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Alex Enochs: XPWNZERX its obvious you know nothing about the hardware of the ds/dslite/dsi they are all basically the same device only the dsi has slightly better specs..let me explain something THESE GAMES were made for the ds hardware to be able to run them thus even with the dsi having better hardware slightly at that the games had to be made to run on both the ds and the dsi leading to the games being made with the ORIGINAL ds console in mind your an idiot and your probably a little kid especially looking at the comment you made originally about comparing a phone that runs on android vs a ds ofcourse a phone is stronger than the ds/dsi even if it were made just a year apart it would be marginally stronger..technology almost doubles each year in terms of specs the dsi was released in japan in 2008 everywhere else in 2009 its the year 2014 and it was when u first made that comment that means the console was released 6 years ago...wow a long time in terms of technology right? yep thought so 
Julian Gray: yoooo what screensaver is that?
Iker Diaz: no me aparece lo de ingress la mac
William Hamill: Gonna 100% this Friday for all ciruits, logs, artifacts, and weapon parts!
Spyros Heniadis: +Saif Elnasr Thank you! :) Glad you enjoy!
MrThefirework101: There already is one.
lenerlantin: love coh si bidam!.

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