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Cups vs. Pads/Tampons
Pads vs Tampons  KaylaTalk
Pads vs Tampons KaylaTalk
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
Pads Vs. Tampons
Pads Vs. Tampons
Pads VS. Tampons
Pads VS. Tampons
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How To Use Tampons and Pads
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My favs pad and tampon review
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Periods 101: Signs. Symtoms. Pads vs Tampons

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thebrookebabyshow: Hey I just got my period and I've gotten cramps is that normal?

isabellugh: Is it normal to have like stringy blood? Kind of gross but I want to know

Natalie Oulette: i am like such an epic failure...... i got lazy and wore the same pad for 2 days........

jane mesolin: So wait.. the tampon is like IN your vagina, for hours And it expands when it absorbs the blood?!?!? Sounds painful to me

whyisthereyou: haha I had a friend wear a pad in an amusement park and it somehow magically disappear from her underwear that day and didn't find out it was gone till she used the bathroom. Funniest thing. 

Verity Dos Santos: Which tampons and pads do you two reccomend?

Moriah Bender: Anyone else here pro - menstrual cups?? 

Abbie girl: I haven't started my period yet but I don't know if I should use tampons or pads when I do start?????

Knuffelbeertje_123_years: Some statistics (fun facts) about the words mentioned in this video: Pad: 16 times Period: 15 times Tampon: 16 times Vagina: 6 times

Macy Schenk: I just got mine and I am 13 and I have no clue what to wear. I am in volleyball, basketball, dance, an horse riding. And my friend says to put a tampon in but then still put a pad on. Can u help me decide??

Jennifer Marie: Couldn't wear a pad, yuck. It definitely marinates lol. They don't absorb everything, there's still slime on the top, ughhh.

lucy gallagher: Not being rude but are you stoned because your eyes are dead red hahahahaha 😂

abby miller: Pads are better!!!!!!

Lexus Gailey: well it sucks when you started it at 10 :?

littlecuties45: Are you from Canberra?

Robert B: i was 10

Iceechibi: Team Tampons! Well, now I use a birth control, so I hardly ever get periods anymore, but I got mine when I was 12 at a swim meet and the only thing you can use in water is a tampon. So the first thing I ever used was a tampon.

cassandra sotos: Only sluts wear gstrings/thongs while on period, thats dirty with or without gstring thong pad

peter prestor: I like watching videos about girls talking about tampons and pads,it turns me on,i jerk my huge rooster and i eject lot of sperm,mmmm,so nice. :)

Georgie Bat: you guys are amazing and hilarious <3

Rita Pita: I use pads cuz i think tampons are painful ugh...

5SOS ROCKS: im 11 in 5th grade and just got mine this morning

Georgia Panell: Are you both from Australia

Parka Wilday: My mum says im too young to wear tamping and I'm 13. I don't like wearing pads :/

Eileen Liew: I'm not keen on the idea of tampons but I have dance and wearing a pad while dancing is not the best idea. 

Sanaa Lee: Pads totally absorb, and tampons sound so freaking painful, uncomfortable, weird, and gross !! # team pads !!!

Vᶐmpirᶓ ᴘᶏnʠa: I got mine in Grade 5. I hate having it at a young age!

Breezy Kersey: I think pads are better. Im 12 and i have never worn a tampon and i dont think i ever will. Team pads lol. 

Tahira Khan: Can you do a video on how to convince your mum to let you shave and tell how your mum let you. Plzz

Micah Pennington: I got mine when I was 11. Is that normal

DeAnna Patterson: Anyone notice how cute the tampons in their country are!? ☺️ they're so little! They're adorable I wish we had those here in the US! D:

Ann Bannz: Pads are seriously horrible! They don't absorb anything, they're uncomfortable to wear and it literally feels like you're sitting in your own blood, because you are. Tampons are so clean and not messy at all, you can keep them in longer than pads and it makes your period easier to handle.

jasmine douds: lol, don't know why I watched this ._. but I ain't sticking dat up my vagina .-.

KarinaMiss Gueen: I want to have mine when I'm 20 something. And I just got mine again, and does it feel weird wearing a tampon!

Kathleen Rogan: I'm 16 & I Use Pads, I Got My First Period When I Was 11, I Want To Try Tampon's But I Heard It Hurts Quite A Bit, I'm Still A Virgin So I'm Wondering If It Will Hurt Because My Private's Not Used To It... Any Advice Would Be Great

Nicole Rekken: she said period like a thousand times

Peyton Manning: Those tampons look like they hurt! I love pads more anyway because they are more comfy to me and if I wear a tampon I either pass out or are light headed because I have like tamponaphobia. And that word I just randomly made up.

Sasha Epps: I downloaded something called pink pad on my tablet and you have to mark your symptoms and weight and when the last time your period came on mine came on the 6th of June and it's off now but I checked to see when it was going to come back on and it said June 27th I thought it only came on once a month can someone please explain this to me?!?!?!?!

Invader Emi: I have a heavy flow, so in reality I SHOULD use both, but I seriously can't do tampons. I have a weird phobia of them, haha... :( Pretty much I have to switch out my pads every 30 minutes to an hour the first 3 days of my period. And at night, I'm pretty much playing with fire if I'm tossing and turning. SUCKS! I started mine at age 10.

Lucinda Cathcart: I was definitely a late bloomer... I got my period a few months before I turned 17. And I use tampons. The thought of blood collecting in the bottom of my underwear is not my idea of a fun time. 

Hannah Hindley: You guys mean Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) x

elizabeth bush: I rather wear a pad it's more safer to use if you put differents ones one and putting a tampon in your vagina it's more painful when blood absorbs it and you can get diseases if you don' know the right way taking care of it 

RENAD SAAD: In where i live we actually wash our privet parts with water then wipe it, so pads are better to me, every one does that even if we weren't on our period because it's cleaner. and you should wipe after you wash it with water or you're gonna smell nasty, no one likes that. 

fangirling9287: When my friend first got her period I was in the school bathroom with her and all we has was tampons. She ended up sticking the whole applicator in, she said it hurt like a mother! 😄

Sydnée Stecher: With modern tampons there is little to no risk of toxic shock syndrome. Last century there was a super absorbent tampon that could be responsible for TSS if left in too long but that's only because it trapped bacteria in too easily. Tampons now can be left for a long time without risk of TSS. The real danger can come from forgetting a tampon in and putting another one.

Cameron Roberson: I am 10 and I don't have my period yet but I'm supposed to be getting it soon. I don't know if I should use a tampon or a pad. Knowing that you have to shove a tampon up your vagina hole I don't want to use that but also I think a pad won't be good enough because I know that you have to change it like every hour. I don't know which I should use!!HELP!!

Zoe Holbrook: Yes @thenrookebabyshow

Chloe Waters: How do you get it faster

helen ofamen: i just discovered the tampons now lol, i think painful..

Rylee Evans: I Definetly prefer tampons!!
PADS vs TAMPONS 4.7 out of 5

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