How To Fix AC In A Chevy Malibu

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Mark Vincent: how much would the car dealer charge you for this. Mine air condition comes on and off.

rottenrowdie: Q tips work good as well

jimi18032: Thanks for the video, my friend! It took me only 15 minutes to do this but it didn't fix the problem in my '04 Classic. I'm guessing my control board is shot. Not only does the AC not work, but the recirculate and defrost button don't work, either. 

Monica Collier: I have purchased a new control panel and I hope this will fix my problem. The rear defrost light stays on and the a/c button will not come on and on the other side same thing one light stays on and the other wont turn on. Last year it was very fickle but the a/c worked fine when it did come on, but this year it will not come on at all Do you think it is just the panel that has gone out?

rottenrowdie: Thanks for this video. My ac is driving me apecrap. Typical gm the same dash and body parts used for 9 years.

Jason Navarro: One of the simplest and most useful repairs I have ever done on a car. Thanks for your video I can now go full blast again.

wcottee: My son and I just did this repair on his 98 malibu. Took about 1/2 hour and now it works great. Thank you for this video!!!

Nick Trevethan: This worked great on my 01 Malibu as well!! Thanks for the video!!

florret2003: I replaced the unit today and it took 15 minutes. Easy job. I drove the vehicle 16 miles and at no time did it cycle between on and off nor did it change the mode from recirculate to fresh air without input from me. Success! I cleaned the unit I took out and now I have a spare. Thanks for the video, Wagslick!

Jose Rivera: To whom it may concern ,I had a problem i it solve but i have the air cicle flowing throw the floor and vent how can i fix that problem,

Brittany Poe: oh yes i got that fixed but the windows air and turning signals still acting up but ill figure it out one day but now the alternator or something is acting out because it wouldnt start today but i just got done driving it and the battery is new

pigboykool: Chevy Malibu is a piece of junk! My 2000 Malibu has coolant leakage problem with the manifold Intake gaskets in a couple year again after a replacement, the left side window won't work in the morning (seems like a motor issue) for some unknown reason, and hopefully I can fix the AC problem by the help of this video. Thanks for the upload!

xadam2dudex: why hasn't there been a class action lawsuit against GM for all the defects in this car ?? it isn't an isolated occurrence.. it is symptomatic thru the Malibu car line

kingmikeofthenorth: What a pain in the ass. Thanks for the vid. Maybe I'll tackle this one day when I'm bored.

Pat Devine: This was right on...THANK YOU!!! Took about 20 mins.

DUBDUECE05: Thank you so much my car does that 05 classic

117dcp: No. I had this same issue and you need to replace the blower motor resistor. I bought one for $17 at a local auto parts store. It took about 3 hours for me to get everything out and back together but it was worth it. There is a video on youtube about replacing it.

Brittany Poe: omg yess i have all those same problems but have yet to figure out how to fix them

mikeyhh1488: it's gonna be different between chevy and dodge. i have a malibu, an intrepid, a stratus, and a charger. lol you'll probably be better off replacing the MTC control head completely. it's much easier than opening the thing up and fiddling with the board. from what you said, it sounds like the knob switch is bad. hard to replace anyway ebay(dot)com/itm/2001-DODGE-STRATUS-A-C-HEATER-CONTROL-UNIT-/330699485354?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4cff39b0aa&vxp=mtr

Scott Gerney: I just fixed my a/c. Thanks for the great video, very helpful. Entire job took about 45 minutes

paulbieniek: Pain in the ass for a temporary fix.

Monica Rendon: totally saved me around 130 dollars thanks for the video but i used that electronic tuner cleaner instead of alcohol works like a champ

Manuel Aspeitia: Thanks for the video but does this work on a 2005 Chevrolet Classic too? I have had issues with mine they have charged the system as well as add Freon Still no go!!

windfreak0: My lady friend suffered with intermittent ac for several years, so I applied this fix. She couldn't believe it when this simple fix actually worked. I did the entire job in about 1 hour tops.

Veronica Herrera: my a/c on my 07 Malibu is working only intermittingly? I dont know what to do and dont know what to do

Jacob Caufield: let me tell you this crap works took my car to the shop they couldnt figure it out and gave me a sheet full of problems that i didnt even have. watched this video and now my ac work great thanks for the help man

xadam2dudex: the sensor on the Passlock II system gets dirty or fails to recognize the key to enable the ignition system..most of the time it is just dirty try some fine grain sandpaper to clean out the sensor by inserting it in and out of the key hole ...a key that hasn't been worn thru use also might clean the sensor..sometimes the sensor goes bad tho

powerking73: You my friend are a genius!! I have worked on all types of cars and this was an excellent fix! It worked great! Thank You many times!

MrBigal72: Now will this fix the issue with only being able to use the fan at speeds 4 and 5 as well?

yuzuki010: You don't need to use a screw driver to pry out the grey plastic molding. just pull out the ashtray and pull on the area right above where it was. it should come out.

Sailboat37: Same issue in my 04 Malibu classic. Will give this a shot since it looks pretty easy. Thanks for sharing!

zenith4637: had this car for 5 years over 200,000 miles....the switch on the left (fan speed) had to be wiggled to get a good connection ...otherwise the AC would kick off....Cleaned leads as explained in the video, now it's working great. thanks wagslick !

gunpei: big props for this vid, just fixed the AC in my 2003 malibu with this method.

xadam2dudex: the starting problem may be the Passlock II system.. it goes bad on a lot of GM cars there is even a section in the manual about what to do..try using some sand paper clean the contacts in the lock cylinder..if u have a key that isn't worn from use use that key it may clean the sensor ..there r videos about the problem on youtube

xadam2dudex: the face plate is held in by clips not friction like the video says

Mike J Baron: SUCCESS! I have done this twice already! The "cleaning only lasts about 8 months. TIP: The maker of this excellent video only cleaned half the CONTACTS! After cleaning the CONTACT on the printed circuit board, make sure you also clean the moveable CONTACTS that touch the circuit boardt! TIP: Use electronic TUNER CLEANER (RADIO SHACK) instead of alcohol! It does a much better job.

xadam2dudex: I wish u would have shown taking off all the parts./ face plates that is the biggest and hardest part of a project how to get the damn thing apart

Erick Szczap: This really worked. I'm not mechanically inclined at all but I gave this a go and couldn't believe how easy it was. I've let my A/C go for years now, because the dealer service center said it would be such a costly repair. Can't believe it was this easy.

DJHalo2: Why you no show it work???

syrch65: Thank you so much for this vid, fixed this in about 20 mins and you saved me $150 plus

Tim Nichols: THANK YOU for this video. This fix will save me a lot of money.

renesisrx8: This seems to be a pretty common problem with malibus. The other electrical problem I've had is the igntion switch going bad and the electronics don't start when the car does. i.e windows don't go up or down, HVAC wont work, and the instrument panel doesn't function. Anybody else have this problem?

BigBootyJudy: did this in my 99 malibu.. didnt remove any wires just popped out the board and cleaned it, worked great thanks.

Thomas Frank: Just followed this process for my '98 Malibu, and it worked like a charm! Thank you so much :)

Christopher J: What do you think about adding graphite with a pencil --necessary? Can it cause more problems than it fixes?

renesisrx8: The ignition switch needs to be replaced. It's located behind the ignition cylinder. (where the key goes in)

Sailor Dave: Still driving my 2003 Malibu. Once wife's car is paid off, buying another car and it will NOT BE A GM PRODUCT!

Renaldo Hicks: Its not just malibus, its on the impalas as well. My 03 impala is doing the exact same thing right now. I will be testing this method out today, or tomorrow.

Mathew Cover: I've found that adding graphite will make the problem return faster. The real problem is that the leads on the knob are scrapping metallic dust around and causing the on/off/speed knob to short to ground which turns the A/C off randomly (since it's not a solid connection). By adding graphite, you're only going accelerate the time frame in which it'll start shorting to ground again.

teemon1: This took 45 minutes maybe and worked and very easy. I did this on a 1998 Chevy Malibu. Also looking at the contacts path marks it looked like one set was not staying on the path so I adjusted then up and over a small amount. Thanks again for the video.
How to fix AC in a Chevy Malibu 4.8 out of 5

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How to fix AC in a Chevy Malibu