Thermobaric Grenade - BEST EQUIPMENT IN GHOSTS! (Call Of Duty COD Tactical Nade Analysis Review)

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Thermobaric Grenade - BEST EQUIPMENT IN GHOSTS! (Call of Duty COD Tactical Nade Analysis Review)
Thermobaric Grenade - BEST EQUIPMENT IN GHOSTS! (Call of Duty COD Tactical Nade Analysis Review)
Airsoft Grenade - Thermobaric Grenade by TLSFx
Airsoft Grenade - Thermobaric Grenade by TLSFx
COD GHOSTS "No One Likes This Equipment" Thermobaric Grenade (AKA) Mr Useless (Call of Duty)
TLSFx Thermobaric grenade for airsoft or paintball (indoor test)
TLSFx Thermobaric grenade for airsoft or paintball (indoor test)
AIRSOFT GRENADE - TLSFx Thermobaric Multi-Burst - Sneak Peak!
AIRSOFT GRENADE - TLSFx Thermobaric Multi-Burst - Sneak Peak!
RPG-7 New Ammo : RPG7-EI Thermobaric warhead (compatible RPG-7)
RPG-7 New Ammo : RPG7-EI Thermobaric warhead (compatible RPG-7)
AIRSOFT GRENADE - Enola Gaye Flash Grenade
AIRSOFT GRENADE - Enola Gaye Flash Grenade

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Andrew Penman: Haven't used this in game but I'm surprised that they weren't made to be the most lethal. Thermobaric explosives, at least in larger form, are considered to be as powerful as nukes but without radiation, if I remember correctly. The guy in the video mentioned something about "pocket nukes" but it doesn't look like they deserve such a tittle in the game. 

thehaxfactory: +TmarTn I went in and tested damage. Thermobaric does exactly 50 damage. 2 Thermos are lethal. 1 Thermo and 1 Ameli (50 damage) bullet is lethal. 1 Thermo and 1 AK-12 bullet (49) is not lethal. 1 Thermo with direct impact (grenade impact does 15 damage) and 1 SC-2010 bullet (35) was also lethal. 1 Thermo with direct impact and 1 FAD bullet (34) was not lethal. It does not seem to matter if you shoot first and follow it up with a Thermo either. Keep in mind other tactical grenades deal one damage when they explode. So if you move with a team of people, half carrying Concussions and the other half carrying Thermobaric grenades, while each person carries a Remington R5 + Muzzle Break (to maximize range before damage drop, but AK-12 would work too). You could stun a hallway, hit it with Thermobaric, then every stunned opponent would die in just one bullet (1 + 50 + 49). It could be abused very easily by a coordinated team working in groups of two. EDIT: One thing I have not tested is how it works in relation to Ballistic Vests, Juggernauts, or Blast Shield. It's possible that it may ignore these completely. I should do more testing.

german jimenez: 1,525,724 of u guys are noobs lisening to this loser noob my god 

TheClassyCuber: I just spam these in hardcore 

Gabriel Bratt: All he does is give you misinformation so it make it easier for him he is teaching noobs to be noobier

MeasuringTheSteak: How?

WarmSoftKitty: Using equipment in this game is a complete waste of time

ArmoredKid: its way overused in hardcore

honorbound12: Thermobaric is nasty if use it right it can ruin any campers day

Kevin Pan: Thermobarics + Recon perk

kuroyami vwj: Only people listening are freaking noobs....cod is dead already.

Zac Graves: In hard core its the best by far bc it kills the enemy instead of weaning them

Dan in 3D: Totally gonna use this on my dom class

Gast Nu: I bet these little bastards are really good with smgs and te chainsaw, but I dont know

karateslug: call of duty ghosts looks 100x better than call of duty ghosts on pc XD

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Michael Berey: I have used this grenade before and I have gotten kills with it

Mockingbirch: Why in the holy freak is Danger Close back? After MW2 I never wanted to see that bastard again.

Tank Dempsey: It's also good against Ballistic Vests

Jill Young: TmarTn or Ali-A whos better

maksimiljan123: Imagine a guy running this constantly: Danger Close Thermobaric grenade Canister Bomb yeah... annoying level=OVER 9000

TheJigglyJuggler: Man a mediocre player with a mediocre personality and mediocre tips gets 1.3 million subs. Jesus christ it seems like as long as you sound super excited, you'll be successful on youtube.

mikem6462: what if you use 2 thermobaric grenades will it kill them?

Jonathan Stokes: can anyone here explain why on hardcore dom i got a flame hitmarker (it was like he had a vest on, but in the place of the vest it was a small flame/fire pic) or was he hacking or something (i hit him with a IED)

TheReGoEgo: How do you cancel thowing (for example) throwing knife. If i accidently press L2, i have to thow it. When throwing knife reticles show, how can i not throw it?

TREVINparty: #aliaarmy 

braiden holbrook: If you play in hardcore mode the thermobaric grenade is op it kills everything it hits 

ImaGUNFREAK: This crap is so overpowered in Hardcore..

Raffy da silva: I use thermobratic with frag 

Caleb Holderby: Most annoying class ever (And my favorite)- Danger Close, Thermobaric grenade, Kastet, AK-12 with grenade launcher, extra tactical, recon, hardline

jelly cook: this little dbad is just hilarious especially with my panzerfaust which i highly reccomend for high value targets room clearing or making that good ol rage train keepa rollin'

B. Hussein Obama: Paul Walker is dead, yet Kmartn still lives. That is proof god is a asshole.

Raul Valle Garcia: Get a frag on that map and throw it over b flag Ty might get a kill or hitmaker I got a kill and don't hold it just throw as soon it come up on that map only plz reply if it works

danny nino: best with the magnum

kieran green: Im no camper but i.e.d is very useful

caleb lines: did you also know that the thermobaric is LETHAL in hardcore???

LeoGado: +Shield = 1 Shield Bash kills

eelshark12345: The question is if youll have time to even throw both the thermo and lethal before youre 2-shotted by an msbs.

Mayron Loubaqk: I tested it multiple times and it has the double range of a frag and is super effective if you have 2 of them tip: danger close don't do anything to your blast radius you dont need it for this grenade

Raffy da silva: It sometimes kill someone

david marcboy: the best gun is the bulldog its GREAT

ChiefKronic: Can you do a video on the canister bomb? id be curious to see the specs, thanks. great work so far on Ghosts!

Rugged Savior: Thermobaric grenades should have been able to destroy sentry guns and other ground based streaks in one blast. That would make it more beneficial. But until then, it's useless.

MinnesotaBurns101: Do tacticals and secondary's take up perk points?

Brayan Rodriguez: He jumps to kill a guy that isn't even playing

JustAnUncreativeName: I wonder if people actually find this

SlackerRus2000: smoke with the thermal scope on choke points in the map is a far more useful attachment.

Grenades4Days: I want to know how in the hell you get into such easy lobbies. Every damn time I get into a game with people constantly going tryhard and against clans that are communicating. 

DarthOliptius: This is terrible advice. In theory, yes, it's an amazing piece of equipment, but in actual gameplay you're never going to be able to effectively use it. You might get an extra kill here or there but it's not worth it.

Chim wag: The thermobaric is overpowered when it comes to hardcore, the damage radius is huge and its always a one hit kill not just damage i want these to be patched as i cant get a hardcore game without 3-4 people using these and killing u from 10 feet away from the blast. This is something they should have thought about before putting it in the game but then again they dont care much about the game aslong as they make money.
Thermobaric Grenade - BEST EQUIPMENT IN GHOSTS! (Call of Duty COD Tactical Nade Analysis Review) 4.8 out of 5

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Thermobaric Grenade - BEST EQUIPMENT IN GHOSTS! (Call of Duty COD Tactical Nade Analysis Review)