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James Tramel: Thanks, that's what my Quantum is doing. This might just be the ticket, not worked on mowers in 10 or so years, forgot all about that gasket.

Herman Kelly: another video cleaqred my problem.. the guy says to place an adhesive paper over the primer chanel on the filter housing..I must find that video aqgain.. as lame as it seems, it worked.. the douoble gasket did nto work for me.. BTW

M Gomez: Jeremy, I replaced carburetor with new one a tecumseh engine anď I cant see the gas squirt out of emulsion tube. The fuel line is old but not leaking. Could it cause the problem or is new carb bad?

FastRedPonyCar: I've got this issue on a billygoat KV vac that's less than 1 year old. I've got a new gasket on the way that I'll add to the existing one. I get no fuel with the primer bulb and the engine won't start no matter how many times I pull the cord. If I spray a bit of starter fluid into the carb, it'll fire and run for a few seconds and then shut off.

I also verified that there's fuel coming from the tank through the filter to the carb.

Could this no priming issue be what's causing it to not stay running? I can see it being the reason it wouldn't start on it's own but I was sure once it fired and got running with the starter fluid that it could keep running on it's own after that but it just dies unless I keep spraying starter fluid.

Regardless, kinda upset that this is happening less than a year from buying it and only having used the vac maybe 5 times total when my decade old Toro still fires on the first pull every single time.

You Tube: Mine seemed to prime just before i pulled that air box off... Gasket broke and left an air leak... Got the new gasket which sealed it and now it primes..!!!!!

M Gomez: Jeremy, how about the pulsa jet carburetor primer bulb. Replaced diaphragm and bulb, But does not prime? Do I need to double up the gasket too?

curb scout: jeremy: owe you alot of thanyou's. ordered 5 quality gaskets on ebay and 5 asian primer bulbs on ebay. did your double up deal and cleaned gasket mating surfaces to shiny on the carb side and good on the plastic cover side. set the two gaskets in place over the mounting pins and i have a mower that starts and behaves. i have a small yard and at 70 i could not start the mower without removing the plug and priming that way. well, you jeremy, fixed my issue. my old beater murray push gas mower starts better than new. and yes, if i push the primer now more than 3 times i can flood the spark plug so your idea works miracles.

Vc J: Thank you so much, did a full tune up, the whole works, and could not understand why the Primer wasn't working correctly. I replaced it with a new as well. Even smoothed out the housing, no deal. Only when I added a second gasket, did it start working. Again, thanks for the tip...

JReyes: I have the same problem with my 1 month old lawnmower that worked fine the first 2 times I used it, now when I press the primer bulb all I hear is air and it doesn't fill with gas, mine has a different kind of gasket on it tho would doubling it up work on it too? the motor is a Briggs & Stratton 550ex engine

M Gomez: Worked like a champ. put another gasket. Pushed and saw it squirt gas. Started right up. Will start adding new one to old gasket before using two new ones.

metalace24: I recently got one that does not have a primer bulb is that common that briggs and stratton did?

Terry: you just saved me a ton of time!

sloth mastapoptart: I filled mine with too much oils I changed it and it's still freaked up any tips?

Steve Lambrecht: I love to use YouTube!!!  This particular one "hit the nail (er--gasket that is) on the head"!!!  My primer hasn't worked for two seasons now and I was advised by a small engine repair person to keep a spray bottle of gasoline handy and squirt it directly into the carburetor. This worked fine but it was a pain to unscrew the air filter compartment every time for access. Based on this great video, I purchased the gasket and doubled-up with the existing one. Works like a charm. Fantastic!!!!!

Craig Dow: Thank you so much! I cleaned the carb, replaced all gaskets and primer bulb and it still wouldn't prime. Tried your double gasket fix and it worked perfectly! Thanks again for sharing your expertise.

John Schmahl: Putting in the second gasket worked like a charm. Owner of repair shop where I bought the gasket warned me not to tighten the bolts to the carb too much because the primer base would be warped which, sadly, I had already done. Cranking down on the bolts to get a good seal is a recipe for trouble.

grasscutter88: Will this cause it to not want to run either? My primer just pushes air and it starts and runs for 3 seconds and shuts off. I'm pretty sure it's not the carb cause I took it apart and cleaned it and ran a wire thru all the passages.

Mr Guillermo Costecho: Thanks worked like a charm

Char Dunstan: hi i have 3.5 hp briggs stratton pump primer type that wont prime ie squirt fuel can you help please 

luke b: I have same engine quantum 50 briggs stratton , can't start it pops out carb , I did remove head and notice when piston at tdc I could spin the valve easy with finger ?? My question is would this make not start and kickback
Thanks , oh and I tyred starting it with the blade removed if that make difference

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