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Heav3n7: Really pretty! I wish you had a tutorial so I could do mine! lol

cutiepie lerrel: I feel the same way most full sew ins look wiggy that's why im afraid to get one but when I tried the side bang i left hair out and it got damaged and poofy to much so now its either braids or try a fulls sew ins. And when you layerd it and fixed it did it still look wiggy to you or did it atleast look half natural?

jessica4577: Lol I so feel where you are coming from it took me a few days to get use to my full head sew in until I started styling it how I want it came out to be cute..but yes I hate that wig look I just could of bought me a lace front wig and called it a day..but I don't like to wear wigs much only because I do not want it falling off in public or blowing off lol but yes I do understand.


i also bought sara hair in aliexpress, the hair is really amzing!! wanna share with you.
while placing the order, please leave the message with 'sara 015' the vendor will modify the best price for you. no tangle no shedding!!

Tray Michaels: I need to know how yu sewed in d wig....is there a video for it?

ItalianCream791: janet jackson little sister

Liyah Achiya: you are so beautiful

Amonica Kirkland: Wht kind of hair did you get and what was the price?

Tiara Black: U suppose to wrap it

Brittany Simone: Those were my thoughts about my first full head too, Maybe you should try one with a lace closure

lovable1234321: girlfriend your face is hilarious in that pic!!! I LOVE THAT SEW IN THOUGH!!

Lyric Shanez: You're gorgeous!!!!

ellonelo09: Your hair looks great!! I'm looking to get a sew-in myself to give my edges a break! What kind of hair did you use?

goldenopportunity31: "I DONT LIKE IT". CTFU


Ultra .Violet: It looks awwesome!!! also have n e body told u u look like janet jackson especially when u smile!!! PWETTYY!! ;)

Tiffane Deo Volente: Girl u r wrong for showing that pic loooool

Naomi Ruth: You should really stop giving their opinion on black girls' hair. I've been natural the past 3 years, and white guys will always say stupid crap like "Oh, I like your hair! Other black girls are fake/can't accept their natural hair/blah blah blah." That's just stupid! A sew-in has nothing to do with hating yourself. It's a protective style and helps your hair grow... Before you comment with some ignorant crap, do some research asshole. Don't give your opinion on a culture you know nothing about!

ryo00ona: if u want try keraten brazelian one !! and have new thing in karaten taype i do it !! it diamond keraten for more information please ask me i am welcome 4 every one :)
Full Sew In! 5 out of 5

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Full Sew In!