PS3 FIX The File System On The System Storage Is Corrupted REVIEW

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PS3 FIX The file system on the system storage is corrupted REVIEW
PS3 FIX The file system on the system storage is corrupted REVIEW
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chowderxillia: Is there any way to get game saves back?

Alex Rodriguez: Hey is there a solution for the freezing problem? I have my ps3 and every time I turn it on, the home screen and the games freeze for a couple of sec and it takes time to load anything, plus when I go to safe mode, I restore the files, and goes well for 30 min, then freezes again and have to do everything again

Darkkid1231: restore to default settings? or Restore File system?

michael ilch: OMFG i droped it so i have to buy a new harddrive??

ThePsychoticCow IRL: Like this comment ONLY if you got upset when you saw this and almost (or did) start to cry (and because you had it 3years+)

oTylerHD: will restore file system lose my cfw

Felipe Algo: rip borderlands,dead island and mortal kombat saves :( 

Hi_ImBugz: im going to lose my gta v story :(

DarkshadowXD63: THANKS MAN I honestly thought a I had to buy a second ps3

Sean Lavilla: i get stuck at 99% when i update a game... im just going to format my ps3... looks like im going to have a download and install patches marathon.... freak you sony.... freaking japs motherfreakers

Naji'sGames: Hello guys, I just got a New PS3 Ultra Slim + 500gb HDD 2.5 + Mounting backet. My friend shared his games with ME , Then when i start download big games more than 3 gbs it says data got corrupted while downloading (Error 80010032) How can i fix this problem ? even tho i just pluged the new hdd then turn the ps3 on , it ask me to update and copy stuff i clicked on yes , other games works perfectly (that i actually downloaded from the store but they are -3gb). Can anyone Help me ? Should i downlaod the update on usb and put it right on my ps3 to restore everything ? would i lose all my games already installed ? Would the new update , upgrade the new hdd ? Thanks for reading this :)

Kelsea Roberts: How long do most of these options (excluding 1, 5 & 6) take? I tried 3 and had been waiting about 10+ mins, and it stuck on "preparing", and now I'm trying 2, but it doesn't look like it's going to do anything either.. Am I not waiting long enough?

TheInfamous: Goodbye Every Call of Duty save.. FifaUT and Career, Grand Theft Auto 100% :(

RebelGaming: how logn dose it take to restore default settings

Smosh Jr: I lost all my saves for GTA 5

TameGamer II: If u had a game that needs a online code, say wwe2k14 would that be gone or I still be able to get online

Young Dre: Thanks man 

dragolian50: I tryed it all, so im guessing my hdd is dead?? Cause i cant do anything, so im gonna try to get a new hdd

tamonize: HELP My ps3 slim still don't work I try this 5 times and it keeps going black for 5 to 9 min and then resets back to the file system corrupted screen. My safe mode don't work ether it keeps getting stuck on the Preparing Please wait screen

سلمان امين: thanks its work !

BeAchStorm: Tampa help , when i go to the menu after the restort my PS3 Goes super slow, on the menu i have to wait super LLONG it laggs my friend list doesn't even load i cant do anything please help 

AlefDragon: thaaaaankkkkssss !!!!

Darius Booker: U saved my life

SYNCPHAN1OM: i got my ps3 fixed form sony but sadly it forced to format the HDD that had all my music, pics and videos on since i bought the system

Vincent Edwards: I tried these, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Man my ps3 meant a lot to me, wish I had treated it better.

Liam Roche: Mine doesn't even go up 1% and it then says i have to format it.Then i pressed no and it said appropriate storage cannot be found. Pleas help me!

HAYA TOTANY: thank you so much . this is so helpful

Guadalupe Rivers: Thank you so much!

youlou biayenda: Mine restored and seems to work will it happen again or is it gone ? 

Asgood93: thanks now i can play bo2 Normal 

MrJavon712: How can I get all my saved games off my system if it comes on for 5 sec then shuts off... Please Help

Mike Harper: Good new-It is already done Bad news-My GTA Online reset my ENTIRE THING THAT I HAVE DONE AND MY FRIEND "Seancashftw"PsychoAlity"Kingston99999" were worried that i was gone because i was the leader of the group and once they found out they put me as 2 in command i know it don't matter to u but to me i would cry as 1 just got a 400k appartment

Young Dre: Thanks man 

Vitorianne Clapero: *sigh* Well all of my game saves are gone....I don't even wanna play my games anymore cause i'd have to start everything over..

mrkazal2004: Thank you but I lost a of my save data

Bilal Amin: mine gets stuck on restoring default settings... do not turn off the system

joethebadass1993: my ps3 is not even 2 months old everytime I freakin hit ok to file system corrupted my screen turns complete black my ps3 freezes everyday and when im on youtube and back out it takes like 3 mins to get back to the menu freak ps3 tired of it

FuZiOn: I lost all my gta 5 online and story mode it is freaking crap 


TrickyZombieKillerz: I tried doing same step but mine has been loading for 2 hours, just loading I think I have corrupt hard drive but will it take longer cause ive already had stuff kn it? Please reply trying to fix ps3

Nour Ali: wt about all save data will it be deleted

AL- A: #PLEASE ANSWER DEAR, Tampatec i am here seeing your video today because i was playing black ops and my game froze while playing it so i hit the power button and it would not turn off so i took out the power plug and put it back in.and turn on the playstation.and the screen came on saying your playstation was not shut off properly hit yes to restore file but i hit circle and cancel it because it takes to long to restore the file! so i was playing again and it once again froze and i repeated the process about 3 times until i decided to turn off the system.then about 3 hours later i wanted to watch some netflix so when i turn on my playstation it said the file system on the system is corrupted and will be restore.and their was no circle button to cancel it so i hit X and it finishes but it keeps reapeting itself so i though to myself ''No..No dont tell me i broke the playstation!!''so i did not know what to do so i just kept the playstation dad came home from work and decided to play some 2k14 with my uncle and i was sleeping it was around 3:43 AM He woke me ''Get in the living room Now!!''So i got in the living room he told me what happend to the playstation i told him i dont know i turn it off and it keeps puting up this screen!! so he was going to take apart the playstation.but i decided taking apart the playstation was not a good ideal. so i did a little research on youtube to see others with the same problem as me and if i could find a solution to my problem so i came across the video i did what you said hold the button and the safety menu came up. i first hit restore default settings and it came up restoreing files please wait...something like that i cant really remember...But i waited for about 45 minutes and you told me in one of your anotations that this does not solve my problem so i decided to unplug my playstation and start over. so i went back to the menu and this time i hit restore file system and after i hit that it said Preparing...Please wait. and it liderly has been saying the same thing for an hour and 41 minutes it still says Preparing...Please wait.? So i told my dad well what about 5. he said it always works for him my dad said no because 5. will erase everything and my dad does not know his information to his account so there for he will lose everything he purchase on his account!! so far im running out of ideas should i try 5. will it fix everything but just erase everything because restore file system and restore default settings is not working for me they just stay with the same screen for more then an hour!! i really dont know what to do and i dont think my parents have the money to afford another PS3...This is the only way Please reply with some instructions for my problem thank you your video has help me but my PS3 is not responding for those 2 things i chosen i dont want to risk the fitth one but if that is the only way and if 2. 3. cant work for me i guess ill just have to risk restore ps3 system thank you for your service.I SUBSCRIBE by the way! :-) -TIM

tadpole1313: Wow, so this video is amazing. I just purchased a slim line PS3 for $50 dollars because the person thought the harddrive was corrupt. I was just looking on ebay for new harddrives but I decided to google the error and this is the first thing to pop up. I tried it out and it worked great. U just helped me out big time. THANK YOU

GRTDanjah333: How long does it take to do the system default I'm waiting 30 minutes now and its still loading

deel eem: Yea mine is stuck on preparing 

bell cik: Guys, I pass the Corruption restore, then I want to play one of my downloaded games, but the game isn't there I can only play CD games, but my favorite game ain't there, I tried doing everything except the Restore System, do I have any other choice? Other than System Restore, please help

Carlyiz: 3:32 over an hour and still loading 

Arachne Gorgon: My data was erased and I went on my profile but later when I got back on it had the same thing so I did it again now it doesn't work is it my os3 or profile that is corrupted? 

Javan yungbuck: It takes a really long time for my default settings to restore

JoaoBravo 81: Hello I have some DLC that i bought for games and I dont want to lse them which option should I choose?
PS3 FIX The file system on the system storage is corrupted REVIEW 4.8 out of 5

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PS3 FIX The file system on the system storage is corrupted REVIEW