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Jennifer Marie: Couldn't wear a pad, yuck. It definitely marinates lol. They don't absorb everything, there's still slime on the top, ughhh.

Mikayle Burrell: I'm a dancer and I got my period only last year (I was 14) so i started using pads for a while until i realized that i was literally sitting in my own blood and that it felt to weird to dance while wearing one haha. I still use pads but only at night, but i am tampons alll the way!!

Vicki Love: actually its ok for a maximum of 8 hours and tss is a RARE disorder

Lexus Gailey: well it sucks when you started it at 10 :?

ProgramFreeze: How come dudes dont have these i peed myself when i was a kid 

whyisthereyou: haha I had a friend wear a pad in an amusement park and it somehow magically disappear from her underwear that day and didn't find out it was gone till she used the bathroom. Funniest thing. 

jane mesolin: So wait.. the tampon is like IN your vagina, for hours And it expands when it absorbs the blood?!?!? Sounds painful to me

Lale Smith: TEAM PADS o-o

Abbie girl: I haven't started my period yet but I don't know if I should use tampons or pads when I do start?????

OldBurgerLover: PADS RULE tampons drool!!!! (literally; spotting)

Moriah Bender: Anyone else here pro - menstrual cups?? 

lyrialstar: My flow''s so heavy that I have to wear both. Otherwise it will (and has, it happened at school, I crap you not) literally run down my leg in a little stream

ShayBaby: how the hell is a thong liner "retarded"?

HappiProductions1: So pro pad. Your body is trying to expel the period blood which does contain bacteria and can cause you to get ill. I'll admit, the tampon does seem more freeing. But I'd personally rather not have a bloody dam lodged inside of me fanny and have worry about spotting or when I'll have to take it out.

lovely hearts: im 11 in 5th grade and just got mine this morning

abby miller: Pads are better!!!!!!

thebrookebabyshow: Hey I just got my period and I've gotten cramps is that normal?

jasmine douds: lol, don't know why I watched this ._. but I ain't sticking dat up my vagina .-.

Euterpe001: Diva Cup beats them both. 

Rita Pita: I use pads cuz i think tampons are painful ugh...

cassandra sotos: Only sluts wear gstrings/thongs while on period, thats dirty with or without gstring thong pad

Bf3Lovez1: Would it be cool if Bloody Mary got her name from a bloody tampon..LOL

camp4181: Why the freak am I here?!? I'm a male XD

Sophie R: Omg this was more a comedy then a pads vs tampons video, I was cracking up laughing so much. Shellbarbie is so freaking funny.

KarinaMiss Gueen: I want to have mine when I'm 20 something. And I just got mine again, and does it feel weird wearing a tampon!

OldBurgerLover: pads all the way. I feel so much more secure in a closely fitting pad and I NEVER have to worry about spotting or whatever else happens while using a tampon. Also the always brand is so comfortable and plush its softer than your underwear and lies snugly against your skin:) rather than abruptly shoved up inside you:(

madaline summers: Stayfree Pads Are Awsome!

brooke blackmon: i like pads

Verity Dos Santos: Which tampons and pads do you two reccomend?

flowerpony2: You two are hilarious!!

Tay lovesyou: Wow! That language was disturbing!!

MakeupDiva: this is hilarious lmao

RandomRalph: Tampon eating girl brought me here.... I need to know more bout this stuff ha3x

Kikyo4815: Pads absorb so you're not actually sitting in your period blood (if you are then you're not changing your pad enough). I'm on "team pad", I dislike the idea of jamming the flow of old blood your body is trying to get rid of. I've also had a cousin who got TSS and was in serious condition from it. But I do use both, as they do have their own benefits. I have a heavy flow so when I have to go to campus all day I'll wear a pad and put a tampon in, and then just take out the tampon in between classes. Extra leak protection. It saddens me a bit when people think pads are less hygienic (or just for beginners (I'm nearly 21 and still prefer pads)) when in fact they are in many cases more healthy to use than tampons.

blackprincses13: Team Pads# but your right about the sitting in it and I hate when a clot comes out and you feel it slide down omg My skin just crawl the most disgusting thing I ever felt !

Kristal Means: I like pads a lot better. I only use tampons for swimming which Is only 1/4 of the year. My moms friend left a tampon in for too long and had to go to the hospital to get it out so she could have died from the bacteria in her 😷

emily nilson: I like pads better than tanpons I just started using a tanpon and I hate it so much so I would choose 

Shalini Rampersad: Love this video

Lauren Gilbert: Diva Cup!

thatJess Chick: Lol. Im a proud Aussie. These girls show us so well lol

Chaotic Niki: Tash seriously reminds me of my cousin, they are the same, I mean facially

Ellie Gannon: I've just started using tampons after 2 years of pads and it hurts so freaking much when your hand slips with the applicator :(

Megan Looloo: Tampons hurt.

conilla77: I just remembered that they have different tampons in Australia 

Ashley Marks: i actually don't mind getting my period. it makes me feel more womanly for some reason. i'm weird, i know. the only bad thing is i have endometriosis so the first 2 days are quite painful but other than that i don't really mind it.

Shelby Cantor: My name is Shelby to

Fabled Death: What do I do if I am a mannequinn?

Cheryl Jacobs: 'Marinates'! ahahaha, I can't breathe!

emily nilson: Pads

Macy Schenk: I just got mine and I am 13 and I have no clue what to wear. I am in volleyball, basketball, dance, an horse riding. And my friend says to put a tampon in but then still put a pad on. Can u help me decide??
PADS vs TAMPONS 4.7 out of 5

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