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Cups vs. Pads/Tampons
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons, pads, etc.
my favorite period products! ✿ tampons, pads, etc.
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Pads & Tampons Review: Tampax, Kotex, Playtex, Always
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Pads Vs. Tampons
Pads Vs. Tampons
Pads VS. Tampons
Pads VS. Tampons
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Dangers of Traditional Sanitary Pads (Tampons contains toxic DIOXIN)
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GIRL TALK! Tampons and pads I

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Moriah Bender: Anyone else here pro - menstrual cups?? 

jane mesolin: So wait.. the tampon is like IN your vagina, for hours And it expands when it absorbs the blood?!?!? Sounds painful to me

Hange Zoë: i am like such an epic failure...... i got lazy and wore the same pad for 2 days........

Erica Poitras: pads and Tampons are both gross, I don't want to shove cotton up my vagina that's going to get bloody but I do when i'm in public, and I don't want to sit in blood, but I do its just something you have to do because you have no other choices besides pads and tampons.

elsieisfree: I'm definitely pro tampons because it's just less messy! I don't need messy when I'm on my period cause then I'm gonna cry.

whyisthereyou: haha I had a friend wear a pad in an amusement park and it somehow magically disappear from her underwear that day and didn't find out it was gone till she used the bathroom. Funniest thing. 

Parka Wilday: My mum says im too young to wear tamping and I'm 13. I don't like wearing pads :/

winko567: is it weird that i am a guy and watching this?.. 

cassandra sotos: Only sluts wear gstrings/thongs while on period, thats dirty with or without gstring thong pad

Joanna Mendoza: Tampan= hurt to put in and pull out and its uncomfertable Pads= messy Pads win!

Roxy T: Going on vacation so need to use tampons, so freaking scared! I'm just wondering how much of the string needs to be in you? Cause in YouTube videos they say the entire string part is in your undies but in health class 2 years ago I remember the teacher saying something like some of the string needs to be in you. Can someone let me know please??

BeautyBy Nonocha: i had my period today & i'm so worried about sport on sunday. can i practice sport while my period?

WinterChild: Go you guys!!!! First Aussie you tubers I've ever come across!!

Kocoa Puffs: Pads definetly because, tampons have many complications such as toxic shock syndrome and tampons hold blood in it may absorb or whatever but it just holds it in and it sounds kinda painful pads are itchy yes I know, but I prefer them over tampons.

PhionexFantom: My period used to be a week or more than a week... Not the greatest time of my life.

peronvey: 3:03 WIDE SET vAGINA lmaoo

queen bella: For ur first time putting in a pad How much does it hurt the first time? 0-10?

rylee bonin: DEFINITLY team pads! There is no way I'm ever shoving a cotton ball on a stick up my vag. Glad I don't have my period yet. I love being young, but yet I hate it so much

Knuffelbeertje_123_years: Some statistics (fun facts) about the words mentioned in this video: Pad: 16 times Period: 15 times Tampon: 16 times Vagina: 6 times

Peyton Manning: Those tampons look like they hurt! I love pads more anyway because they are more comfy to me and if I wear a tampon I either pass out or are light headed because I have like tamponaphobia. And that word I just randomly made up.

Iceechibi: Team Tampons! Well, now I use a birth control, so I hardly ever get periods anymore, but I got mine when I was 12 at a swim meet and the only thing you can use in water is a tampon. So the first thing I ever used was a tampon.

charlotte fitzhardinge: Guys this sounds weird but I got my first period a few months ago but I only get it like maybe a few miscellaneous days each month and it seems like I only get a but when I'm wearing these certain undies... But it's so annoying cause I'll get a bit so I'll put a pad on and then I don't get it again ?!!!

Cleaka the Chicken: #teampads

Callie Wilcox: Does it hurt having your period because I'm 13 and I haven't got the feeling of a period or got one yet?

Marta matic: can someone please tell me can i use tampons of im a virgin, btw im 12 and this is my 6th period.

Keyleigh Hagan: What tampons are those 

theminelover: I just started and it's scary very scary 

Verity Dos Santos: Which tampons and pads do you two reccomend?

ConfusedGirl ButSmartDude: Pads I'm America have facts on them?!

uniicornized: guys i need help, my tampons are never full. im 11 years old and had my period ever since i was 10. i think my flow is regular, but everytime i pull it out, its dry! (btw i pull it out every 4-6 hours) 

Stephanie Mensah: TSS scares me, i wanted to start using tampons but now im hesitant

MissNeptune: I feel really brave because I used a tampon right when I first found out I got my period. I didn't stop for pads. I only wear pads when I think I'm getting close to starting up again, or I'm afraid I'm gonna leak.

Stephanie Johnson: I'm a boy, so I'm obviously an idiot when it comes to girls and their periods. So now that I've conceded how dumb and clueless I am in this area, I'd like to confess something: I find the idea of a girl's period to be ultra erotic, deeply exciting, tingly, HOT, and when I just think about girls discussing the "pad in my panties" or "my panties were padded" I'm almost ready to faint from excitement. Really. Truly. Sincerely. On SO MANY LEVELS do I love this video. Why? 1) How freaking cute and adorable these two sisters are! Yummy! 2) How they can talk so giggly, sweet, girlishly, out in the open about this...and what is best during your period---and to know that they're talking about the MOST private, personal part of their bodies....OMG ohhhhhh, it's making me so freaking HORNY! 3) Yes, in my mind, a girl is NEVER more delicate, more feminine, more girly and girlish, than when she is during her girl period. And I've found that most of the girls I've been intimate with LOVE SEX EVEN MORE when I penetrate them during their period. Girls tend to be much more horny and their genitals and nipples are much more sensitive during their periods. Guys, if you haven't indulged in the treat of sex with a girl during her period, you really don't know what you're denying yourself---you and your girlfriend both! Also, truth be told, I'm a straight male who LOVES crossdressing, role playing, age play and many other "taboo" types of, being a girl, and having my first period is an OVERWHELMINGLY DELICIOUS fantasy for me. Has been for years! I recently bought some pads to put in MY PANTIES---yes, I own lots of girls clothes for the special Dress Up Days I share with my girlfriend. And, eventually she made me a Baby Diaper Girl too...which was one of the most erotic, hot, tingly experience ever. For both of us! Come on boys, slip down your pants and pull out the "secret panties" a lot of boys keep hidden...and put a pad in them, or just go buy some pink girly adult diapers. It's time to stop pretending that there ISN'T a part of every boy that would LOVE to occasionally be a Little Pretty Girly Girl. ;-0

thebrookebabyshow: Hey I just got my period and I've gotten cramps is that normal?

heart valentine: I'm twelve do i too young to use tampon i hate wearing pads

Ann Bannz: Pads are seriously horrible! They don't absorb anything, they're uncomfortable to wear and it literally feels like you're sitting in your own blood, because you are. Tampons are so clean and not messy at all, you can keep them in longer than pads and it makes your period easier to handle.

Lexi Aaron: I haven't got mine yet hahaha I'm 13 almost 14 

DeAnna Patterson: Anyone notice how cute the tampons in their country are!? ☺️ they're so little! They're adorable I wish we had those here in the US! D:

Killyan Ruff: Im 12 and I haven't got mine and all my friends did what should I do to feel better

supergirl 1: Do you pass or tampons when your swimming?

Dea Moyer: I'm one for pads 

Georgie Bat: you guys are amazing and hilarious <3

annapunkchan: I think you should mention that TSS is extremely rare and only affects 1-7 out of 100,000 women, and you can wear a tampon up to 8 hours safely. i know a lot of people like to change them about every 3-4 hours, but its ok to use one up to 8

ChocoJammer123: I am 10 and I have a feeling i am gonna have my period pretty soon bc I have seen signs of it. Any help or support bc I am rlly scared D:

Brianna Barac: What if you do competitive swimming?

Rita Pita: I use pads cuz i think tampons are painful ugh...

Joseline Oliva: Pro pads 100%

Zoella Smith: I'm pretty sure i will get my period soon because im going through pueberty so Yeah.. :\

Lucinda Cathcart: I was definitely a late bloomer... I got my period a few months before I turned 17. And I use tampons. The thought of blood collecting in the bottom of my underwear is not my idea of a fun time. 

Sydnée Stecher: With modern tampons there is little to no risk of toxic shock syndrome. Last century there was a super absorbent tampon that could be responsible for TSS if left in too long but that's only because it trapped bacteria in too easily. Tampons now can be left for a long time without risk of TSS. The real danger can come from forgetting a tampon in and putting another one.
PADS vs TAMPONS 4.7 out of 5

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