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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Roshan Tamang: Hi, thank you very much... keep updating...
big wolf: this is my truck
Geovanny Moreno: ke lastima ke los lleban a la carrera .......... pero felizidades mi jente salvadoreno 100%
TheAnanaki: Children are irrational by nature. All the preparation in the world will not ensure that you will not have to deal with a tantrum. I think the gentleman asked what you can do to diffuse a tantrum not avoid one. To assume he doesnt have this knowledge of preparation is a little ignorant and quite arrogant imo. 11 mins in and you still have not answered his question...
Andrew Ollis: this has to be one of the most popular podcasts that you ever created. 
JAVA1750: Do you find it leaves a white powder like film/ flakes in you hair and comb!!! I was getting flakes and a white powder!! For a long time I thought it was dry scalp!! I loved how the product maid my hair look, so I assumed it was just dry scalp!! When I stopes using the product the flakes stopped!! Am I using the product wrong??? Or is it just the product?
Tilla Kanesis: "Who knows maybe it will end up selling loads this year and become the comeback of this generation" That's exactly what happened.

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