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Devyn Peterson: I can't seem to do the GUNSGUNSGUNS cheat code with this mod on. How can I do it?
Mirandorl: Hi there! Old video I know, but I wondered if you remember, were you using 'precision' mode when you made this video? I am struggling to get all the axes just right. You set Z and its fine, but then it puts you into conflict with your yaw axis etc ... getting everything finely balanced at all ranges is tough. Your video looks very smooth - is this just the FSX implementation, or are you just using the precision function to smooth out the jolts?
Iorveth: That's one rad rad you've got!
PalvoChekov: BEFORE YOU GO OUTSIDE TO SPRAY THE OUTSIDE AIR INTAKE VENTS Bring a spare key if you're vehicle automatically locks after the ignition is turned on! Or else you'll be paying to get it unlocked :)
HIGO OLIVEIRA: show de bola, e ainda tem mané que paga 25 mil numa cb 500 que p chegar em 180 chora! rss
hornets599: Thank you...ah...non spostare il bersaglio o l'albero ! :-D ovvio che scherzo...ok, aspetto un altro video dunque. Ciao.
Flashmanic: This is how DLC and expansions should be done. With every new piece of content released, Paradox take the time to add new mechanics into the game, and keep making the experience better. Creative Assembly just released their fourth 'culture pack', which adds bugger all to the game. 

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