How To Mod Gta 4 With Usb Xbox 360 (horizon)

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How to mod gta 4 with usb xbox 360 (horizon)
How to mod gta 4 with usb xbox 360 (horizon)
how To mod Your games using (USB) Using Horizon Xbox 360 VERY EASY TUTORIAL!
how To mod Your games using (USB) Using Horizon Xbox 360 VERY EASY TUTORIAL!
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Nathan de Souza Silva: link is of.

put on and i will like the video

Eros Mattos: how do you open up the mod menu? please help

chris fangna: thanks man! you really helped me

armand roodt: awesome,thanks for the help..

keelo two-three: I don't have a computer

messi God of futbol: my horrizen doesn't work

Blizzard Sklit Blue xXx: This is NOT real mods you need to open your Xbox for real mods iso mods 😡😠😕

jackcan game: thankssssssssssssssssss

Dylan Mc Inerney: Can u copy it to the USB just in case u lose everything

Paul Bouverette (cpbouver): I thought this would be modding, not changing game save values

Stan's mods: SAMMIE ROBINGSON there is no mod menu because its usb mods if you have iso mods you have a mod menu.

sammie roberson: How do u pull up the mods

MADBL00DH0UND: Modio is not needed for this, just plug in your USB, open up Horizon look through your games, find Grand Theft Auto IV, double-click on it or click on it just once. Now it should bring up all of your saved games on your USB, click on the save that you want to mod (edit), at the top of the menu with all your games on it, it will say "Mod", click on that and then a menu will come up asking you on what you want to max out, ETC. After completed, click on the save button at the top of that menu, now plug in your USB back into your Xbox, you can move your save into your Hardrive or keep it on your USB, it doesn't really matter. Launch Grand Theft Auto IV up, when it has loaded up, open up your "Modded Save", and you should be done. Glad I could help. I will be doing mod videos using only one program  - "Horizon", so check my channel out and videos out for easy mods. 

Fancyhjm ™: im a computer nerd..what you need to do is move the intel i7 multicore to the qaud mullacular sannor saucer 

Joey Hebert (Foulestbird): it wont let me download Modio

Krisztian Kiss: what is in video! My launge HUN ugy hogy magyar vagyok nem értek semmit a video ból egy az hogy nem mutazja be az xbox 360 at!

Krisztian Kiss: what in video? not show in xbox 360! not try in gta 4 erored games! plase show in video in xbox 360! :(

Arnas Kiela: how do you open horizon?

dylan colby: Thanks man now i can MOD MY GAMES LIKE CRAX
How to mod gta 4 with usb xbox 360 (horizon) 5 out of 5

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How to mod gta 4 with usb xbox 360 (horizon)