and this is just one of many problems I'm having!! I don't know what to do because I cannot afford to bring my car to Chevrolet. Tomorrow I will be trying this, and I'm praying it works and I don't further mess it up! This is ridiculous, and something should be done!

daclyde: Thanks for posting this video!  I just followed your instructions and it worked great. Now I just have to get the AC recharged so it actually blows cold air again.

Charles Ardinger: My wife's '99 Malibu has always had problems with the AC. While it was still under warranty the dealership fixed it. Then, a year or two later, I had a mechanic replace the whole panel.  Since then it has worked hit or miss. Became quite the game to see who could get it to stay working. But, after searching online a few weeks ago and finding this, today I decided to give it a try. Piece of cake. It works now every time I turn on the switch. When it fails again, as it probably will, I can fix it in a few minutes. Thank you.

Zeweier Alexzander: i messed my car up trying this

Zeweier Alexzander: Wow so thats whats wrong with my car lol
How to fix AC in a Chevy Malibu 5 out of 5

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How to fix AC in a Chevy Malibu