John Deere 1010 Raking Hay

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Josh Mullins: i think he would if that hay wasnt so thick

RustyCarnahan: @brian93ist With the most recent addition of a NH 847 Round Baler last year.

RustyCarnahan: @nickjohndeere51 No Idea whatsoever. The tach cable is gone without a trace. When I go home over Christmas break, I'll try to get a walkaround video made of it so you guys can see exactly what it is.

nickjohndeere51: @RustyCarnahan Ok thanks! How many hours are on the Deere?

RustyCarnahan: @nickjohndeere51 At this point in time, no. I wanted to do more when we were haying last year, but I didn't. I'll be sure to let you know when I get some made and posted this late-spring/summer.

nickjohndeere51: I really like your tractor and rake. Do you have any more hay making videos you could put up?

RustyCarnahan: @brian93ist That rake is a standard, left hand side delivery rake. We mostly make hay on hillsides, and we make "double" windrows. That meaning we take 2 passes of the haybine, and make it into 1 windrow. We rake the first pass from the outside-in, throwing the hay downhill. The second pass is then raked inside-out, throwing the completed windrow uphill. The reason we do it this way is that it makes a tighter, neater windrow that's easier to feed into the baler.

RustyCarnahan: @farmboy30117 As long as you remember it's back there when making turns, It's not too bad. I've only turned into the rake once with that 1010, and that was in a backhanded corner. However, every tractor's different. If they're going cheap, I'd get one. If it has the dolly wheels in the front, You'll absolutely love it.

farmboy30117: Good running tractor! How hard is it to make corners with that rake? We've always used 3 point rakes but I see a lot of those pull behinds for sale and ya never know when you need a spare...

horner766: Nice 1010 RCU, I'm still working on mine. Check my page to see some vids of it.

RustyCarnahan: @brian93ist Yep. Our haying fleet consists of a New Holland 9' Haybine, NH 258 RolaBar rake, and a Massey Ferguson #12 Square Baler.

brian93ist: new holland is the best everyone has some kind of new holland equipment

RustyCarnahan: @stimulater7 Former pasture. Mostly Bluegrass and Orchard Grass with some junk in it.

stimulater7: oaten hay ?or pasture ...medow hay ?
John Deere 1010 Raking Hay 5 out of 5

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John Deere 1010 Raking Hay