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anjaye Sio: what kind of gapps shall i use
Kyle Goebel: Nice video I'd also like to add that the 0630 was the only head for the WJ from 96 to 99, which at that time they switched to the infamous 0331 head. The 0331 was prone to cracking between the 3rd and 4th cylinder if overheated even for the slightest amount of time usually indicated by a milky tan line ( I have seen it from experience). In mid to late 2001, they switched the casting process to strengthen the head but nevertheless kept the same 0331 casting number only now with a TUPY casting mark under the oil fill cap. 
Naomi Garbo: Thank You for the step-by-step demo of front load bobbin. My DVD would not work properly, therefore I could not see a demo. I was totally unfamiliar with a front load bobbin. I was glad to know that I was not the only one who had to watch this video. I also learned how to use the little screw driver to adjust the tension. Thanks again!
primetimesuspect: Just bought this bike. I hate the sound of the bitchy exhaust sound.
Ferocity: im not even really into case modding but i learned quite a lot from this video, the 45 degree dremel technique for circular or curved cuts, saving worn cutoff discs, etc. Anyways nice video, will sub (this is the first video of yours ive watched.
Приключения рыбака и охотника: 1. Дядя!!!! Я вроде как и не грубил, но и сам не пацан!!!!!(возраст не указан) 2. Инвалидность(либо возраст) - это индивидуальный случай!!! В основе своей - здоровые лбы покупают пневматику и сидят на месте в схроне не напрягаясь. 3. При выстреле из гладкого и нарезного - раздается грохот выстрела! Стая разлетается. А из пневматики стаю гусей из 100 голов положить не проблема! Так, что это охота????? И последнее, из уважения к возрасту, - извините, если чем-либо обидел.
black crow1234: nice review but i don't understand thai the only thing i understand are ssd and thermaltake and few others

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