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Chirag Shah: is the 55-250 mountable of canon 5D mark III?
rss313: Already got Poker Night 2 purchased :0 Not even into poker, but two words: Brock. (freaking) Samson
boogie2988: Three things 1) yup. still fake. 2) "be nicer to your wife." My wife wrote this entire sketch. Can't be much nicer than that ;) 3) for those of you saying you're having an awful christmas because you are alone or missing someone you love... or no presents... Just know it might get better. I've had pretty miserable holidays too. The year my mom passed I only had 1 friend to spend it with (and a few great friends online). That was christmas 2009. Its gotten a ton better since then. I believe it can get better for you too. ´╗┐
akash sinhal: @StarZu93 dnt buy the lg, zte blade is pretty good and htc is alright but i suggest gor for this 1
Lanka Udagama: Junk
Dhananjay Nair: Damm Good
fakeexperte (Kommentar anzeigen): first of all: i didnt understand a word secondly: R.I.P. Mitch Lucker (ironically he had not so much luck) at least: I understood how to get the aug e-sports´╗┐

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