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tobie azeez: which one is the best?
Errl DabbinQuartz: Im well aware of the results of using heat on your oil. Flashing with heat like in this video has minimal terpene loss compared to lower temperatures for longer periods under vacuum. For the record this oil was fully purged prior to the making of this video. The references mentioned relate to the use of the Terpenator MKIII. This video was only made to prove a point, not to push this as a new technique. This certainly isnt the ideal way to make shatter. I was only showing that there are many ways to get the form we want. This particular method goes against most current methods stating that heating above 120 makes runny oil. Im still looking for the scientific explanation of what is occurring here... As for as the clean room suit, what you cannot see is the 4 ft laminar flow bench to prevent airborne contamination. Dust, hair, mold, whatever is on your clothing gets into the oil. Ever look at your oil under a microscope? You may be surprised at what you find. Clean oils from clean closed loop equipment and clean rooms. Thanks for watching. E. Dabbinquartz´╗┐
ANJALI VERMA: nice song
ozgur cil: wow this is my first time lisining to this song, but its nice.
LiamTheGreat: I stand corrected. They always looked pointed in comics and video games
andrewkirkbride: Hard to believe its an xbox arcade game it looks fantastic
Justin Hess: Chug mad dog 20 20 ´╗┐

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