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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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peanutbutterandpuppy: for some reason this is cute
rayandbril10: i like this video
Anan Jaser: :) i have just flash CWM to my Xtouch x817 tablet
Kim E: Im going New Year 2014´╗┐
SephirothITM: cool
Cason Tyler: Only use 2 fingers´╗┐
cougar10ag: I've had so many of those bolts break on removal due to corrosion. And yes it is a very bad day. What happens is the water leaks past the threads and corrodes the bolts to the water pump. Ford is even worse because they also go through the timing cover. So you either waste time drilling the bolts or save time and just break the timing cover. Best way to do it is cut off the water pump and timing cover from around the bolts. After that grab the bolts close to the block and they usually come out fairly easy.´╗┐

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