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ThatBeastKid: The glitch I got was I got a notification saying, "Congratulations: you've been selected to play in the all star game. Press "x" to continue." When I press x it doesn't do anything, its just stuck on that screen. Note im playing ps4

Football01 Football01: hey how do you do the glitch on nba 2k 16. because I was playing my career and I turned my Xbox one of in my career like does that mean I can never get it back. people tell me that I turned it off wrong can you help me

Yudhveer Singh Rao: Mine is still not working
When I am pressing start button to switch to next game at the time of loading its directly getting switched off

Blogs4Days: Does anyone know how to fix nba 2k 14 on the ps3? If so let me know

Kadeem Williams: How to get a Sleeves in NBA 2k14 for

Charles TV: I always been a fan of the knicks and always will lol ik we garbage but its good and I also like the giants and now we are garbage lol we lost all our player

John Red: Mycareer didnt save for me

Isaac E Smith: I got this in 2k 13 lol 

Robert Gray: My mycareer wont let me go pass the congratulations you have been accepted to the all star game how can i fix it

Cam Carpenter: thunder

Cam Carpenter: that happened to me and i was on the thundet

Gamba Mabugay: Shake sorry I'm beginner for this how do I remove my gear in my cm plz help

Matty Lo: Hey Shakedown2012, I was wondering if you could help me out with my career player. I am stuck on the week of the all-star game. I am trying to not start over again but the screen keep freezing at the menu of the all-star game list. Could you give me some pointer on what I should do?

KelputoFrag: Unable to connect to 2k server does someone knows how to fix it? Because i recently bought the game 30 +- hours and i cant play it. Plz help

Matthew Caligari: I am mega pissed off. I got the game on PS4, just wasted over a hour starting career mode, first match in with 0.3 left on the clock with the opposition about to take a free throw their players are just bobbing around not doing anything. My player is on the bench and I can still look left / right etc, but the game play has totally froze down and their is freak all I can do about it. What a waste of my time. 

How 2K have not released patches for this bullcrap is disgusting. I just got back into gaming after 5+ years away specifically because of developers being sloppy with their programming. Now I am regretting getting myself a PS4 and getting back into gaming! 

Thanks a lot 2K. 

Gavyn HD: How do you fix this on xbox 360? Please help?!!!?!?

bowser jradventures: Does it work on Xbox 360 ?

Deuce: Ima try it 

dadoginthehood: Thanks man it worked !!!!

josahn harris: PAUSE
NBA 2K14 PS4 MyCareer - HOW TO FIX The MyCAREER CRASH GLITCH 5 out of 5

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