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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Michael Linares: Tickle your brain a bit with my NEW "Critical Thinking" video series! Let me know what ya think!
Pure awesomeness: Video keeps freezing bur still hellps ALOT
MudRFunR: What type of presentation are you asking permission for? For what purpose is the presentation?
NinjaGirlSakura1: If you love buzz you would love jessie! I have the toy story collection jessie and she is worth every penny I spent for her.
Yanosh Wardian: this guy doesnt stfu.....
Allie M: I've been wanting to buy a french press, but can't afford those expensive coffee grinders- I only have a capresso steel blade grinder, which gives a coarse grind but isn't recommended as it gives an uneven grind. Any decently good ones that are affordable? I don't think I can spend more than $20 or so on one (especially after buying the press)...sadly the advice I've seen is more of a go big or go home type of thing. 

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