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TrueStory: Lisää?? :D
DarkBungleX: I am not a literary scholar but I would beg to differ about calling Schrödinger's cat a metaphor because it is an experiment that should work in the real world and is only called a thought experiment because it's not an experiment you can actually do in practice. A metaphor already has the characteristics of the thing you are trying to explain but in Schrodingers example it only has the right characteristics because IT IS an example of the exact thing you trying to explain. I would agree that the cat, being an observer, should collapse the wave function but nothing else in the experiment should collapse it though people more qualified can correct me if I am wrong
Lushiousbeauty: @manonlois klopt, er was iets mis met het filmpje, inmiddels staat er een nieuw versie online! :-)
idiotlimrocks2: Well,what's important is that you made a choice you regretted and you learnt from it. In Rafiki's words: "You can run from your past or learn from it." :). Haha,so what do you intend to do with your Diamond Edition after you re buy the Platinum Edition?
zImPuLSeZ: Nice Tutorial that really helped
kkkk3150: おじょまします。 ショップの使用感レビューが狭すぎでしたのでこちらにレビューを書いてみます^^
ゼオン: 右前のくそばばあうぜえな

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