Thermobaric Grenade - BEST EQUIPMENT IN GHOSTS! (Call Of Duty COD Tactical Nade Analysis Review)

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Sir Zoidberg: glad you do so much research about the stuff you talk about, a thermo does 50 dmg and makes other explosives deal and extra 85% dmg for 5 seconds which means that if you throw it right before a normal uncooked nade you pretty much kill him if you get a hitmarker with both (only exception brings the perk tac resist which negates the bonus damage). it also adds usefulness because of the fact that it weakens the armor of juggernauts, maniacs and ballistic vests (we all ran into a juggernaut at some point with  no equipment or class to deal with him). its very nice to have the thermaobaric grenade + extra equipment + c4 (or nades/semtex) to clear out enitre rooms and all of that for only 3 points. i just love it to clear out annoying snipers since you just need to throw some stuff on medium range and they are pretty much dead

PenguinIsFarts: What is the damage on ballistic vests and maniac? Surely it would take more than a couple shots to kill them?

Gabriel Bratt: All he does is give you misinformation so it make it easier for him he is teaching noobs to be noobier

Kevin Pan: Thermobarics + Recon perk

MinnesotaBurns101: Do tacticals and secondary's take up perk points?

TheClassyCuber: I just spam these in hardcore 

Andrew Penman: Haven't used this in game but I'm surprised that they weren't made to be the most lethal. Thermobaric explosives, at least in larger form, are considered to be as powerful as nukes but without radiation, if I remember correctly. The guy in the video mentioned something about "pocket nukes" but it doesn't look like they deserve such a tittle in the game. 

Zac Graves: In hard core its the best by far bc it kills the enemy instead of weaning them

Gast Nu: I bet these little bastards are really good with smgs and te chainsaw, but I dont know

TouchOfSmoke: Totally gonna use this on my dom class

Michael Berey: I have used this grenade before and I have gotten kills with it

Asphalt z: pizza cheeks

Kyle Bronco: It's also good against Ballistic Vests


Jill Young: TmarTn or Ali-A whos better

german jimenez: 1,525,724 of u guys are noobs lisening to this loser noob my god 

mikem6462: what if you use 2 thermobaric grenades will it kill them?

Jonathan Stokes: can anyone here explain why on hardcore dom i got a flame hitmarker (it was like he had a vest on, but in the place of the vest it was a small flame/fire pic) or was he hacking or something (i hit him with a IED)

TheReGoEgo: How do you cancel thowing (for example) throwing knife. If i accidently press L2, i have to thow it. When throwing knife reticles show, how can i not throw it?

ArmoredKid: its way overused in hardcore
Thermobaric Grenade - BEST EQUIPMENT IN GHOSTS! (Call of Duty COD Tactical Nade Analysis Review) 5 out of 5

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Thermobaric Grenade - BEST EQUIPMENT IN GHOSTS! (Call of Duty COD Tactical Nade Analysis Review)