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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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ava istheone: Great info. What a fountain of knowledge you are! Nice job documenting everything too. Very helpful. : )
AppIereview: Der sieht doch aus wie der alte audi a6 limousine
CroisieresMC: Yes of course "yuvgotubekidding" I sanitize my hands. It's the same for each passenger because hygiene is very important on board !
Shawna Pruitt: Looks yummy. Thank you for your recipe. ☺
u crazee: This one's for DGI cos at least you reply to your fans sometimes,or anyone who can answer.Why doesn't anyone ask how the spirits do the things they do like do they move things by touching or by thought or why do some become ghosts and some turn to poltergeists or how come some can talk but others are just events repeating itself or some are mists or black masses etc or what is it like over there.Those kinds of questions,I'm sure that'd make investigators know how do things next time and be that much closer to proving ghosts exist.I always hear explanations like they use the energy around them or something like that but that's we say,not what the ghost said.
Gamerpigeon: i love gran turismo but does anyone else feel that the lighting is off , the lighting in this video makes the surroundings to bright , also the circuit is too perfect another failing for gran turismo and most racing games. A real circuit lives and breathes and im looking forward to the day when a company takes onboard footage nad makes the circuits envoirment match it. but small matters aside , cant wait for this game!
R White: Can't seem to find where I posted my previous question but you recommended changing the ignition control module and coil packs do to random misfire once the car is at operating temperature and has been driven for like an hr. Well update...i. did change them out and it seems to start and run better however it still has the random misfire after driving for a while. 

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