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romnell1769: you are so great Gilad !!! keep it up to help and teach how to be come sexy...
oisiaa: Do I have to use the yellow rim tape that came in the box??? The video doesn't show the yellow tape.
HIROYUKI TADA: Kenbee01さん、共有、有り難うございます。
ShartimusPrime: Even though it's a green fish, it's still a fish. I'm not a big fan of this figure mold over all, no matter what color it is. I will say that robot mode looks cool, especially with that plating on the chest section and much less green. Great review! 
военный чел: you magazin put on the AK 47
thejess1119: tic toc tic toc :)
sean ocean: One of the best speeches ever made. :P but it does say a lot about heart and people who do their best and even STILL don't get the credit they deserve. Everyone makes the effort, but what can you do? Just keep on, keepin on. Keep fightin'...

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