PS3 FIX The File System On The System Storage Is Corrupted REVIEW

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darkness2080q8: How long does it take to restore file system ? 

SilentMonster: how logn dose it take to restore default settings

shannon hubble: how long should restore default settings take

DazManDer: What about your level and stuff in call of duty?

Alex Rodriguez: Hey is there a solution for the freezing problem? I have my ps3 and every time I turn it on, the home screen and the games freeze for a couple of sec and it takes time to load anything, plus when I go to safe mode, I restore the files, and goes well for 30 min, then freezes again and have to do everything again

chowderxillia: Is there any way to get game saves back?

DarkshadowXD63: THANKS MAN I honestly thought a I had to buy a second ps3

nana dela torre: Thanks man u helped so much but does anybody know were to find the wpa key 😧?

Google+sucksballs: I did not know about the restart fix until now. But I got a new hard drive last week after my old one did this and it's still doing this to the new drive so is there something wrong with the PS3 or did the current update screw up my PS3?

Oh ZeLo: Mine is exactly the same and it stops at 35%. Any help?

Jacob Rourke: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

young coockie: How to get your playstation store items back

KingHuntersiGaming: Thanks

mahmoud adel: is that a proplem in hard drive or what

Rafael Kr: It says is not possible to start, because isn't possible to find the apropriate storage device... What should I do?

Darkkid1231: restore to default settings? or Restore File system?

Smosh Jr: I lost all my saves for GTA 5

CallOf Gaming: If u had a game that needs a online code, say wwe2k14 would that be gone or I still be able to get online

Marco Frausto: Mine goes all the way too 100% but after that there's just a blank screen ! & like 5 min the corrupt system comes back ! 

Young Dre: Thanks man 

Arachne Gorgon: My data was erased and I went on my profile but later when I got back on it had the same thing so I did it again now it doesn't work is it my os3 or profile that is corrupted? 

oDXbzyy-: Will I lose all my accounts ?

JoaoBravo 81: Hello I have some DLC that i bought for games and I dont want to lse them which option should I choose?

mrkazal2004: Thank you but I lost a of my save data

ramon4751: I guess mines is bad hard drive bcuz mines just says on "preparing please wait." How do I get a new hard drive?

Carlyiz: 3:32 over an hour and still loading 


christhecoolie: please tell me how i can do this and keep online data. 

bell cik: Guys, I pass the Corruption restore, then I want to play one of my downloaded games, but the game isn't there I can only play CD games, but my favorite game ain't there, I tried doing everything except the Restore System, do I have any other choice? Other than System Restore, please help

HyperSonicXtreme: +Tampatec Hi, My PS3 froze on me a couple days ago multiple times. Once the main menu appeared while in motion for 2 seconds then it froze. I tried Restore Fille System a couple times which did nothing. Then I went to Rebuild Database didn't work, did it a 2nd time. The freezing stop. Of course all my videos are in one Unknown folder and my messages, & friends list was gone, My save data was unaffected (I still have save data backed in my USB drive just in case). The DLC & PSN games however were gone (Trial versions instead of full versions) Once I sign in, do I have to reinstall every single PSN game & DLC before syncing trophies? Or other way around?

Vita M: does it work on slims

The#1JR: Or just save all your data to a memory stick 

James Smith: I cant even reset my ps3 please help me to delete my corrupt data

Matthew Martinez: Thank you now I can fix my two ps3's

Samran Uppal: thanx love it it solve my problem :D XD

Renjamin Bobb: mine used to be all freakey and get stuck on the restore screen too. but i bet if you wait long enough it will work like mine did. and i have the old ass ps3. like when it first came out and its been working fine all the way up to this

Adrian Alvarez: Thx it worked

Angel Villa: Do we still keep our stuff and data and files

Omar Sajid: thank you that was very helpful

mohammed daniel: dbi no


Gabriel Garcia: Mine stops @ 62%

Boyy - Trickshotter & Sniper: Thanks

BrutalityBrett: I accidentally pressed "Restore default settings" and I know that wont fix my ps3 but now i'm stuck in the screen and it's been going for hours and says do not turn off the system. Should I turn it off? Would it make my PS3 any worse? I just need to Restore it completely but I can't because I'm stuck in the Restoring default settings screen. Can anyone help? :/

David Silverio: haha my special number is 48 (:

cake brandanlee cake: 10x u saved my ps3 


Abdo Alharbi: It worked for me. Thank you!!
PS3 FIX The file system on the system storage is corrupted REVIEW 4.7 out of 5

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PS3 FIX The file system on the system storage is corrupted REVIEW