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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Ashton James: Man Utd fan commentator? ROOOOOOONNEEEYYY! When Crouch scores; Crouch, it's bundled in...
Gear Obsession: ★★★★★
Justin Chan: just too expensive....
Unipsycho: amg. she totaly skipped over that Hyperion weapon D:
Michael Hammer: Dude, thanks for helping me fix my truck! I actually used Gorilla Tape instead of zip-ties because A) I didn't have any and B) I thought the duct tape would hold the cable in place better. I just took a strip of tape and folded one end together lengthwise (sticky side in) to guide it though the hole without it sticking to everything. I did have a little bit of a time getting that inside panel off. I tried to do it delicately, but then wound up just ripping it off like you did. Got it back together nicely though, and it works now!
daniel jose: 2:26 v-tec kinect in yo *-*
BudBusterable: @richie0010 huh

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