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Hood Tech: +SJ BAILEY yea. ..thanks for watching and leaving your input 
ORBrunner: One of the best in the series i think. Yea-yea, it is almost non-canon and have robots, and the armory of real world but i love the way and plot of midwest brotherhood and plot of the game as well. Real iron fist in the middle of post nuclear chaos. Hard and rude justice in the hostile world. And if you ask me, i think that BoS is even better than F1. You can call me a heretic, but it is only my opinion. I really want to meet again mid western brotherhood in any continuation of a series of fallout. That would be wonderful. They are cool guys.
Mark Bendall: rose is cool
Marko Simić: She is so, so sooo beautiful
Khaila Almeida: its really fun to watch dean.. that energy and enthusiasm, bet he can sell just about anything...
Mateo kolić: Awesome review, you have sub and like !!!!! AWESOME so mush of work for this video :D
drseusslover: my copy has the snow white trailer

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