Homemade Electric Kiln Furnace Oven

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Homemade Electric Kiln furnace oven
Homemade Electric Kiln furnace oven
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bloodandcarnage: I have yet to see a video that had any information on the control unit or where to find the parts.  All I am seeing is "Hey!  Look what I did!" Some day I would like to see someone do a video that has the info for the parts.  All the parts.  Not just the wire or bricks.  gaah!

William Weinkauff: I'm with Aquines. I'd like to see a follow up video to see how u built it

Aquines Anderson: thats a nice kiln yet I'm wondering how you made it? do you have a video on how you made it?
can you upload a video on how you made it can you send it to me thank you..

KaleGoesHardx3: to everyone asking if this can anneal glass, I bet it could with a more controlled temperature, you want it to reach the annealing temperature (which changes depending on the type of glass)without overshooting it. if the temp is too high its going to deform your object.

Jessika Wilson: he is only able to touch it because the bricks are fire and heat resistant they disperse heat faster than water u can litterly have the brick at 1000 degrees c and let it cool for  10 minutes in 60 degree weather and be able to touch it
i have built a kiln in my back yard i used a fence pole bent it for angle wont tell secrets the i take a propane tank empty ofc remove the top of tank stick some sort of thing in there so i can pour my walls i use concrete to pour walls once this is dried i remove the center base and make sure lid is now sealed with concrete to then i take a stainless steel bucket fill with aliminum or copper w,e im melting i take blow dryer hook up to my fence pipe connected to kiln to act as bellows happy forging!@!@

Vaibhav Tare: Respected Sir.., I am thinking to build a similar setup which works upto 20KVA. So, which material & in how many quantity is required to do so...? Please help Me... Thanks in Advance...

Chantz temming: hi random question can i put a digital controller to 3 kiln elements? i dont know much about the kiln except its not digital and super old and made by cress, a-22-h is the model number...its 240v and has 3 infintie control swictes the 4 heating elements, can i make one digital controller heat them all?

Zz.Zaice: You should try to add some vacuum to it, boiling temperatures would then decrease and you would be able to melt other materials that require higher melting points..! (i guess.. maybe this is dumb, but it's an idea..!)

d3tach3d: is there plans you used? I cant seem to find any :( I mean i can backwards engineer my friends AIM kiln but still would like some plans

Gabriel H: Make a list on here on your main power supply to hear the rods please

SevenHD99: how did you make this?

TIAHOE: did you shape the blocks like that?

jpatter123: Just curious are your wires encased in quartz? Looks like an electrocution waiting to happen.

artix2501: can it reach 2000ºc

thdmtr: what is the length of the A1 wire of each heating element? also, are you using 220V?

Ciobanu George: I have some questions for you...I want to build a powder coating oven(Lxlxh=2x1.40x1.80m). What type of heaters can i use? Sheet metal for walls, studs, insulation? Please, help me!

Zorrobeat: Hey, nice work! I am from Germany and made my furnance once 3 years ago. But i rewound some Transformers to get high current with low voltage at range about 2,5volts @ few hundrets of amps. This was a school project and i wanted to make my oven as save as possible. But my heating elements (made of steel) soon were wasted... And i used firebricks to make the oven. And now my question to You: Which stones are You using for your oven? They look like autoclaved aerated concrete Greatings :D

CraigGMartinez01: What all u need to make it

moomba94: @dgalvarez Hello im just wondering what temperature controller you are using as i am in the progress of making my own foundry. - moomba champ

Rene "Baca" Ponya: Nice work! How is the temperature on the surface at 1000 º C inside? I saw You touch it without gloves. Thanks.
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Homemade Electric Kiln furnace oven