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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Martin34Kelly: freak off. It has nothing to do with what kind of team they were playing against. He meant excellent in terms of this match. Where they played brilliantly albeit against a relatively unknown team.
Henry Grau: Argh... I need this drill for one nut!
Aine McKinney: whoooo same name as me :L mines spelt Áine tho cos its irish :3 .. pronounced the same tho :)
Christoff87: Wow never realised there was such a rise from the pedal axle to the sole of the shoe.
kansasthunderman1: This is the "Spray & Wash" technique that was used by the ill-fated Whirlpool Calypso "He" machine. And the results are exactly the same: Your clothes just come out about as dirty as when they went in. 
Sea Edu: Damn...too bad i bought an Hilux :(
Ron Woudenberg: Thanks for the video...the TT is motorcycle racing at its purest and best!

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