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Tampons VS. Pads #PERIODTALK
Tampons VS. Pads #PERIODTALK
Pads & Tampons Review: Tampax. Kotex. Playtex. Always
Pads & Tampons Review: Tampax. Kotex. Playtex. Always
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
Sea sponge tampons review
Sea sponge tampons review

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Kundai Mbudaya: +shellbarbie how do you ask your mum to use a panty-liner for vaginal discharge

Poison Ivy: Use Natracare tampons. an pads Is organic cotton non toxic!

Sidney Wright: do you mean toxic shock syndrome

Red Applefox: I got my period at 11 and a half

Sasha Flores: How do u tell your parents without making it awkward? 😁

AL E: Hey girls!!! If it hurts to put a tampon in, eitner your doing it wrong, your too dry, or the width of the tampon is too big.

If it hurts to take out... Not enough blood has been absorbed. So either keep it in a few more hours or use a lower absorbance. As for TSS its extremely rare.

Jewel Lover: Do tampons hurt

angelina G: There intro so fake

Autumn Strand: What do I do? I'm 14, never had my period. But I'm in gymnastics. And. I don't want to wear a tampon.

Nykia Smith: scented pads can give you a yeast infection js just like using those sprays they have for your undies wouldnt recommend

GeriPLAY: i think its painful when you put tampon on. but i want to try it. im wondering how it feels..

Kaylee Norman: I'll stick with pads

AnnieTheMagicalDinosaur: This was so funny I nearly fell off my bed o.o xD

lulu amoon: i like using pads i don't like stocking things inside my vagina

Anne Van Gils: i really like tampons
they are so comfortable
and you dont feel them at all
sometimes i just forget that im on my period because i dont feel the tampon

Simply liv: #teampadsalltheway

sleetskate: i dont have a vagina

rachelalex3: I am team pads I'm sorry, but pads are so much easier, cuz when you go to the washroom it's easy to tell when to change your pad rather than wearing a tampon that's shoved up your private and you could get in serious infection. WHY ARE PEOPLE SHOVING TAMPONS ON THEM? They are painful😂😂😂

FairyDustedDaydream: Grade nine is fourteen to fifteen

Trinity Kriner: can you please do a video about periods because I am 12 and I don't have it yet.I don't want to wear a tampon I just tried to put in a tampon I can't and It heart I was about to cry.i am scared that my mom will make me wear tampons and not buy me pads.!
PADS vs TAMPONS 5 out of 5

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