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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Roberto Bocalon: Po cara as vezes vc colocou no bolso e sentou por isso deve ter trincado ele é resistente ñ indestrutivel eu tenhu um e ta zerinhu.
MajorLeaguerAnubius: Did you add the pic of Eli parachuting into you? *hug* And I ALSO hope your Christmas was awesome!
Emanuela Davis: wow you are awesome, I would not have the patients to do what you do, hopefully I can find some other way to make stems that is not so time consuming and still looks beautiful....thanks.
arnaud D: khan academy.. those guys are heroes :D
A320neo: I always wanted a piece of that helicopter's ass -papa franku
ADuelGet!: I had no idea that it was even based on a movie until after I played it and looked it up. I guess it makes sense now since most games based on movies are pretty bad. Thanks for the comment. :D
ViolentJay100: I really liked this movie. Today is actually the 107th anniversary of the original comic strip.

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