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Pads vs Tampons  KaylaTalk
Pads vs Tampons KaylaTalk
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons. pads. etc.
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Pads VS. Tampons
Pads VS. Tampons
Pads Vs. Tampons
Pads Vs. Tampons
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BIG PERIOD HAUL: Pads. Tampons. & Pantyliners
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My favs pad and tampon review

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Abigail Rivero: I wish tampons were that cute in America!!

WarriorGirl32: I was 11 when i got mine, killed my childhood

queen bella: For ur first time putting in a pad How much does it hurt the first time? 0-10?

Erica Poitras: pads and Tampons are both gross, I don't want to shove cotton up my vagina that's going to get bloody but I do when i'm in public, and I don't want to sit in blood, but I do its just something you have to do because you have no other choices besides pads and tampons.

nicole unicornized: Haha I only wear tampons when I'm playing sports (including swimming) my mom doesn't really like me wearing them because of tss... plus I'm only 11 and I easily forget things... XD I think that they're both really gross because 1. For tampons bacteria builds up 2. For pads, you're sitting in your blood! 

Sofia Luna: I'm using pads right know but I want to try tampons do they hurt

winko567: is it weird that i am a guy and watching this?.. 

theminelover: I just started and it's scary very scary 

Archer Laughlin: i vote pads fit comfortable and whowants to shove a cotton made thing up your vagina

_Pr0z_: Is it weird I am a guy and find these comments interesting........I think I'm just to curious....(preparing to be called a pedo by 9 year olds who don't understand) 

elsieisfree: I'm definitely pro tampons because it's just less messy! I don't need messy when I'm on my period cause then I'm gonna cry.


Random Pinkie Pie: I am 11 and I had it 6 times and my friend has NEVER

Caroline Gowan: I use both, so if I'm out of my house somewhere ill use a tampon because its easier with no mess, and i use a pad when I'm at home ill use a pad because i can clean it up easier 

Hange Zoë: i am like such an epic failure...... i got lazy and wore the same pad for 2 days........

Sim Lover: You also have Libra and U by Kotex

Marta matic: can someone please tell me can i use tampons of im a virgin, btw im 12 and this is my 6th period.

thebrookebabyshow: Hey I just got my period and I've gotten cramps is that normal?

Sandkralle: Of course you can get TSS from Tampons, but I think there are "only" 10 women who die of it every year. And there is a risk in pads too, because they have a lot of chemicals. There would be a differents if you use organic pads, but the ones from Always (just an example) are full of unhealthy chemicals. I can't even stand the smell without throwing up...

Henry Woodman: Hahahahaha

stacey swartz: I am extra horny if I am on period. Is the normal

Faith Adams: I'm scared to my freaking death of tampons and I never have nor will EVER wear one no matter what.

Bella Grande: Is it normal to have like stringy blood? Kind of gross but I want to know

BeautyBy Nonocha: i had my period today & i'm so worried about sport on sunday. can i practice sport while my period?

ChocoJammer123: I am 10 and I have a feeling i am gonna have my period pretty soon bc I have seen signs of it. Any help or support bc I am rlly scared D:

ThatsSOmeowza: Are you Australian? I am, and I know mine is close so I'm looking at what to use.. 

pinkcrave320: It's like a doy! Just use old rolled up wendy's napkins to save money, ya dumb bitches

ララ·サタリン·デビルーク: the girl on the left looks a little like iJustine

Julie Grossman: There are also pros and cons about starting your period later on in life. Like the fact that you don't have to go through the pain until later. As for a con, I heard that if you start later then you while end later than the rest of people who started when they were younger.

tressa spath: The menstrual cup is better than everything non toxic and no cramping since I started using it

Zaliyah Hughes: I voted for pads because I will not feel comfortable with something in my private part 

Aloha Baby: I hate pads i prefer tampons!

jessica winch: I would use tampons to be honest

Henry Woodman: Ew

Nhu Lam: It's so embarrassing when boys find out😫😩 

GirlGamer106: I'd rather wear a pad than risk getting tss 

Amilia Johnson: I am going to space camp in like two weeks and I am very scared that I might get it while I am there, (note I will be at space camp for a week) 

Lexi Aaron: I haven't got mine yet hahaha I'm 13 almost 14 

Germaine Lim: If only menstrual cups are cheaper...

Lizbeth Ibanez: If you're older than 18 and don't have your period....girl you need to see a doctor.

Leilani Lippincott: I use pads because that's what I'm used to and I got it when I was 10. Its hard to remember what the cycle is without being an issue. At SCHOOL people gossip about someone getting there period. Its uncomfortable at school.

Helpinggirl2015: TSS is very rare and you can get it if you leave tampon in for too long

Sarah K: I'm pro-cloth pad! I want to get a menstrual cup because I would like to have the option of using one if I want too, that way I can go swimming and all that fun stuff. Anybody have any recommendations on a cup? I am thinking about the lily cup. 

hemant66100: I am okay with my pads only, it is disturbing when having strong flow but i am scared to puting tampons bcoz no one in frenzz n cusins used it and i am very new to periods

Andrea Brown: Both tampons and pads

Abby Reif: I'm 10 I JUST got my period last night and I don't know how to tell my mom

Brianna: Team tampons bruh

Stephanie Mensah: TSS scares me, i wanted to start using tampons but now im hesitant

Victoria Schmidt: My periods last 9 days!!!!!!!!! ;____;
PADS vs TAMPONS 4.7 out of 5

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