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Pads vs Tampons KaylaTalk
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Pads & Tampons Review: Tampax. Kotex. Playtex. Always
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My favs pad and tampon review
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camp4181: Why the freak am I here?!? I'm a male XD

ShayBaby: how the hell is a thong liner "retarded"?

blackprincses13: Team Pads# but your right about the sitting in it and I hate when a clot comes out and you feel it slide down omg My skin just crawl the most disgusting thing I ever felt !

lovely hearts: im 11 in 5th grade and just got mine this morning

charlotte jackson: well not got me period and im 20 

OldBurgerLover: In fact always ultra thins are designed for sports, it says so right in the commercial duh.

Euterpe001: Diva Cup beats them both. 

Ellie Gannon: I've just started using tampons after 2 years of pads and it hurts so freaking much when your hand slips with the applicator :(

Lale Smith: TEAM PADS o-o

Fabled Death: What do I do if I am a mannequinn?

Vicki Love: actually its ok for a maximum of 8 hours and tss is a RARE disorder

Kikyo4815: Pads absorb so you're not actually sitting in your period blood (if you are then you're not changing your pad enough). I'm on "team pad", I dislike the idea of jamming the flow of old blood your body is trying to get rid of. I've also had a cousin who got TSS and was in serious condition from it. But I do use both, as they do have their own benefits. I have a heavy flow so when I have to go to campus all day I'll wear a pad and put a tampon in, and then just take out the tampon in between classes. Extra leak protection. It saddens me a bit when people think pads are less hygienic (or just for beginners (I'm nearly 21 and still prefer pads)) when in fact they are in many cases more healthy to use than tampons.

ashima narula: Isnt using a tampon kind of masturbating ? ?.except the feel ewww :/

Jocelyn Sauceda: Are they British 

makayla hogston: I had mine in 5th grade and I was 11

Meil Moo: Im in 11 grade and did not get my period yet , but if I did I would be #tampons

Brooke G: My friend got her period when she was 8

Tamiria Elliott: U guys are pretty especially the girl with the purple hair. Ur cheeks are so chubby

Elise Strand: Period video please .. if you havent done one yet :)

Tia Hutcherson: Im in 5th grade im on mine and i like pads cause u dont have ro shove them in the yeah

CheerleadingClover12: @shellbarbie whats your reason for not using the applicator with your tampons? wouldn't it make it easier to insert?

Rock Chic: pads!!!!!!

Maria DeFrank: i was nine when i got my first period, i use always wingless pads cuz i get in pain whenever i would use a tampon..... loved the video

Kailynn Bethany: Team tampons

sophie pepperell: Hi I'm 11 and I'm team tampons because I find them a lot more comfortable then pads. I started using tampons at a swimming carnival because I'm a really strong swimmer and I've used them ever since. 

Diana Pap: Lol is video is halarious

Jillian Larrabee: I prefer pads lol 

Aria Smet: Hey my name is Aria and I am on team pads because im only a ten year old and im afraid to put in tampons :(

roze bumbiere: i just had my period

JustJaelyn: Wait what if the tampon gets lost somewhere in your vagina hole or something lolzzz I haven't got mine yet but I'm supposed to get it soon,I call it the "Strawberry Squirts"lol I'm a weirdo but wouldn't tampons be better cause wouldn't it reduse the smell more because it's IN your vajajay and the blood like wouldn't come out idk just a theory

AlisNutella: actually if you dont have your period by age 16 somethings wrong with your ovaries and you should see a doctor. 

Destiny Slater: Did you know tashateacup can be Tash Ate A Cup

Larissa Ayala: pads

Alda Gunnarsdóttir: i just love how australians say tin <3

Elisabeth Hanisch: I just where a tampon and some liner when it comes to pain I find pamprin works well but Midol to but be careful it has caffeine in it so try not to take it before bed.

Issy Hobbs: Fani lol

BettyDavies90: Tampons are great if you do sports, or dance, or have to wear a very tight dress for some occasion. But you shouldn't use them too much, as they can give you Toxic Shock Syndrome, plus it's not very healthy to go around with an external body inserted into your body for that many hours..... Use pads and change them very often, that's my suggestion.

Robert Gersintzky: I have no idea why I'm watching this, but freak the left girl is cute.

brianna samano: pads are meant to absorb you don't sit in your blood

Morgan Alexis: Tampons all the way.. I'm in competitive cheer and also volleyball. Pads aren't really an option if I wear spandex all the time xD

M Marilyn: I wear both. A huge tampon and small pad for backup. When I'm at the gym on super heavy days my tampon always leaks hence the pad. Same if I'm just walking around the mall. I don't want to keep changing crap every hour so I do both and never have to worry about leakage like I do if I always wore 1. When I was younger I wore hugeeee diaper feeling pads with wings and it would leak after like 90 minutes from the back of my pad thru my pants at school. Haha. Neverrrr again.

kaylee riordan: What's a period???

Lili Votsis: haha lol mean girls quote

Noelle Fall: Pads are ao much easier to explain and wear but you can wear tampons with anything so it's a toss up.

cassidy hapr-spence: Lol you only need one not a hole tin of em

Kacey King: You can wear pads for sports, it depends on the type of sport

Elizabeth Kanjee: tasha looks like lia marie johnson kinda

kate tum: No harm to girls that immediately bring up toxic shock syndrome, really they say you can leave them in for 8 hours. i would assume this is well in the safe side in terms of developing tss. . I ware tampons at night all the time, always have. never had any issue, 8 hours is compleatly fine :L NIGHT PADS ARE THE WORST

Audrey Gilligan: This was so hilarious XD

jasmin kittykat: make a pre period kit video
PADS vs TAMPONS 4.7 out of 5

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