Itronics ITB-100HD Vs BlackVue DR400G-HD Vs FineVu CR-500HD Day Comparison Video.mp4

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iTronics ITB-100HD dashcam Review
iTronics ITB-100HD dashcam Review

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Dusty57Corvette: Wow!!! Hold the buses! Just bought a Mobius cam from SpyTech... used it a week so far; it is the Bomb! 18mbps recording 1080p @ 30fps, or 720p @ 60fps, all for just $79 !!! This thing has killer video. Only negative points.. no GPS option, but does have time & date stamp. I'll upload some vids on my channel soon.

Ben A: bottom right

TheWiseOldChinaman: Thanks for the comparison - do you have any night videos for comparison? Which one do you recommend?
Itronics ITB-100HD vs BlackVue DR400G-HD vs FineVu CR-500HD Day Comparison Video.mp4 5 out of 5

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Dusty57Corvette: 14-20 hours ? I have the same cooker from Smokin' It, and smoked two shoulders in it last night. ( one - 7lb, one -8.5lb ), and it was at temp. and with a great bark, at 12 hours and 225 degrees. Used 2 large pieces of Apple wood which produced smoke the whole 12 hours. And I just stick to a can of water for moisture. I used to have a big, off-set smoker, but this little Jewel is da' Bomb! And for anyone thinking about getting one; buy the larger unit. This one will not hold a good-sized brisket, and smoking 2 shoulders at once ( to get about 9lbs finished product), is really tight.
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Garrett Frugé: Great video!
3HaloODST: This game scared the crap outta me as a kid. I played it almost 'till the end, though. Really sucked that you couldn't save your progress. I remember leaving the SNES on overnight to keep my progress.

Itronics ITB-100HD vs BlackVue DR400G-HD vs FineVu CR-500HD Day Comparison Video.mp4