Long Range Shooting 800 Yards Vs Milk Jugs - 300 Win Mag - 208 Gr AMAX

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mad max: good shot 

LRSU: 1000 Yard Milk Jug Challenge #1 - Jaron C. 6.5-284 Norma

Denis McCarthy: Awesome shooting fellas! Great video too. XCR in .300 Mag is my next rifle sho nuff. Take care -

fla playa: Dropping a couple hundred in ammo-Great upload.

PREDATOR03: Those last shots that you can see the trajectory us cool as freak

A Fly: Nice footage!

CaLcuLaToRFace425: Very nice!

Long Range Shooters of Utah, LLC: Nightforce all the way man. Won't buy much else. It's an NXS 5.5 - 22 x 56 mm. I have since sold the entire setup and I'm building a custom 7mm-300 win mag. I will be topping it with another Nightforce, hopefully their new ATACR which is very similar but has 125 minutes of elevation adjustment instead of the 100 that my previous scope had.

nachtjager77: 112" of drop? That's incredible! What kind of scope are you using? Amazingly well done video, thanks for posting.

psychojon88: Awesome shooting and filming ! I just bought a savage .300 win mag , set it all up and taking it out back in two weeks . Can't wait ! So busy at work and making knives have to wait . Thanks again !

thrasherno1: Nice camera to by the way. You can see the bullet moving the air around it amazing. Good work.

Long Range Shooters of Utah, LLC: Northern Utah

Long Range Shooters of Utah, LLC: No, I had to adjust 15 minutes of angle (MOA) of elevation. Most scope are in increments of MOA or MILS. It works out to be about 112 inches of drop at that distance.

Luccimatic: So when you say +15 moa at 800 does that mean you only have to compensate for 15 inches of drop? That's pretty amazing if so.

Luccimatic: That slow mo of the long shot. Never seen the arch of a bullet displayed so well in such bright lighting before. Awesome camera work.

USAbornANDraised: I'm loving the vapor trail at 2:35

Long Range Shooters of Utah, LLC: Trace, vapour trail, sonic boom...whatever you prefer to call it. Most viewer have no idea that it even happens and vapour trail seems to click even if it's not entirely accurate. Thanks for watching.

drkstrm93: you know its not vapour right? its actually the sonic boom in front of the bullet as it travels through the air.

RidingOregon: where is this? great vid by the way!

Long Range Shooters of Utah, LLC: 1560 lbs/square in at 800 yards. 3847 at the muzzle, 1213 at 1000 yards. Check out my latest video shooting jugs at 1260 yards with a target cam. We actually catch an image of the bullet in flight just before impact.
Long Range Shooting 800 Yards vs Milk Jugs - 300 Win Mag - 208 gr AMAX 5 out of 5

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Long Range Shooting 800 Yards vs Milk Jugs - 300 Win Mag - 208 gr AMAX