How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona

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How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona
How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona
Kia Sedona/Carnival Headlight Bulb Replacement
Kia Sedona/Carnival Headlight Bulb Replacement
Headlight Replacement   Kia Sedona   02 03 04 05   Lo/High Beams
Headlight Replacement Kia Sedona 02 03 04 05 Lo/High Beams
Replacing Front Head Light on 2007 KIA Sedona EX
Replacing Front Head Light on 2007 KIA Sedona EX
2008 Kia Sedona Headlight Replacement
2008 Kia Sedona Headlight Replacement

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Randal Perkins: Thank you, thank you, thank you! This video saved me much frustration!

Karyn Traphagen: Thx for the help!

Brenda S: I have also had a problem w/low beams on my 2011 Sedona only lasting a few months. Dealership charged me $100 a pop to replace each one. so glad to find this. TYTYTYTY

Forest Platt: Thanks for making this, I was wondering how I was going to get my hand behind the lamp assembly, on my wife's 2012 Sedona, to replace the bulb. This looks much easier.

Tamara Hamlin: I'm jealous of everyone who says they've never had to change theirs, I have to change my 2011 Sedona 's lowbulb every 6 months or so. What a pain!

Anita Hayes: Is the 2012 headlight replacement similar? Video and info was good.

T.Malio: Thank you! 

Nicole Perry: Thank you for the instructional video!! Just changed it myself! 

Robert Meyer: Just checked this to remind me where the second bolt holding the assembly is located (confirm).  I've now done this three times and it is NOT necessary to remove the whole cover - just takes more jiggling around to get the assembly free - snaps back in more easily

James Bitakis: Thanks.  I wasn't sure I had to take off the black cover that supposedly keeps out the dirt (but doesn't really), but now I see that I do have to take it off. Thanks a lot. you saved me some time.

ImKingLouie: I'm sure it's difficult to do that with one hand.

Bob Glennon: Thanks!!  I was ready to take it to a mechanic...

66GraceWalker: Thanks for posted dude! Just got mine changed out after watching this... PS- I agree the design/shroud thing is retarded...

Randi Jettinghoff: Thanks! this helped my husband get the job done!

Wes Rogers: Have to agree that the Kia bulbs go out rather quick. Just replaced bulb on moms Spectra about 9 months ago, and its out again. Seems to happen on numerous models.

Matt Quick: Thanks, that seriously saved me some frustration.

Emily Clyde Curtis: I've never done any car maintenance before beyond windshield wiper blades. Thanks for your excellent tutorial!

94BSO: honestly rob, kias in my opinion are nothing but junk, sure the crash ratings are good... & the engines have pep out the butt... but thats all theyre good for, the whole car is under engineered, & they used not just plastic, but CHEAP plactic to get the job "done". needless to say, we owned ours for about 2 years & put over 100k on it... & it was DONE.

robert andrews: I don't know why Kia, makes it so difficult to service their products. This cowl over the radiator is ridiculous. On my 2006 the 10 or 12 fasteners on the piece were not even screws, they were push pins, and when I attempted to pry them out, half of them broke off. It should be easier for the car owner to replace a bulb. So much for Korean engineering. I think I won't buy another KIA.

phoenix low: Thank you very much for this video, sadly the sedona I was doing this on was an earlier model so the clamps turned out to be a pain, but i got thanks to this video :)
How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona 5 out of 5

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How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona