Repairing Paint Chips On A BMW Or MINI

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Repairing Paint Chips On A BMW Or MINI
Repairing Paint Chips On A BMW Or MINI
How to Touch Up Paint Chips on your Car (Using Dr. ColorChip Repair Kit on a BMW 335i)
How to Touch Up Paint Chips on your Car (Using Dr. ColorChip Repair Kit on a BMW 335i)
Paint Chip Touch-up -- /DRIVE CLEAN
Paint Chip Touch-up -- /DRIVE CLEAN
How To Use a Touch Up Paint Pen to Repair Car Paint Scratches (New!)
How To Use a Touch Up Paint Pen to Repair Car Paint Scratches (New!)
Chipex Car Paint Chip Repair System
Chipex Car Paint Chip Repair System

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kay poly: What other fluid/solvent can I use to wipe off the excess paint if I don't have the repair kit. I mean a fluid from the hardware or autoshop. Are there specific parameters i have to watch out for or something?

Creepy PastÆtr: Why didn't you use any primer? The rust is going to eat right through the oxidized paint

Tomer Tzur: how old touch up paint can the blob eliminator remove and can it remove clear coat top up too?

Terry Black: Great video...Thanks

Oscar Arredondo: I wonder how these kits handle Metallic Paints, I got two small chips on my 16 silverado in Siren red.

Ian Robinson: With the BMW factory paint, do I use the same steps with the clearcoat after the paint cures? I didn't see the application of clearcoat in this video, and was curious if the paint was considered enough.

Ryan Nichilo: Going to try this on my subaru wrx, but this beamer vid has the best tips! thanks!

cptdavidwebb: that's awesome. ...hope it works on a dodge challenger.

Jeff Gail: Have you ever repaired chips on metallic paint like BMW titanium silver (354)?

TallicLizzy: Beautiful!

Corey Francesca: Thank you for this

tspark1071: surface looks not satisfactory.

NewmanAutomotive: @ 3:25, you're laying basecoat staight on to unprotected metal, this gives no anti corrosion properties and bad adhesion, poor show! An etching primer should be carefully laid down first onto any bare steel, then follow with colour coat!

F Y: Hi there, I tried this technique with all the materials you mention from bavauto, just a quick question about the work I did on my BMW, I think I applied too much paint on the chip I cleaned out using the sanding pen and waited a bit too long for the paint to dry and so there is a bit of a blob there and the blob solvent won't bring it down. What do you suggest? Thanks, bavauto customer here.

erickrayos: where can I get the things that used on the deep ones (metal exposed)?

Mikey: Hi There, excellent instructional video. I have the kit and shop at bavauto regularly, but I do have one question. I used the exact same procedure, sanding pen etc., and I accidentally left the paint on too long and now the blob remover is not taking down the excess paint. What do you recommend? I did try using the blob remover a second time with more force and the paint bubbles went down somewhat but a lot of paint came off the chips. Suggestions or recommendations? Thanks! p.s. is there a certain temperature range you recommend working in? I have no choice but to do it in my underground parking which is 50 degrees or lower, is that warm enough?

Ollie S: Good, informative video. Thank you.

BigJo3 Outlaw: thanks for the use of info

Tomer Tzur: does the solvent clean excess paint too
if i have chip repair kit from other company
and is it better use your finger and not the brush?
Repairing Paint Chips On A BMW Or MINI 5 out of 5

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Repairing Paint Chips On A BMW Or MINI