PJ Holster - Custom Kydex Holsters

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PJ Holster - Custom Kydex Holsters
PJ Holster - Custom Kydex Holsters
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Alex K.: You know that you have really small hands if your pinky still wraps around a PPS grip with flush magazine.

ccrazool: I was halfway through the video before I realized you could get all three fingers on the Shield with the flush mag in. =D

thayne559: I have PJ holsters closed loop OWB holsters for my Shield and LC9 They are awesome

mrwilliemorgan: I carry a PJ Holster. It's the best I've found.

Matthew Payne: Got a PJ Holster just because of your review! It took about three months to get it, but it was totally worth it. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

Warren Brewer: Really straightforward and informative reveiw of PJ kydex holsters. Showing the actual draw from conceilment and firing at the range was a very great point.

douchebagout: Awesome review. In fact, all of ur reviews are awesome. U cover every detail. 

David Januszewski: That 30 degree cant is spot-on, sure gotta help in the non-printing challenge.. Chances are you will only draw the weapon once in a life-time, in a serious life-threatening situation... 

Mary Abbott: Received my 30 cant IWB and OWB and and have to say they were worth the wait. Thanks for the review!

Cae Woogabooganachooga: by the way, they take 10 weeks to arrive. no joke... it persuaded me to buy elsewhere.

Chris Kelly: Very well done review. Looks like a good quality holster

Zuke Dog: What is the width of the belt your wearing. Good review.

Pistoleros: Посмотрите это видео на YouTube:

Tommy Little: Love your carry belt. Is that 1.75 inch? Please let everyone know who the manufacturer is. Thanks.

KuyaWes Hall: Great Video!

Invictus: Awesome review

me ski: Way too much concern for printing. News flash, 99% of people out at malls and Wal-Mart or wherever people are aren't looking on people to see if they're carrying a Damn gun. Just get a holster that is comfortable and wear clothes that are comfortable. If people see printing, then bonus, they're gonna think twice not to freak with you. Personally I think printing is a good thing. A bad guy is more likely to do something to someone they don't think is carrying.

Matthew DeMello: This is the best holster review ever made period.. I want one for my shield 

Michael Haskins: just ordered one... got an e-mail saying it will be 9-10 weeks before it ships. I wish I would have known that before ordering. I couldn't find any contact information on his website prior to ordering. Oh well.. I'm sure it will be worth it.

beezlike: good video very infomative

Donald Velasco: I purchased one after your review and have had it for just over a year. The clip has just recently cracked and unable to use it now. His website says he has a lifetime warranty so I sent him an email and he has never responded. I also found that it is not that comfortable especially under a tee-shirt. In my opinion PhillyEDC has the best holsters period and has a 4 to 6 week wait time which he is now working on shortening that frame without sacrificing quality.

John Booth: Good review. If you can take a look at Multi-Holster. I have one for my Shield and find it does the job extremely well.

Jack Russell: Great instructional video, thx

Dean Vuckovich: Great review, thank you. Just placed my order for my Shield.

Erika Allen: Is it difficult to sit or do you not notice it? Im in college so I spent a lot of time in a classroom. 

WanderingBarbarian: Thanks for this review. I'm looking for a new holster and this was very affordable

Chris Adams: Great review. I will def purchase his mag pouches for my m&p and pm45. And maybe a tuckable holster :)

Matthew: I know this is a old video but Great review.

chocolatinho123: Is your holster with J hook, close loop or reinforced clip on loop? I want to order the same holster u have! Thanks!!

Chris Adams: Great review. I will def purchase his mag pouches for my m&p and pm45. And maybe a tuckable holster :)

lee_radio: will paul make one for my m&p 9c and ruger lcr...? 

Gettysburg2013: Thanks, this is a huge help! Just bought a shield and was looking for a good holster, definitely going to buy one from PJ Holsters.

courtney Jones: Getting a M&P Shield for Christmas. Love these. So glad you reviewed this for everyone. Love your videos.

Bill Miller: Another very helpful review! Thank you. How would you compare this to the Remora holster as far as comfort? For me, the Remora is very comfortable. I have been thinking about buying a Kydex, but I am not sure about the comfort level.

Take Detour: I personally prefer OWB.

Daysha Nelson: Do you prefer PJ holsters over the Betty holster? (Same girl that makes the flashbang) Very very similar in design. Looking for something new for my shield & these are the 2 I like the most.

Raven Lee: I didn't see any gun in this video....

faliaphotography: I'm sorry that getting your holster ended up being a frustrating experience, but I'm happy that you didn't just give up, remain unhappy, and just order somewhere else. I'm glad you finally got the correct holster you ordered and that it has gotten resolved. Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback!

faliaphotography: Disse Gear

faliaphotography: Sorry you had an issue, but I know Paul always makes things right, and I'm glad to hear about how he took care of this problem so quickly. He's a great guy and I know he wants his customers to be happy so he focuses on quality.

faliaphotography: No, I'm not sponsored. I buy all the ammo that I shoot & practice with.

MrDarrelP1000: what kind (brand) belt are you wearing in this vid? It looks sturdy and dressy enough for me to wear daily.

MO AK: As soon as I get a day of when its nice out I will be making a review of my pj holster for my glock 19 gen 4

535echo: I own guns but I don't have a carry permit so I sure hope somebody like you is around if any $hi7 goes down when me and my kids are out and about!!!

Shifuskeeper65: Thanks for your recommendation! Ordered an IWB holster like yours in the new thinner kydex with the thick belt clip. Thanks I love your channel and all of the great information that you share! Renee' !

lleyton28: absolutely agree. I have one for my shield and i forget that it's there. soooo comfotable and does an excellent job at concealing.

powerule: I don't see on his site how to choose the degree? I want a IWB Right hand. OD Green. And can't find the degree option. And what's the 10 premium for?

allen exel: i ordered a holster from pj holster 11 weeks ago and still have not received it. they told me it would take 6 to8 weeks to get. after 8 weeks i emailed again they said another week. here it is almost 3 months and still nothing. i emailed them a third time and got no response. i would not recommend this company at all. although their product may be good the way they run their business is horrible

fugerep: Did I hear an Apache helicopter at 10:35?

faliaphotography: I said "remain unhappy" in regards to your message one month ago - You had said "The fit on the new holster isn't like the original one. After all this wait it is a little disappointing, especially after hearing the good reviews. I am now looking at a PHLster" - I contacted Paul because it didn't sound like you were going to, so I was referring to the fact that I'm glad you continued to work it out with him instead of just sticking with the wrong fit and moving on to a PHLster.
PJ Holster - Custom Kydex Holsters 4.9 out of 5

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PJ Holster - Custom Kydex Holsters