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my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
PERIOD TALK - Tampons VS. Pads - Chelsea Crockett
PERIOD TALK - Tampons VS. Pads - Chelsea Crockett
Tampax Pocket Pearl Tampon Review. How-To & Absorbency Test
Tampax Pocket Pearl Tampon Review. How-To & Absorbency Test
Pads & Tampons Review: Tampax. Kotex. Playtex. Always
Pads & Tampons Review: Tampax. Kotex. Playtex. Always

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Cbbbj Fanabshsb: Cringeeeeee af

Haloomthi alhafizq399: well u changw ur pa eveey four hour and iactually do shower so yeah and igot it whwn iwas 11 and inevee used tampon u need to push it u know literally where

Jimmy Crackcorn: I have no idea how I ended up here from a cruise ship video, but now that I am... I have a strange fact that I've remembered just in case I ever have a daughter. Girls, regardless of age, almost always tend to start their periods when they hit 105lbs (47.6kg). Now time to go watch something manly!

winko567: @1:03
i don't mean to be a perv, but i should have sworn when i first saw this video shellbarbie said "try not to touch the 'sticky' vaginia side"... the mandela effect is too wierd :S

Katie Pell: I wear a tampon to sleep bc i only sleep for about 7 hours and the limit for tampons is 8 hours and i just hate pads so much bc they make me feel like i am wearing a diaper

Steph Cat: I got mine in 6th grade 11years ild

Doesn't Matter: I was 9 when I got mine and I've been using pads since but I HATE them. I just asked my mom to use tampons today and she got me a box but said not to use them right away, I'm gonna use one tomorrow though so 😂

Ava Britton: I was 11 when I got my period and I am pro tampons but I do use a pad when I sleep

Original The Character DO NOT STEAL!!: I'm a guy why is this in my recommended?

Julianna Crook: Menstrual cups!!!

Batwoman: I got my period when I was 11

DIYs with Gaby: If you don't want to get Toxic Shock Syndrome you change your tampon every 2-3 hours, yes girls I know it's a hassle, but it's life. If you don't want to even risk tss than just use pads and you change those every 4-5 hours, sooo ya that's life ladies

Koala Bear: i like to use tampons for the first couple days then use pads. with pads its good to see how much ur bleeding.

Anne Collins: I rather use pads instead of tampons.. my friends swore to me they are life savers I'm not convinced lol.

Meagan 10: can u wear a pad and a tampon at the same time

Gabrielle Bella: If you are 15 and you have not gotten you period then you are supposed to go to the doc so they can force start it

Kara Stub: lol I hate u! I got mine in the 5th grade!!;

Sia Sundu: I sleep with my tampons on but I change every 3 hours even at night. So I set my alarm every time I change. I never leave my tampon inside for more than 3 and half hours. I have never forgotten that I have a tampon inside me. First time hearing about tss. Tampons wins for me. Hate pads with a capital H

Hannah Blaksley: can u sleep with a pad?

Lizze and Luna: Pads!!!
PADS vs TAMPONS 5 out of 5

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Cbbbj Fanabshsb: Cringeeeeee af
Hmar Tlangval: Hi, What is an acceptable ppm TDS reading for Ro Water??.... im gonna start Fish only with Live rock... what range is acceptable?
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Myra Gonzales: im going to get one in my ipsy bag! Im just kinda skeptical because it says its a primer and also makeup remover. i want to know if its going to hold my makeup OR take it off because it kinda sounds weird to be both. what are your thoughts and input
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