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Pads vs Tampons  KaylaTalk
Pads vs Tampons KaylaTalk
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
Cups vs. Pads/Tampons
Cups vs. Pads/Tampons
Pads & Tampons Review: Tampax. Kotex. Playtex. Always
Pads & Tampons Review: Tampax. Kotex. Playtex. Always
Pads VS. Tampons
Pads VS. Tampons
How To Use Tampons and Pads
How To Use Tampons and Pads
Pads Vs. Tampons
Pads Vs. Tampons
Periods 101: Signs. Symtoms. Pads vs Tampons
Periods 101: Signs. Symtoms. Pads vs Tampons
♔ PADS vs. TAMPONS ♔   BeingGirl Locker Notes Guru: Ep. 13
♔ PADS vs. TAMPONS ♔ BeingGirl Locker Notes Guru: Ep. 13
BIG PERIOD HAUL: Pads. Tampons. & Pantyliners
BIG PERIOD HAUL: Pads. Tampons. & Pantyliners
Dangers of Traditional Sanitary Pads (Tampons contains toxic DIOXIN)
Dangers of Traditional Sanitary Pads (Tampons contains toxic DIOXIN)

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winko567: is it weird that i am a guy and watching this?.. 

Marta matic: can someone please tell me can i use tampons of im a virgin, btw im 12 and this is my 6th period.

Sandkralle: Of course you can get TSS from Tampons, but I think there are "only" 10 women who die of it every year. And there is a risk in pads too, because they have a lot of chemicals. There would be a differents if you use organic pads, but the ones from Always (just an example) are full of unhealthy chemicals. I can't even stand the smell without throwing up...

Ann Bannz: Pads are seriously horrible! They don't absorb anything, they're uncomfortable to wear and it literally feels like you're sitting in your own blood, because you are. Tampons are so clean and not messy at all, you can keep them in longer than pads and it makes your period easier to handle.

Moriah Bender: Anyone else here pro - menstrual cups?? 

ThatsSOmeowza: Are you Australian? I am, and I know mine is close so I'm looking at what to use.. 

Caroline Gowan: I use both, so if I'm out of my house somewhere ill use a tampon because its easier with no mess, and i use a pad when I'm at home ill use a pad because i can clean it up easier 

thebrookebabyshow: Hey I just got my period and I've gotten cramps is that normal?

Hange Zoë: i am like such an epic failure...... i got lazy and wore the same pad for 2 days........

Sarah K: I'm pro-cloth pad! I want to get a menstrual cup because I would like to have the option of using one if I want too, that way I can go swimming and all that fun stuff. Anybody have any recommendations on a cup? I am thinking about the lily cup. 

Germaine Lim: If only menstrual cups are cheaper...

whyisthereyou: haha I had a friend wear a pad in an amusement park and it somehow magically disappear from her underwear that day and didn't find out it was gone till she used the bathroom. Funniest thing. 

Parka Wilday: My mum says im too young to wear tamping and I'm 13. I don't like wearing pads :/

Peyton Manning: Those tampons look like they hurt! I love pads more anyway because they are more comfy to me and if I wear a tampon I either pass out or are light headed because I have like tamponaphobia. And that word I just randomly made up.

Erica Poitras: pads and Tampons are both gross, I don't want to shove cotton up my vagina that's going to get bloody but I do when i'm in public, and I don't want to sit in blood, but I do its just something you have to do because you have no other choices besides pads and tampons.

elsieisfree: I'm definitely pro tampons because it's just less messy! I don't need messy when I'm on my period cause then I'm gonna cry.


ArdyCoolLlama _: my god youre so funny i wanna meet you i live in queensland

tressa spath: The menstrual cup is better than everything non toxic and no cramping since I started using it

Madison Smith: I saw a few weeks ago that I had a little armpit hair and I'm starting to grow longer hair on my vagina surface because pretty much every girl starts with peach fuzz and I'm wondering if that a sign of period helpppp!!!!!!

Abby Reif: I'm 10 I JUST got my period last night and I don't know how to tell my mom

Elizabeth Bullion: I change mine once a day... So I use two per day except I will start changing and wearing a night pad at night

Macey Lukas: Honestly, I'd prefer tampons. I find them to have more coverage for me at highschool and I don't have to go to the bathroom every 2 - 3 hours just to chnage a pad.

BeautyBy Nonocha: i had my period today & i'm so worried about sport on sunday. can i practice sport while my period?

Lem Nuggets: Wasteful , just get cloth pads or cups. Much better for you and less pollution for the earth

Roxy T: Going on vacation so need to use tampons, so freaking scared! I'm just wondering how much of the string needs to be in you? Cause in YouTube videos they say the entire string part is in your undies but in health class 2 years ago I remember the teacher saying something like some of the string needs to be in you. Can someone let me know please??

WinterChild: Go you guys!!!! First Aussie you tubers I've ever come across!!

Joanna Mendoza: Tampan= hurt to put in and pull out and its uncomfertable Pads= messy Pads win!

TheHelpfulPeople: there is something in australia called libra gstring liners

WhateverIsTrue01: you guys are seriously funny

peronvey: 3:03 WIDE SET vAGINA lmaoo

Kocoa Puffs: Pads definetly because, tampons have many complications such as toxic shock syndrome and tampons hold blood in it may absorb or whatever but it just holds it in and it sounds kinda painful pads are itchy yes I know, but I prefer them over tampons.

Elizabeth Bullion: I have watched this three times and it never gets old...

Stephanie Mensah: TSS scares me, i wanted to start using tampons but now im hesitant

Knuffelbeertje_123_years: Some statistics (fun facts) about the words mentioned in this video: Pad: 16 times Period: 15 times Tampon: 16 times Vagina: 6 times

Iceechibi: Team Tampons! Well, now I use a birth control, so I hardly ever get periods anymore, but I got mine when I was 12 at a swim meet and the only thing you can use in water is a tampon. So the first thing I ever used was a tampon.

Estefany Cardenas: Thanks for the video it help me a lot and now I know what should I really wear when I get my period ;-) 

PhionexFantom: My period used to be a week or more than a week... Not the greatest time of my life.

Shae Fisher: Wings don't work properly it still bunches up 

rylee bonin: DEFINITLY team pads! There is no way I'm ever shoving a cotton ball on a stick up my vag. Glad I don't have my period yet. I love being young, but yet I hate it so much

queen bella: For ur first time putting in a pad How much does it hurt the first time? 0-10?

Reakla the boy Chicken: #teampads

uniicornized: guys i need help, my tampons are never full. im 11 years old and had my period ever since i was 10. i think my flow is regular, but everytime i pull it out, its dry! (btw i pull it out every 4-6 hours) 

catwang: Pro tampon!

theminelover: I just started and it's scary very scary 

geeky tash: my names tash (Natasha)

Taylor Brooks: Can i ask evry1 something ? i started my period 5 months ago and i have been very irregular and long gaps between them but i have got my period after 23 days , is that normal and does it mean i will get my period every 20 or so days in the future ? thank you

Callie Wilcox: Does it hurt having your period because I'm 13 and I haven't got the feeling of a period or got one yet?

Ella Bell: WhatsbSo Good About Your Period 

ConfusedGirl ButSmartDude: Pads I'm America have facts on them?!
PADS vs TAMPONS 4.7 out of 5

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