PJ Holster - Custom Kydex Holsters

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PJ Holster Kydex Color Options
PJ Holster Kydex Color Options
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EDC - March 2013
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Melissa Ruddy: I love how helpful your videos are. I'm still trying to find the best carry gun/holster for myself, and your holster and firearm reviews have been very helpful! Thank you!

Lynn Plum: I just received my IWB today and i cannot tell i have it on. It is great

Phil Christmas: Excellent video, you did a great job, I'm sold-thx!

2461mark: good demonstration, Thank you

Bob Bossi: You talked about a holster a while ago that the Ruger LCP could be work around the neck. Do you remember what company that was?

Mike ts: Thank you for the video. How does the OWB conceal do you recommend a leather instead of Kydex OWB ?.

Vanessa Mertilus: I just received a holster he had available in stock.. Took a few days to get. Answered all my emails. Great service. I love the holster! Check his website for what's in stock and his shipping lead times. Right now I believe it's 4 weeks for a new order. 

Alex K.: You know that you have really small hands if your pinky still wraps around a PPS grip with flush magazine.

ccrazool: I was halfway through the video before I realized you could get all three fingers on the Shield with the flush mag in.  =D

douchebagout: Awesome review. In fact, all of ur reviews are awesome. U cover every detail. 

thayne559: I have PJ holsters closed loop OWB holsters for my Shield and LC9 They are awesome

Warren Brewer: Really straightforward and informative reveiw of PJ kydex holsters.  Showing the actual draw from conceilment and firing at the range was a very great point.

Mary Abbott: Received my 30 cant IWB and OWB and and have to say they were worth the wait.  Thanks for the review!

Jack Russell: Great instructional video, thx

David Januszewski: That 30 degree cant is spot-on, sure gotta help in the non-printing challenge..
Chances are you will only draw the weapon once in a life-time, in a serious life-threatening situation... 

Chris Kelly84: Very well done review. Looks like a good quality holster

Zuke Dog: What is the width of the belt your wearing. Good review.
PJ Holster - Custom Kydex Holsters 5 out of 5

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PJ Holster - Custom Kydex Holsters