How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona

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How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona
How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona
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James Bitakis: Thanks. I wasn't sure I had to take off the black cover that supposedly keeps out the dirt (but doesn't really), but now I see that I do have to take it off. Thanks a lot. you saved me some time.

Richard Valentine: Thank you for taking the time and extra effort to produce this video! It helped me save valuable time. I had the same issue with my 2008 Kia Sedona. However, I only removed a few of the closet screws in that cover piece. I was able to get the headlamp out without taking that entire cover off. Those cheap screws are a pain to deal with, and I was looking for any way to save some time. I think you forgot that last screw you dropped at the beginning of this video. I lost one too...I had to go to the hardware store and get a replacement. It's an M6 10mm Metric Hexhead. Just thought I would warn you that you still may have a screw missing.

Robert Mitchell: Thank you! Saved me $40

David Hupperts: Thanks - I appreciate your efforts. Saved me from trial and error.

Bob Glennon: Thanks!! I was ready to take it to a mechanic...

Christopher White: Thank you! You made this job a little less painful...

Robert Meyer: Just checked this to remind me where the second bolt holding the assembly is located (confirm). I've now done this three times and it is NOT necessary to remove the whole cover - just takes more jiggling around to get the assembly free - snaps back in more easily

Nicole Perry: Thank you for the instructional video!! Just changed it myself! 

Renan PBBvItaly: why not convert, place bulbs h11 ll just you install a female socket and install in the same place the lamp h11 found in the normal low beam malibu, Toyota Tundra ...

Hyoung-soo Kim: Thank you for your detail video. This is really helpful...

Alison Taylor: Thanks so much!! This was my FIRST EVER try on a car fix. Couldn't have done it without you. Can't wait to tell my husband.

Don Nicoll: great van--after 7 yrs I need to change a daytime running light--they last forever. This van is far superior to most north american vans in workmanship and driveability.

spacequince: Thanks man! I've never done much car stuff, but I was able to change that light real quick from seeing it in your video.

ImKingLouie: I'm sure it's difficult to do that with one hand.

baddog88studios: Dude, you r awesome! You made the most ridiculous bulb replacement I've ever done a little easier. On previous cars I just reach in and pull out the bulb harness - 1 minute job. Helping ur mom out with her car and then having the smarts to record it for the rest if us - good job!

Gabi Ubogi: man..that plastic cover removel was unnecessary... you have aspechial hole for the cover than you just remove the headlight carfully

94BSO: @shotit2u yeah i know... well i figured it was pretty self explanitory... just look at the light from the front & do the prosses of elimanation. no offense. good luck man

Emily Clyde Curtis: I've never done any car maintenance before beyond windshield wiper blades. Thanks for your excellent tutorial!

CreativeEvangelist: Thanks, this is exactly what I needed to know.

monguito: fiuuuuuu!!!!!! thanks bro !!!!

Chester Nimitz: thanks for posting - this was a great help.

Frank Coy: Thanks! I did the job in 30 minutes, thanks to your clear instructions. My bulb cost $13 dollars. Labor...FREE!

94BSO: @actionherotrainee sorry bout that... they need to be changed again (for the 3rd time since this vid) so ill try to remember to record how its done, then link it to this vid :)

Wes Rogers: Have to agree that the Kia bulbs go out rather quick. Just replaced bulb on moms Spectra about 9 months ago, and its out again. Seems to happen on numerous models.

94BSO: honestly rob, kias in my opinion are nothing but junk, sure the crash ratings are good... & the engines have pep out the butt... but thats all theyre good for, the whole car is under engineered, & they used not just plastic, but CHEAP plactic to get the job "done". needless to say, we owned ours for about 2 years & put over 100k on it... & it was DONE.


gangly2: Thanks- you just saved me a pile by not having to take it to the Kia dealer!

94BSO: @hathawsh exactly, & i believe it is not, thats why we had to remove it, but i could be wrong. & the plastic cover is just to make it look pretty, just like the cover over the engine. pointless, & a waist of money, plastic, & time on koreas side...

Anthony White: Excellent, thank you!

5iveSons: Thanks for this. Great help.

94BSO: @monguito lol no prob man!

Este Jelmert: Thank you very much I just replaced my cars head light all by my big girls self! Thanks for your video!

fernandog09: Great video man! My mom has the same one in the exact same color! Anyways now I now I can do it.

Ronnie Stelly: Thank you so much for this you are the man!

fernandog09: Quick question. What model or type where the bulbs you installed? H11B or H7 or other? Just out of curiosity.

94BSO: haha nice... yeah i h8 the fact that they go out like evry 3 months!!! dumb mistake on koreas side... anyway, a girl should always know stuff like that, & changin their oil!!! lol there very desirable qualities that many girls dont have anymore XP

94BSO: @hynesie11 yeah i know... well thats korean intelligene for ya... & another thing they skrewed up on with kia... THEY GO OUT ABOUT EVRY 3 MONTHS!!! @ 30$ a BULB that gets expensive! so we just bought the hevy traverse D whih is SOOO muh better then he kia in EVERY way!

Matt Quick: Thanks, that seriously saved me some frustration.

Avaisha Turner: Maybe you have changed this by now, but if not. I just used this video to change my 2004 and it was almost exactly the same. Just a slight difference once you get the bulb part, but nothing you can't figure out on your own.

Karrie Hurley: this procedure works for the 06-09 so u r covered. Thx too cuz mine is broken and now I know how to change out the whole thing too :)

94BSO: @shotit2u yeah, mine is actually an 08, im not sure y i was thinking 09 XD

94BSO: no prob man :)

Avaisha Turner: Thanks so much for this video. My husband and father-in-law have tried changing my bulb but neither one of them could figure out how to get to it. I have been taking it to a mechanic the last few times I have needed a bulb change. I decided this lazy Sunday to give it a whirl myself by searching for a youtube video. This was the 1st one I came to and finished changing my bulb in about 15 mins. And I've impressed my husband with my mechanical skills! Much appreciated!

LoveandButterM: This was a great video! I just changed the lights in about 30 minutes and that included going to the store to get the bulbs. Keep it up!!

Sarah Hughes: showing that the whole cover needs to be removed and how annoying but simple it is, was helpful. I agree that you shouldn't have taken the bulb out since the metal harness for the light is difficult to figure out if you haven't seen it spring out when you push on it. But i will change my own light out now. Also it would have been great to mention the turn signal light while you were in there. :)

123MMurray: Thank for the video! My husband and Son fixed my car for me! Prolly saved us alot of money by doing it ourselves!

robert andrews: I don't know why Kia, makes it so difficult to service their products. This cowl over the radiator is ridiculous. On my 2006 the 10 or 12 fasteners on the piece were not even screws, they were push pins, and when I attempted to pry them out, half of them broke off. It should be easier for the car owner to replace a bulb. So much for Korean engineering. I think I won't buy another KIA.

94BSO: @Rockheaddan oh whatever! if u know what RETARD MEANS! u wouldnt be all butt hurt about it! retarded means behind, or slow. i said it was retarded because it slows you down for ne reason, much like the comment you left for me, u needed to change a headlight on a car,insted u waste time posting bulkl crap comments on commendable peoples vids! go whine to someone that cares!!!

Shane Hathaway: Thanks for the video! For anyone else watching, those front screws are plastic and easy to remove. I think it's possible to get the headlamp assembly out without removing the front cover, but removing it only takes a couple minutes to remove anyway.

Bill McCue: BIG Thanks for posting this video. It was a BIG Help.
How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona 4.7 out of 5

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How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona