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Cups vs. Pads/Tampons
Cups vs. Pads/Tampons
Pads vs Tampons  KaylaTalk
Pads vs Tampons KaylaTalk
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
Tampons VS. Pads #PERIODTALK
Tampons VS. Pads #PERIODTALK

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Ellie sarca: like my comment if you are pro tampons

SpiritGirl Aj: im turning 11 and my mom keeps scaring me saying imma get my period soon I . I

Sarah Potterton: before marelyn monro died she was pregnant

Just Add Green: rather than wearing overnight pads that shift around in your sleep, you could invest in adult diapers. they even make them in tween sizes just for sleeping on your period.

Marie Cocker: im definatly for tamps cause u can flush them down the toilet, they dont get all messy, u can swim and you csnt even feel them. people go on about tss but it is very very very very very very rare and if u follow all the instructions its almost impossible to get.

shalita van groningen: okay i have a weird thing that i do when im on my period:
Before i take a shower i take my old pad out (seems pretty obvious to me) And put a new one in and have it like near by. Then i take a shower.
After that i always dry my legs (idk how to call it) as fast as possible and then put on my underwear. If i don't do that blood will come everywhere and i feel filthy.

Vinnie Priest: Help help help. I'm using non applicator tampons but they won't go further than half way in, I've tried every position to put it in and it just doesn't work😂

saleia white: Don't you have to not be a vergin to were a tampon

Shreya Shah: well I use a single pad for 8hours and I don't think I need to change it in like 3 4 hours. Is it really okay to use them that long?

Lana Del bae Af: Team tampon😂

Angeleka Torres: I never seen a tampon like that .. I use tampons . But not them kind .

Kazzi Cat: My period is very irregular i didn't get it till like a year after i got my first one !! in 2014 i got like 3 periods ? and now in 2015 i got like 2 (im on my 3rd one now and im also on The pill x3 ) And I used pads all the time cuz i was scared of tampons and TSS And all of that crap but then i knew what down there looked like and the parts and everything and i watched aLOT Of videos about tampons and basically i gathered all the info i needed before i used my first tampon (I didnt ask for anyone's help, i did everything by myself) And it wasn't bad at all !! i didnt feel any pain or anything like that ( maybe a little discomfort but that normal for first-timers! ) Now im using the tampax radiant regulars and i'll be using them for a while before i switch to a higher absorbancy! if ur scared of the string breaking or TSS or the tampon getting stuck or ANYTHING Like that ?! Dont be !! It'll be fine i promise! Being scared will only make things worse! Btw I used O.B's Non applicator mini tampons for my very first time ! Tampons Are VERY COMFORTABLE U DONT EVEN FEEL THEM !! (watch videos on uTube about how to insert tampons & reviews) Its true when they say that Once u use a tampon ? There is NO Going back 2 using pads!

Ana 0fficial: I am terrified of tampons

Caitlin Hallissey: this was so good!😂

Slenderela Dreams: I like tampons more than pads... But I wear pads because my mom is a bit of a bitch about it...

ViolinGirl333: Ya no I wish! I got my period when I was 9! And my childhood was totally ruined lol!

Olivia Eskelsen: What brands of tampons are these?

catwang: Team Menstrual Cup!

Madisyn Bartol: What hole do u put in a tampon is it the one after pee i can't see down there so i Don't now what to do help me 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 

Gisselle Lopez: I got my period wen i was 10
PADS vs TAMPONS 5 out of 5

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