Itronics ITB-100HD Vs BlackVue DR400G-HD Vs FineVu CR-500HD Day Comparison Video.mp4

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iTronics ITB-100HD dashcam Review
iTronics ITB-100HD dashcam Review

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Dusty57Corvette: Wow!!! Hold the buses! Just bought a Mobius cam from SpyTech... used it a week so far; it is the Bomb! 18mbps recording 1080p @ 30fps, or 720p @ 60fps, all for just $79 !!! This thing has killer video. Only negative points.. no GPS option, but does have time & date stamp. I'll upload some vids on my channel soon.

Belend Ali: bottom right

TheWiseOldChinaman: Thanks for the comparison - do you have any night videos for comparison? Which one do you recommend?
Itronics ITB-100HD vs BlackVue DR400G-HD vs FineVu CR-500HD Day Comparison Video.mp4 5 out of 5

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madmoblin: Doody.
screeem: jeez a friggin machine gun. why not just a 7.62 to the heart or brain stem.
Daniel Lopes: You can add to bug list, the internal memory fills in after a while, Thumbnails keep growing in space until the 1.5 GB root folder has are filled in, then you cannot watch anything. Removing the contents of /root/.xbmc/userdata/Thumbnails will get the streams working but somehow it wont restore them back, so it gets buggy. Solution is to re-flash, and re-install all your plugins :)
Grace McCray: I've never seen a quick weave done w/ a shower cap b4...Does it slide or get really hot under it when your moving alot?
Killerz5029: How about you doing drugs? Tell us about that
Wesley Sheard: Jameson will ask spidey to go after scorpion, (if he isn't still captures by the end of this arc), because jameson is too impulsive to make clever or strategic moves. Jameson will want to end this whole revenge cycle once and for all.
Emilie truong: Cute background, I like cats.

Itronics ITB-100HD vs BlackVue DR400G-HD vs FineVu CR-500HD Day Comparison Video.mp4