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Michael Sheffield: Are you using a modded controller dude? That firing feels like a modded.
BOYWONDER20090: As Big Smoke would say to CJ, all you had to do was stay on the damn train Trevor.
อาริสรา เพชรทอง: กลัวจังเลยไม่อยากผ่าเลย ฮืออ
Jonah Patton: I hate seeing men give insanely powerful guns to girls who cant shoot, its irresponsible, i saw a girl almost shoot herself in face from the recoil, all for giggles? Any girl with a guy who would do that needs to dump his ass because he is an irresponsible asshole, crap like that, and gun owners like that, make it seem like all gun owners are either retards, rednecks, or serial killers, so i have to pretend like im not a gun owner because dumbasses with guns freaked it up for us, 30 or 40 years ago you could see a 12 year old walk down the street with a rifle on his shoulder and nobody would give a freak, but today, see a full grown man have an open carry holster and freaking 911 gets called
Razzbowski: WONDER CUP rules added to description but here they are too: WONDER CUP RULES: 1) You can only use the 6 Pokemon you get from the wonder trade, unless you get a dupe. In this case you may trade the dupe(2nd Pokemon of the same kind) for another. 2) Leave the Pokemon as you get them. NO LEVELING, NO TM/HM adding. 3) NO item use, unless they come with one. 4) No cheating. I'll be able to tell, trust me. lol 5) Have fun
IncredibleOrb: 666devil666 is getting to tryout for our sniper clan. Will he make the cut?
Mark Roughsedge: Check out this video on YouTube:

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