Rotary Tattoo Machine Design Review

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rotary tattoo machine
rotary tattoo machine
Review of the Jack Steel Rotator MKIII/MK3 Rotary Tattoo Machine
Review of the Jack Steel Rotator MKIII/MK3 Rotary Tattoo Machine

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Spidershy509: Can you throw in a maxon motor I this thing 

Andrew Mckinstrie: hey man im a traditional coil man and have never freaked with any rotarys but would llike to buy one and give it a shot. im not lookin to buy a knock off. im prepared to spend the money. i just want to know what ones are easier to use. my co worker has a gen 1 dragonfly and he hastes it. maybe its defected but he says its very temperamental. any advice would be sweet. 

TheRalvarado114: @tattoo Hey bro I see on other people's video that their tattoo machine through sparks. Why is that?

Underground Demagraphix: the bishop is for liner or shading not solid color 

Cpt Sabis: which is the best of both please !!!

Joe Illa: true indeed with china having the lack of quality control...I just got the stigma prodigy they did a good job with that 1 an it kicks ass

Underground Demagraphix: all I did is add a small washer and its fine ive seen pother that have the washer some one just left it out , that's heat happen china has no quality control

Joe Illa: str8n that bar its not suppost to be bent.. where that nob is that you said does nothing remove it then unscrew the one piece then change the spring in there for a longer one..then put it back together you should be able to adjust it..I had the same prob I have a video up tweaking that issue..peace and keep up the good work

TheRalvarado114: What's up bro have you tried the rotary machine yet? How it running still good?

bbqribz: thank you, ive been waiting for some kind of review of these to come out other than "china garbage", and if the motors are the issue, why not buy say a maxon or a mabuchi for $50 ish, and basically build your own bishop for $80. another test could be to buy bishops spare parts and see if the fit the body. 

Bill K: Re Motors : Rotary motors are the same motors used in Hair Clippers & RC Cars (ie) remote controlled cars... The motors are usually Mabuchi motors which is a Japanese company that manufacturers all over Asia, Japan, China, Tawain, etc.. even if they say its Swiss it is not.. This applies to Chinese machines... The Mabuchi motors are used by most Rotary Tattoo machine companies. 

Duncan Boyer: if you look at the perple gun the moter was made with like a xbox 360 controler moter so cheap. 

cali kid: a coil can do anything a rotary can to say anything contrary to that is just personal opinion 

Underground Demagraphix: the whole issue with china rotaries is in he motor a rotary motor can wear out fast if its small and cheap . has very little to do with the frame , 

Bill K: Pt 1 - I noticed a couple of negative comments regarding Chinese Tattoo Machines... & I do not get it ... As far as Rotary tattoo Machines go, most are: CNC Machined aluminium ... Ever watch O.C.C. or P.J.D. (ie) Orange County Chopers - American Choppers, Paul Junior Designs.... they used CNC Computer Assisted Machining... Can Not F' it up if it's CNC Machined.. Bishop, Stigma -Swiss Machine, Dragon Fly, etc... it is precision... 

Underground Demagraphix: dial antimicrobial soap 

hukkerz: Hey man really appreciate your advice .. very helpful .. u say u dont advise the use of green soap during tattoo process in one of ur vids... what do u suggest been looking everywhere for alternative but only thing i find online is intenze clenze and h2ocean ... help please

Underground Demagraphix: I guess you did nt listen to what i said, that I don't know if certain aspects of the v2 are the same but the bishop knock off is very nice and i highly doubt the original is much better , I have no interest in buying 300.00 machines not when I build my own rotaries that work much better than a coil can . 

Jose Rodriguez: just wondering why are you comparing the knock offs? why not the real rotary machines? I wouldn't think you would get the real experience of each machine to compare them properly. I know personally the real stigma bizarre v2 is a very well made machine and the adjustments are nice. some of the best artists in the world use them everyday. i dont have any personal experience with the bishop but im sure the real bishop runs better and is of a lot better quality than the cheap knock off.

TheRalvarado114: Hey TTS I have a quick question, What's the smallest mag I can use for a cutback shader?
rotary tattoo machine design review 5 out of 5

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Spidershy509: Can you throw in a maxon motor I this thing 
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rotary tattoo machine design  review