Babyliss Nano Titanium U Styler

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Babyliss Nano Titanium U Styler
Babyliss Nano Titanium U Styler BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium 1" U Styler
Prancha Nano Titanium U Styler Babyliss Pro - Cabeleza
Prancha Nano Titanium U Styler Babyliss Pro - Cabeleza
Plancha Profesional U Styler   Nano Titanium by BaByliss PRO  DistribuidoraAlexandra
Plancha Profesional U Styler Nano Titanium by BaByliss PRO DistribuidoraAlexandra
Babyliss Nano Titanium U Styler.wmv.wmv
Babyliss Nano Titanium U Styler.wmv.wmv

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deannej21: Babyliss makes great products and inn sure this is no exception, but their hair was so weighed down with product that none of the final results were impressive at all. I really want to see more before I invest because I have to order it. 

Mel Stevens: the karmin titanium is so much better...

mariaperla0274: Hola a tod@s. les cuento que intente hacerme rizos con mi plancha babyliss, pero como es gruesa no me salian :'( opte por comprar esta babyliss y es una maravilla, con la otra me aliso y con esta me termimo de dar el efecto rizados cuando quiero y es super rápido y fácil, creo q solo es cuestión de practica. Yo con 2 veces q practique fue suficientes. Yo recomiendo ampliamente este modelo, mas no para alisar todo el cabello, solo para darle un toque distinto con ondas. besos desde Venezuela.

Secretaria Braga de Moura Advogados: Im from Brazil, and i love this product, it's really good!! Its easy to use, and make beautifull curls, my curls really look so much better then in this video!

Skyy LovesTeamOMB: This is like a commercial ..Lol!! Where'd you get that voice from ? :D

Katherine C: This flat iron sucks!!! I bought it and returned it. It is very hard to use on your own head.

Ana Ferreira: I wish you really would post a tutorial. I have a hard time with mine, and this one doesnt help me much because it doesnt show how to do it on yourself.

ivetaklevaite: thanks :))

shishilala: best for straightening curls - I recommend the V.S. big hair styler, revolving hot brush, brilliant for smooth straight hair, OR the Instyler with revolving hot barrel, I have both & love them

17houda: yeaah i don't know why ?!

Angel Urash: Shouldnt the people getting their hair done with this iron be smiling? I mean a frowny face means its not so good right?

katerine zuluaga r: i like people grs limpo plik shaks mort buk lilsikerpli

jennpenn5: I know right. Wow, it straightened already stick straight, thin hair. I'm impressed...not.

ivetaklevaite: yeah, it's weird. my friend is also straightening straight hair. I have naturally curly hair and it just sucks, you can't straighten it so easy as they say.

Gracey Rose (Main): i love my babyliss straightner ive gone through so many straighteners and my new babyliss beats all my old ones

Mylea Bieber: i love this straightener!!!

zeldahopper: So cheesy!

Thalia Martins: n entendo nada!!!

meowmeowkitteh23: her hairs....already pin straight

Jenny Jolly: I don't know if they are using this iron the right way but, i just bought it a few days ago.. It works AMAZING!! it gives me those nice wavy curls and straightens well too!! My curls look so much better then whats shown in this video.... it does take some practice but its amazing! babyliss is always a good investment. I wouldn't use this iron to straighten though. i Have my pro nano for straightening..maybe i should make a tutorial for the u styler... ;]
Babyliss Nano Titanium U Styler 5 out of 5

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Babyliss Nano Titanium U Styler