Homemade Beeswax Hand Lotion/Cream & Body Butter Recipe

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Homemade Beeswax Hand Lotion/Cream & Body Butter Recipe
Homemade Beeswax Hand Lotion/Cream & Body Butter Recipe
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Tanzim Arian: nice video , If anyone else has trying beekeeping it's worth trying - banfan genie beekeeping (do a google search)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my brother in law said it succeeded for them after many failed. The honey is tasty! 

Sonia Bhargav: did it harden up or stayed soft in cold storage??

Sheila6325: 24cl = 8oz which is a liquid cup in the US There are also dry cups too. If you search "Conversion oz to cl" then you can calculate it whenever you need to convert something.

Guy smiley: thank you for the video it is great to find a handcream recipe that i have all i need for it on hand and i don't need to go out and buy anything thanks again God bless. lyndon

dynodave101: We made a batch yesterday with Rosemary, Lavender and Ylang essential oils. I used your paper towel filter system on the bees wax with my own little twist, used the oven, -8f outside, worked great. The wife and her friends really likes the lotion. I thought it to be on the greasy side. The next batch I think we’ll try something a little different got any suggestions for a less greasy lotion? Thanks add Merry Christmas

workingclasssociety: nice!

1/2pint: I make my own lotion, also. I add cocoa butter or shea butter to mine and I use almond oil, instead of olive oil. I never thought about stiring whiling cooling, I always did after it cooled. Thanks for posting =)

LDSPrepper: Click "see more" below the video for the recipe with measurements and links to where to get the items.

LDSPrepper: Great question. I updated the video to show the complete name of the measurements. "1 c." means 1 cup.

Kristin Jalowiec Castellano: Do you think it would be safe to use grapeseed oil in lotion bars? Thank you

Beatnikzombie: I make something very similar and it is fantastic. Too heavy for face, but it's perfect for my feet.

SilverCitySlicker500: Cool, we're going to make some this weekend. Good cold weather camping for those with very dry skin. Thanks!!

LDSPrepper: Awesome. I'm glad you tried it. I would cut back on the olive oil. Let us know how it goes. It took a couple of batches for my wife to get it to the consistency she likes. Everyone has their own preferences. Let us know what you find that works for you.

davjan4: Substitute for chap stick: beef tallow! Works way better than coconut oil.

LDSPrepper: Use the link below the video to get all the ingredients for this recipe. You will absolutely love it.

coolsnowstar35: Can i use industrial grade bees wax?

Lisa Maikranz: Is it oily? I tried the Coconut oil body butter recipe but it was super oily, I have beeswax and am ready to go but just wanted to ck on the consistency.

01Woof: can't wait to make this, looks wonderful-thanks for the recipe

Sheila6325: I forgot this part. If you want teaspoons it's 1 Cup [US] = 48 Teaspoons [US] 1 Cup [US] = 47.317647 Teaspoons [Metric] 1 cl + 2 Teaspoons.

Sheila6325: That looks so beautiful, and I just know we are going to need this with all the planting and maybe even washing everything by hand. Very Important, Thank you , and "The Girls" Bless, Sheila

LDSPrepper: I have no idea. It gets used up too quickly :)

LDSPrepper: It is not oily at all. It is amazing. It is very creamy. I promise you will love this. Please give it a try and let us know what you think. You might also read the comments below from those who made it and what they thought.

Alishba Khan: ❤ It

dsstroyer: thanks

dsstroyer: can you post the measurements for the mixture? Thanks

Cesar Moreira: When you say.. "1 c. olive oil" what "1 c." means?! its 1 spoon? what kind of spoon? Is that here, in Portugal, we use some kind of others measure.. Tks a lot for the video! nice job! ;)

twbigdogsgirl: I would love to be able to do this. I wonder if my neighbor's would share some beeswax with me...

heismyhightower: Oh, I had a questions i forgot to add. do you have any idea what the shelf life is blessings~

saucercrabzero: I was actually just thinking of looking up a lotion recipe for my girlfriend's birthday. Timely post! One tip I would suggest is to put an old kitchen towel on the bottom of your pot on the stove, as well as putting one on the counter to set the mason jar on to cool. This will help prevent thermal shock from shattering the jar when entering the hot water while cold, or sitting on the cold counter while hot. Thanks for the video!

LDSPrepper: Thank you for trying this out. I'm so glad you liked it. It is very easy to make and is wonderful.

LDSPrepper: In Imperial units a cup is an exact measurement. It has its exact equivalent in metric units. So do teaspoons. I hope that helps.

Sky Bird: Great idea !! Thanks for sharing !!

LDSPrepper: Great recommendations. Thank you.

Cowgirl: I was looking for a great recipe for my skin. THANKS!!

ibaeskimo05: can you put this in plastic containers? and I seen your deo, can you put your homemade deo in plastic containers? or is it best to have in glass?

heismyhightower: Great video, you always have such awesome informative things blessings ~

Lisa Maikranz: can you post the ingredients ~ and have you ever doubled the recipe and if so did it work ok? Thanks.......

CommonSenseGrandma: I made a batch of this today, LOVE IT!!! We keep bees so I had everything on hand. I will be making another batch tomorrow, but leave the scent out until it is in the smaller containers so that my daughter can scent her own and I have more variety, today we made Jasmine/Lavender. Another reason I am making an unscented batch, this stuff is GREAT for chapped lips. I use the bee wax lip balm, and was curious if this would be as good, it was even better! THANK YOU for sharing!

imasurvivornthriver: Gotta try this!! Thanks for sharing.

TheTx2styp: You can buy Vitamin E in oil form at Walmart, so you do not have to fuss with capsules It is excellent for minor burn.

ca nguyen: it looks like pickle pee dried up

Taleulah: Looks wonderful.. I may try to make some of these for Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

Alishba Khan: Your video is soo cool I've already tryed it and I love it. It's so natural and it doesn't harm my skin. Thanks for making the video !!

dramey03: Awesome!

Lucy Stern: Thanks for the recipe David... I will probably make some of this... I have a recipe for Black Salve that I am working on now for Christmas gifts for my family... It is therapeutic and has been used for centuries as a drawing salve for infections... ..

toosweet241: nice where to get the beewax

amy jayne: Can you use unprocessed bees wax?

Cesar Moreira: tks, But.... 1 cup means 50cl, 100cl, 200cl... :P You know.. there are sooo many diferent cups with diferent volume.. :P Thanks in advance! :)

PhoenixCustomPrimiti: Oh thank you! I can hardly wait to make some!

mskyprepper: Let us know when you start selling that stuff! Looks like liquid gold to me.
Homemade Beeswax Hand Lotion/Cream & Body Butter Recipe 4.9 out of 5

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Homemade Beeswax Hand Lotion/Cream & Body Butter Recipe