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josh stacy: Kittopaul its a .5 its not recomended for the amp i was using but it worked alil. Its the walmart brand
Chris Kaulich: @magentawave your welcome and glad your phone is fine:) and thanks for subscribing
Stefan Schulz: das heck is brutal
matthew clouser: The onlything cool about this phone was the idea... its very ugly, under real use it died quickly... the processor is to small to push around 2 screens,,, the bezel is way to thick...and there was little app suport for it... it would of been way better if it was made in 2013 
Dan Witten: Thanks. That helped me out a lot!
Juni Tan: nothing's wrong with the background.. she's just trying to make it better.
1990pommie: before buying any new vehicle look up maintenance charges to help you decide. some cars 100km belt replacement ma but there many have 80km rqd. but there is a system where you can have belt replaced by a chain drive gear cog. good for 500km or more

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