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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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insanityawakens: That doesn't sound very reliable
Fidel Salgado: I always call the zues canon," Thunder Gun"
Hector David Solis Romero: ebay
Breezy Kersey: Rosie is so adorable. :) I wish she could be my sister.
ArteXGamerMS: Cara vc vai ser Banido do CsGo Shsuahsuahsuhauha
JohnJ512: Lenser X21 really Love Sanyo Enoloop AA or D.(Like Sunlight) I had compare side by side with "Fenix TK70" & "Led Lenser X21 with Sanyo D enoloop". Led Lenser is indeed have further throw & have more than 2200Lumen power than Fenix TK70. Insist use Sanoy enoloop D size battery, Boost from 1050 Lumen to 2200++Lumen or more. Proven already. 100% conform because i have them both to compare. I dont know why Fenix 2200 Lumen is not as bright as Led Lenser x21? It's True. It really happen.
Michael S. Vieira: Thanks Shawn!

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