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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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alex123453839: Why on earth would you film this in a cemetery
Mike Wolf: When I saw the Teletubbies I screamed >..> Cute Beagle though. :) 
room750: this is great! how much does that cost?
misha leith: When the frog came out of the pool I died lol
Melsima: @rizzin2thetop you could use vellum glue runners or V2 spray adhesive. spray adhesive is best since u cant see where u put the glue. Make sure when u spray it to leave it for a few minutes b4 putting it on. Use glue/ spray especially for vellum--this helps the vellum stick so much better.
ian martin: anyone know how to get off a broken weedeater head
mt8300: just a car!!

2010 Toyota Prius with Hollandia 700 Sunroof