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Pads & Tampons Review: Tampax. Kotex. Playtex. Always
Pads & Tampons Review: Tampax. Kotex. Playtex. Always
PERIOD TALK - Tampons VS. Pads - Chelsea Crockett
PERIOD TALK - Tampons VS. Pads - Chelsea Crockett
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
PADS vs TAMPONS • Maddy Lee
PADS vs TAMPONS • Maddy Lee

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here is paige: Tampons better

sonika cheru kandy: im 12 ad i got mine few months ago im using pads but im really thinking of trying a tampon but im scared that it will hurt the first time and later i wont be able to take it out what if it will be stuck !! jeez i have a tampon phobia helppp!!!!!

Roshini Thribhuvan: I used pads for the first 5 years of my period, before you could get tampons in India. But ever since I've switched to tampons, oh the joy, the freedom and frankly, the security.

I use only tampons now. I haven't seen a pad in 7 years. You don't need to wear a pad with a tampon, you can feel it. Not only does it get slightly heavier, but you also feel these very, very tiny tufts of something like gas, but coming out of your vagina and that's a clear indicator that you need to change you tampon.

TSS is very real, but unless you react to a tampon the first time you try it, you're good to go as long you're hygienic about the process. To begin with every single box of tampons comes with a leaflet of some sort telling you exactly how long you can leave one in there. Always, always, always keep track of it. Put an alarm on your phone, do what you must but don't take your health lightly.

I'm one of those people that sleeps with tampons on as well. Basically, time yourself in such a way that you insert one just before you go to bed, wake up in 6-7 hours and change, no more worrying about how you're sleeping, whether it's leaking, none of that, you get a stretch of undisturbed sleep.

Ashley Kim: why not just use both? thats what i do XD i usually wear a pad and have a tampon inside. and then change out the tampon at around 3.5 hours. At night, i would take out the tampon and just wear a pad..simple isnt it?? ^^

Morgan Hamaker: Ok I have to go to the beach and I cannot put in a tampon so like what should I do? Should I just like not swim?

light fast gamer girl: Does it hurt?

MissJaneDSommers: Have you tried the incontinence pads too?

SingerSophie: I can't wait till my period!!😂👌

Glitter critter 11: I'm 11 I started

Lexie Massey: I wear tampons because I can't wear leggings

Mia Rose: I have the same pads as her

hannah little: Are you high?

hannah little: Dialated*

hannah little: Ur eyes look really red and dialated

Katelynn O'Connor: I thought the name on the bottom said " tash ate a cup" lol

Rose Ruley: Team pads unless ur lazy and don't wash yourself pads it's so much more easier then tampons like all I need to do is put a pad in my undies and if you get the good quality ones they won't be uncomfortable you don't get one litre of blood it's most probably only a few drops and even if it's heavy it won't be that dramatic

ThatGingerKid: Ants do not sleep ?

Zoe Fae Mirick: t.s.s. toxic. shock. syndrome.

Delilah Taylor: I just got. Mine today on Valentine's Day

Shriya Yeravadekar: team tampons!
PADS vs TAMPONS 5 out of 5

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