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Pads & Tampons Review: Tampax. Kotex. Playtex. Always
Pads & Tampons Review: Tampax. Kotex. Playtex. Always
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
Sea sponge tampons review
Sea sponge tampons review

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nina noo: pro pad all the way xx

Chloe Dent: yay a fellow aussie

loldance 123: I'm 10 and scared to get my period

Lily Redding: I only wear tampons when I really really need to. As in, swimming. Apart from that, i always use pads xx

bellaaa: i hate pads because i feel the blood running down towards my ass whenever im laying down. then its like sticky and whenever i stand/laugh/cough/sneeze/PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING blood spurts out and it just gets everywhere and its so gross. tampons all the way, ive been using them since my first period. and no, i dont use liners with them lol.

Angel Montes: very educational, in some sort of way. Doing a research paper on Sanitary napkins, won't believe what women had to use in the old days.

BeinVesta: I thought the video was called dads vs tampons

Alexandra COUP: It would be bad to get your period at 25 because it would stop happening at 75

Kacy Tinder: I got my period when I was 11 😭😭

Dark soul: I got my period in 5th grade so when I was 10 and I'm ten right now lll

Annie Thor202: Tampons all the way👍😂😂

Annie Thor202: I started when I was twelve

Ashley Trawick: yes do that

Myriam Miranda: Omg hearing all these ages you are supposed to get your period is really scaring me. I got mine when I was eight years old and now i think it's not normal. What do you guys think?

BeingAGirl Question and Answers: U don't get it at 25 the latest is 16

KawaiiWatermelon 144: I haven't got my period yet but i would wear pads because I'm scared I can't get it out or the string will break

Mackenzie H: I am 15 and I got my period when I was 10. I have used pads only! It's sad that many people make fun of me for that.

A Fabulous Unicorn: There was a diva cup ad before this video😂😂😂

Paige Kwiatkowski: I love tampon better because they are tiny and u can put Tham in your pocket

Inbar Orad: Your sister should try a menstrual cup! You can wear it for 10-12 hours and there is no risk of TSS and it's reusable (it lasts  for a few years but the FDA recommends  changing it every year.
PADS vs TAMPONS 5 out of 5

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