70D Vs 7D Vs 5D Mark III: Canon Wildlife & Sports Camera Review

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70D vs 7D vs 5D Mark III: Canon Wildlife & Sports Camera Review
70D vs 7D vs 5D Mark III: Canon Wildlife & Sports Camera Review
Canon 70D Camera Review (vs 7D. 5D Mark III. 5D Mark II): Video Recording. Dual Pixel CMOS AF
Canon 70D Camera Review (vs 7D. 5D Mark III. 5D Mark II): Video Recording. Dual Pixel CMOS AF
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Canon 7D Mark ii vs Canon 70D Full Comparison
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Canon 7D Mark II vs 70D Which is right for you?
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Canon 70D vs. 7D: Photo & Video Comparison

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Gibbich: The two SD cards mentioned (Komputer bay, SanDisk) are both Class 10 UHS-1, so the same performance would be expected. When picking memory cards for photography, I would recommend looking at the speed classes, along with the size and capacity, as well as reliability. There are a lot of comparisons and tests available.
Class 10, UHS 3 SD cards should give a significant improvement.

Corey Hamilton: That CF Card is a lot cheaper now ūüĎćūüŹľ


E.J. King: Does the 7d still hold up today?

dm51964: Have been using Canon DSLR cameras for 7 years and this is the worst I have used in terms of focus issues and the worst DSLR camera I have ever bought for wild bird and wildlife photography but on paper it looks superb. I have bought two and found them both to have the same fault in that they seem to focus on whatever they please even with centre spot focus is set up. No matter what I tried the focus problem persisted and with it happening with two cameras feel the fault cannot be a one off and very disappointed with the product. Both models were production dated to 2013 but both bought new in 2016

Denicia Hill: I am so torn as to what to do.. D:

Serafeim Zormpas: Hello Tony, i bought a used 7d a few months ago with 60k clicks, but it is beginning to get frustrating since it is slow (especially during astrophotography) and the high iso noise looks really bad, do you suggest i sell it to buy a 70D? I am an all around photographer with mainly landscapes and sports / wildlife.

Apple Bag: hit that button like a ak47

Angus Kerr: Just wanted to say thanks for this video. It really helped me make an informed decision. I wanted the camera for 1. Wildlife, 2. Street / Candid 3. Video. I bought the 70D used with 18-135 STM and the 400mm L 5.6 and so far I am blown away. The video capabilities are great, the AF is fast, and the 400mm delivers crisp tack sharp images throughout the aperture range. I'm very happy and really looking forward to my wildlife trip. Just hope I'm not too close!

Nenad Mrdak: I want to make videos in nature, doing workouts, alone :). I want very good quality video ( sometimes shoot some photos also). What camera would you recommend me ?

hellomyphone: Nice shirt and cap! Do they make the difference?

The Imovie Man: Hi Guys,
I've just started a new channel and I'm trying to get it going so go over and have a look. if you could please SUBSCRIBE!!! And maybe even drop a like!!!!

Daniel Evans: Hi Tony great review. I have a 7d and 400mm 5.6. I mainly shot birds and birds in flight. do you have any recommended settings for this camera setup? thanks

Chr√Įs: would you recommend waiting for the D500 or just buy the Nikon D810? I shoot landscapes and wildlife. thanks

Sajad Toure: I brought a great used 7D on your advice, thanks!!! But I noticed some sellers would list the MPN: 3814B004 or 3814B056 and others didn't at all. Are there different/cheaper versions of the 7D and other camera models, that we should be aware of while searching for that perfect camera? This could be a great topic for a show .

Tom Tim: I spy with my eye something starting with an I... An Ikea shelf!!!!

sky_akka TKD: hello , my name is freed and i am thinking of buying the canon 5D Mark III , I will use it for photograping some social events and some sports also , but i will also use for indoor sports such like teakwood tournaments and also soccer for indoors !! will this camera be ok since indoors is less light ?

tyrron errol van der berg: hi Tony Northrup what camera bundle should I buy for landscapes birding sports and macro photos d5500 ,70d ,nx1 or any other suggestions in the R18000 range please help me decide or anyone can give me advice please???

Cajunrich: Here is a rookie question on focusing with during video with my T5i EF-S 18-135 IS STM. When an Animal or bird is running/flying away from you how do you keep the focus on the object? I want to have that same dept of field that my video camera how when using my T5i. Can I do this with my DSLR T5i using this lens? Thank you....Learning a lot from your channel.

brianminkc: Hey Tony camo doesn't work indoors dude.
70D vs 7D vs 5D Mark III: Canon Wildlife & Sports Camera Review 5 out of 5

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70D vs 7D vs 5D Mark III: Canon Wildlife & Sports Camera Review