Henry Big Boy .357 Magnum Lever Action Rifle

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Brandon Evans: If you go on the Henry Repeating Arms website they have very informative maintenance videos for their rifles. Go over to wear it says "Own a Henry" and click on Rifle Maintenance Videos. Gives you a basic introduction, goes over disassembly, cleaning & lubrication, Reassembly, Safety, Loading, Sights, and a wrap up.

Z71usa: Great thanks. I remember reading that in the manual also. It just seems a little strange to not break a gun down for cleaning. I bought a bore snake and I'll just start with cleaning it that way. Cheers!

doomedtoindoorranges: Cool, that would be great. I think I remember reading in the manual something not needing to break it down, run a patch thru your barrel and clean the chamber, I could be wrong but I think I saw that, but I do not break it down for cleaning, take care and have a good one:)

Z71usa: I'll try to get a shooting video next time I make it to the range. Do you normally break yours all the way down to clean it? I haven't been able to find any good videos on disassembly and cleaning.

doomedtoindoorranges: You made a great choice, Henry firearms are very nice and shoot very well, plus they are made in the USA! Send me a shooting vid when you get time, Thanks for watching and take care:)

Z71usa: I just picked up one of these in .357 I haven't seen one in person before they are absolutely awesome. The store I found it at had 2 in stock. I was awe struck and had to buy it on the spot @699 I felt like I was getting a deal.

doomedtoindoorranges: Congratulations and enjoy, you should many years of fun with that rifle, take care:)

Joe Lewus: I guess the people I ordered from were too lazy I didn't wait long. I did put an order in at two other stores and they didn't deliver. When I picked mine up there was another but it went to an order. usually I only see 45 long colt in stores, never .357. That is odd for a business to not try and stock an item that is an easy sell. BTW it was $869.99 plus tax and back ground check call charge.

Lion Phoenix: Man I want one of these so much.

Lion Phoenix: Man you lucky duck! I called Henry repeating arms a few days ago and the gave me a phone number to give to the firearms dealers in my area to call to order one. I was told by the person I spoke to at Henry that they are available.The problem is that most of the gun dealers even the gold Henry dealers in my area are a bunch of lazy bastards that just blow smoke in your face. They can't be bothered to order the gun you want.They just want you to buy something they have in stock. Bunch of assholes!

Joe Lewus: I got lucky, I ordered one and received it last week. If you want one find a store that is identified as a Gold Dealer by Henry and order from them. I have also seen one on Gunsamerica online but it was bought like the next day it was listed.

Lion Phoenix: I reload too. One question though. How are these guns with lead hard cast bullets? (with gas checks of course).

Lion Phoenix: I have been searching for 5 months.

Joe Lewus: Good luck finding one in .357

Dan J: Down side is that you have to load from the front of the tubular mag. That's just not as cool as a side receiver. and the 92's are said to have the smoothest action. So with that logic you should have a Winchester 92 :) But I do agree henry's look nice

chexmygold: Big Boy .357 s seem to be scarce right now. Those that are selling, like on gun broker dot com, are going over the "M S R P" . I am still looking! How different is the .38 special in this rifle?

doomedtoindoorranges: I'm a handloader, so from that point of view the .357 would be easier to deal with ammo wise and you could load the .357 pretty hot, however the 30-30 is a great round and has been around for a long time and has alot more punch to it. The other nice thing about .357 is you could match a handgun to that caliber, there are semi-auto's out there in .357 as well as the old stand by, the revolver. For me, I would choose the .357 over the 30-30, if you have any other questions, please PM me, Thanks:)

damiion666: Im considering selling off my semi auto black rifles and getting a good lever action to replace my shtf gun. Im debating whether to go with a 30 30 or a 357. What do u think? I believe the marlin 30 30 can only hold 7 rounds. How is the recoil with the 357?

doomedtoindoorranges: You are so right, very nice rifle and a pleasure to shoot, you will not be disappointed when you purchase one, Thanks for watching and take care:)

jimmy6stringsroveto: Man, I want one. Such a beautiful gun.
Henry Big Boy .357 Magnum Lever Action Rifle 5 out of 5

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Henry Big Boy .357 Magnum Lever Action Rifle