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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Zian Raian Shourav: Can anone jst write the serial key??? plz.. :)
VodkaSoakedTampon: loved my droid dna but the lack of a sd card slot and only 16GB of storage really held it back from true greatness. glad i upgraded to the one m8. 
LoSTRaMaiR: Regarding "not the best finish for all cutting jobs," what can't a polished edge cut? I was under the impression that a mirror polished edge = sharpest, but I put a pretty polished edge on a Dragonfly, and I can't even cut paper or test with arm hair any more. I can also run my finger along the edge, and it won't cut me. If a polished edge wont cut paper, how do you even tell if your knife is sharp?
Paolo del Rosario: She sounds a Bit Scottish; Is she?
Artful Dodger: You missed out the volcon 
telkines aristoforo: CETME is much powerful, like the american M 16 AK 47 is the submachine gun of the communist and insurgent guerrillas of XX century 
SurprisesForKids: Nice movie :) I like surprises with Angry Birds :)

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