How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona

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How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona
How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona
Kia Sedona/Carnival Headlight Bulb Replacement
Kia Sedona/Carnival Headlight Bulb Replacement
Headlight Replacement   Kia Sedona   02 03 04 05   Lo/High Beams
Headlight Replacement Kia Sedona 02 03 04 05 Lo/High Beams
2008 Kia Sedona Headlight Replacement
2008 Kia Sedona Headlight Replacement
KIA Sedona Headlight Replacement
KIA Sedona Headlight Replacement

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Regina Renner: Awesome! very helpful. Can you recommend what type bulb I should buy to replace it?

Robin Snyder: Seems like a lot of work.  But I appreciate the video it helps much!

Randal Perkins: Thank you, thank you, thank you! This video saved me much frustration!

Karyn Traphagen: Thx for the help!

Brenda S: I have also had a problem w/low beams on my 2011 Sedona only lasting a few months. Dealership charged me $100 a pop to replace each one. so glad to find this. TYTYTYTY

Forest Platt: Thanks for making this, I was wondering how I was going to get my hand behind the lamp assembly, on my wife's 2012 Sedona, to replace the bulb. This looks much easier.

Tamara Hamlin: I'm jealous of everyone who says they've never had to change theirs, I have to change my 2011 Sedona 's lowbulb every 6 months or so. What a pain!

Anita Hayes: Is the 2012 headlight replacement similar? Video and info was good.

T.Malio: Thank you! 

spacequince: Thanks man!  I've never done much car stuff, but I was able to change that light real quick from seeing it in your video.

Hyoung-soo Kim: Thank you for your detail video.  This is really helpful...

Nicole Perry: Thank you for the instructional video!! Just changed it myself! 

Alison Taylor: Thanks so much!!  This was my FIRST EVER try on a car fix.  Couldn't have done it without you.  Can't wait to tell my husband.

Robert Meyer: Just checked this to remind me where the second bolt holding the assembly is located (confirm).  I've now done this three times and it is NOT necessary to remove the whole cover - just takes more jiggling around to get the assembly free - snaps back in more easily

James Bitakis: Thanks.  I wasn't sure I had to take off the black cover that supposedly keeps out the dirt (but doesn't really), but now I see that I do have to take it off. Thanks a lot. you saved me some time.

Don Nicoll: great van--after 7 yrs I need to change a daytime running light--they last forever. This van is far superior to most north american vans in workmanship and driveability.

Ren Rodrigues 式神2: why not convert, place bulbs h11 ll just you install a female socket and install in the same place the lamp h11 found in the normal low beam malibu, Toyota Tundra ...

David Hupperts: Thanks - I appreciate your efforts.  Saved me from trial and error.

Richard Valentine: Thank you for taking the time and extra effort to produce this video!  It helped me save valuable time.  I had the same issue with my 2008 Kia Sedona.  However, I only removed a few of the closet screws in that cover piece.  I was able to get the headlamp out without taking that entire cover off.  Those cheap screws are a pain to deal with, and I was looking for any way to save some time.

I think you forgot that last screw you dropped at the beginning of this video.  I lost one too...I had to go to the hardware store and get a replacement.  It's an M6 10mm Metric Hexhead.  Just thought I would warn you that you still may have a screw missing.

ImKingLouie: I'm sure it's difficult to do that with one hand.
How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona 5 out of 5

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How To Change Headlight On A Kia Sedona