The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge

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The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge
The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge
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HansBauerTv: Imagine the ice didn't break !

Inger Moen: AMAZING VIDEO!!!!!

alba capdevila: impresionant, tot per una simple ret bull!!!

The Best Athony: all that for a can of red bull..... may the trees that were cut down just for that freaking video rest in peace..... 

DarkComet360: Haha, another Red Bull win! If only I knew what the song was called on the Red Bull Total Zero commercial. That's what I'd really like to know.

agentsecretisapro: the video is on 4K the quality is so beutiful !

ItsAidann: can anyone tell me what its called how they do their names on the video?

Kurlee Daddee: No Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull Formula 1 team who have won the manufacturers title 4 times in a row (two times at the shooting of this video)? Video must have been made by Mark Webber.

Rick B: This is a must see...

Miguel Silva: Red bull !!!

Aido Hanabusa: I saw this in Science class!!! It. WAS. EPIC!!!!

Kermit Frogginton: And they couldn't of done it with out the wonderful magic or editing.

MrFatNash: music?

Top Carbon Bike Zone: Special relay

hutch dorsoduro: Trop mac !!!! 

Yoann Leroux: Exellent I know 3 of your athletes in freerunning and I'm sure they will love to be in this kind of projects. love it good job guys.

b zanon: the point being?

Inger Moen: AMAZING VIDEO!!!!!

MNK: Still not worth £1.50 for a freaking can!

Chris Cannon: this is how i get my red bull every afternoon

The Guy That's Done Everything: 3 years ago I had a health scare but thankfully I was okay. Since then I’ve starting living life to the fullest. I wrote out a bucket list with over 200 things I want to do before I die and I’m on a mission to one day be remembered as “The Guy That’s Done Everything”. If there’s something you’ve wanted to do for a while but have been putting it off for whatever reason maybe my channel will give you the little push you needed to get out and do it! That is the reason I created it, AND any $ my videos make is going towards helping strangers do different things they’ve always wanted to do. So if you’re bored or looking for some motivation come check it out!

Mr Greenestgreen: 1:38 El Tarro !!

Laurent Haug: Working with Adam Sadowsky on his upcoming Wired UK conference talk, stunned by the work this guy is doing. You might not know him but you know his work, he's behind some of the best rube goldberg machines ever. Watch his latest effort for a Redbull ad.

ChannelName: I'm sure there would be an easier way.

Giuseppe Acca: fantastico

Jason Kersh: A human twist on the rube goldberg. 

UrbanSurvivor: SO MUCH NOT FAIL >:o...............

multikilla10: This is a giant rube Goldberg machine:D

Chr0maticAttack: Woulda been more awesome if it were filmed in a continuous shot ;)

Feltzeri: i got Robbie maddison DC T-shirt

max pullara: For the amount of time that went into creating this I reckon they could have filmed it better IMO

Varun Adit: if this isn't where sports meets science i dont know wat is

1776spartan: Sick!

Joy van der Steen: Awesome video. makes me forget my caffein addiction

cataria: it could have been done much better, if the machine itself would have been dynamicly interactive with the athletes, instead of just machine part to human part....

S Powers: The Red Bull lineup

Wesley Francis: All this for any Drink Red Bull .. :)))

james grainger: Pretty cool but a bit unnecessary. Could have gone to Tesco for a red bull. They even do multi packs 

xXRosscoUkXx: just..... wow!!!

Abu Mustakim bin Ibnu Osman: Bagus punya editer

SplinterSTAN: What if the pilot wants a RedBull too?

Forlorn Killerhorn: THIS KICKS ASS!!!

Graeme Small: how good is this! red bull are insane.

Róbert Ötvös: Ez jó!:D

Coby Goldberg: freaking INSANE HOL CRAP!

MegaGlenallen: That was epic 

鄭隸仁: Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Parker: Get Sum.
The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge 4.9 out of 5

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DefenderofToontown: I love how people always overreacted about greening, it's hysterical really. I'm not like one of those anal retentive CCG ambassadors myself, and I always saw it as a challenge in the game when someone was greening or at least trying to green our group. I can't say that I wouldn't have joined in if it was for a legitimate reason, but it was always fun seeing who would win, as it can get tedious ONLY battling the Cogs. (wink wink) And if a whole group of eight adept players are going to get killed by one greener, either the greener must have A LOT of experience at what they do or more likely they're not the best players. :/
powerrangerkid16: what is the green one?
docteurbuzz59: mes préférés! lol
Gidis96: Savickas is the strongest!
BJM Graphics: I could use iDraw for floor plans in my 3D designs or even to build superior build in Minecraft. I had been using the iPad version and it's easy and powerful and I had just purchased the desktop version. You can share designs between iMac and iPad via iCloud. Good video. Thanks
MyssKk22: just a thought for palettes: Instead of throwing away my cereal boxes (or any flat cardboard container that is glossy on the outside), I cut them up and use them as disposable palettes! They work great, just use the glossy side and voila! instant palette, best part is that you dont feel bad tossing it when your done with one client bc it was destined for the trash anyway
Maniek Pl: Subek... ;P

The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge