Direwolf20 FTB Modpack 1.6.4 Lag Fix

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Direwolf20 FTB modpack 1.6.4 lag fix
Direwolf20 FTB modpack 1.6.4 lag fix
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Minecraft FTB: Divey's Lets Play #1 (Direwolf20 1.6.4 Pack)
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FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4 Server Showcase IP:feedthedonkeyftb.com:11111
[How-to] Install the
[How-to] Install the "Direwolf20" mod pack
حل مشكلة تحديث مود اف تي بي دايروولف Minecraft   FTB = Direwolf20 1.6.4
حل مشكلة تحديث مود اف تي بي دايروولف Minecraft FTB = Direwolf20 1.6.4
FTB Monster - [Ep 01] - Roguelike Dungeon Base (Minecraft Feed The Beast Modpack)
FTB Monster - [Ep 01] - Roguelike Dungeon Base (Minecraft Feed The Beast Modpack)

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DeadlyDragon: to check ram go to computer properties

DeadlyDragon: Hey i downloaded the pack DW20 and i tried all the suggestions with the permsize thingy and i still can only play for like 4 seconds then i crash here is my crashlog on pastebin http://pastebin.com/LwmCz4cv If you can help i would be super appreciative

Builder Epic: im 14 and mature

Gary B: +DeadlyDragon Hey man, I've got a quick question. Do the arguments in the description still help? I've read that some of the recent updates to the launcher made certain arguments obsolete. I've got 16 gigs of ram so doing a 2 min. and 4 max. isn't a problem.

TheGaming Jack: I have a 32-bit alienware computer with 4 GB Of Ram and it says it lowers minecraft to 1.5 gb of Ram :( And I cant play the Direwolf20 pack :(

eivydas jocas: omg dude i got new pc and i was able to play ftb with little lag sometimes and 3 month later these days i wasint able to play it was laging like crap i seen ur vid and that u have on 2 gb and i looked on mine it was on one so i didint understand if i have fine pc why its on 1 wtf so i put it on 8 and its only half of line so i think mine is 16 gb and its runing like beast thx dude i was disapointed that i got beast pc and ftb wasint working i was thinking it wasint beast after all but its awesome thx again donno why is defolt on 1 and sry for spelling i still donno proper english as its not native for my

Rainbow Camaro: I have a 4gb Processor and I have my slider in ftb set to 2.0 . I have 64 bit computer, How do I know what java I have installed? I have windows 8 and it says it needs to be on desktop mode wtf......

LightFlame: I love you man! My games is 20 times as fast!

Ruthless Killa549: i still lag have launcher set to 2GB whenever i sit still i get like 40 fps then i move and im running at 4-9

SilverWolf9300: I have to thank you for this. I have been using other Java Arguments with 2 GB allocated to minecraft for quite a while. It did improved my minecraft experience a lot but my PFS did flux abit and I got lagspikes out of nowhere at random times. Thanks to this new java Argument my FPS has been stable!

Johhny Nenius: freak youtube cant copy text from Describtions

M Bloxman: +DeadlyDragon, I have an 8gb ram computer and I have allocated 3gb to the pack, and I did what you said in the video. I even tried the second line of parameters in the description. However, I am still getting only 20 fps with frequent lag spikes and I am running the pack at the lowest video settings (including tiny render distance). What is the problem here?

KillerGnats: i have updated my Java to 64 and my Processor is intel R Pentium R Dual Cpu T3200 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz 4.00 GB 64-Bit operating system vista i used your prems and i still get lag on direwolf20 pack 1.6.4 with lowed my settings to and i am using optifine 1.6.4 HD C9 and still bad lag too with high speed internet too any help would be nice plz

Jonathan Ward: Cheers, this helped alot. I didn't crash before but i got extreme stuttering for about 15 seconds every time i tried crafting something.

nbfy04: Can I use 64 bit java on my 32 bit windows 8?

cynthia geberl: I love the thermal expansion thing. It saves me command blocks and railcarts for cobblestone.

HeartofDiscord: I have extreme lag on the newest direwolf20 pack, but only after having played the map for an extended period of time. I don't mean one session, but many sessions over a period of weeks. At this time, my overall fps well drop from around 50, to as slow as 15, often depending on the direction I am facing at the time. I tried your fix, and noticed no significant changes. Any help is appreciated.

DolceCelebi: Please, Help me! How do I install Direwolf20 on Windows7 with Java32bit? I have the last version of Java and Minecraft premium (original) but it still doesn't work! It keeps crashing when I launch it. Don't tell me that I have to download Java 64bit from the website, the link is only one for both versions and you can't choose to install 32 or 64 bit version, Java does it automatically according to the operative system's type. Thank you for your help!

Thomas Pantazis: works fine thnx

Martin Clausen: nice mic dude

phillip gooding: This helped me stop crashing but it didn't fix the lag...

Backman24: it works for me! Suscribe, like & fav

Builder Epic: msg me if your interested but i have a Attack of the b team server and was wondering if u wanted to start a series

amitav maharajh: Thanks a lot, subscribe

Pein Rikudo: I'm on a mac as well. Did you upgrade your graphics card? If so to what? Any other upgrades?

András Boráros: I love you guy!Some much thanks!Thanks for your family for you! (I am not a gay)

xxhellspawnedxx: I'm curious... I've been experiencing extreme fps lag after I go out exploring after spending a long time at the same place - My FPS just tanks completely when a bunch of new chunks are loaded. The little bar graph thingie when I press F3 is constantly in the red when this happens... Will this fix that as well? It's kind of hard to reliably reproduce the error - It has only happened in the circumstances I explained above, but not always when I do that - so that's why I'm asking.

Michal Vavrinec: Thx it works. Thanks Sub + like. :)

HyBriD MoDz: Decepticon much?

Hazza-James Butler: 360p we meet again ;c

大頭起司 Cheeseonhead: OMG this is like gold!!!!!!!!!

joinmyjoint: Thx Man! That did the trick! Still experiensing some crashes but no lag what so ever, mutch apriciated! (sorry for my bad spelling).

progamingHD: whats wrong with your mic

ZionGaming: thank you sooooo much, i was getting so many lag spikes and it was just terrible

DeadlyDragon: +cole daniels can you give me the error it gives you when you crash?


Guy Maimon: at first i thought this was bs but it helped a ton, i was getting mad lag spikes and now they are gone, suscribed thanks.

shesy shams: my computer is very slow il be buying one next week, but this did increase the speed very much of other modpacks but not enough for the d20 pack 

RtAweSome thomaas: do you know what would also be good a link to the website idot

Robbert Steggerda: That's not lag it's just a low fps because your computer isn't good enough

Grasping Sword: I play ftb unleashed could you do a tutorial on how to make that run faster 

kikirioful: well that fixed my problems, nice one bro

Adrian Daniel: THANK YOU MAN! You helped me A LOT!

Sea Caps: everytime I try to play it. I click launch and the minecraft window doesn't come up. I tried increasing the RAM.

UltimateDude416: Helpful video but your mic sounds like a robot xD

Haku Wuffamute: Does this still apply to the newest update? I noticed the difference between .16 and .18 had a huge loss of FPS; around 50-150fps lost on my 16gb ram 4gb gpu desktop. I currently sometimes manage to stay safely at 50-150fps on my 4gbram and 1gb graphics desktop, handling the game in some lag spikes and end up crashing more when teleporting from place to place. Other than that issue, it just takes over 30 minutes to start the direwolf20 pack on any computer I try to use. I wish there was a way around this. I just tried your method and the game is still loading long. Will wait it out to see if it at least performs better now. For some reason I cant load any texture packs higher than 64x64 on my less strong desktop. Was able to run x512 on my other, but it doesn't perform as good as it did a few updates back.

Byron Carter: Im running it, though not very well on a 1.5 gb computer and I SHALL play if I have anything to say about it

TheSwaggyGamer: Thi helped me loads. Thanks sssoooooo much

Pixelized104: Thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx YOUR AWESOME

Brandan Williams: thanks allot i really works, new subscriber 
Direwolf20 FTB modpack 1.6.4 lag fix 4.4 out of 5

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Direwolf20 FTB modpack 1.6.4 lag fix