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Melanie Lang: Wehre Do you get the wigs?
Ian Smith: @w4rr10r11 Lol i feel stupid now.
Shawn Smoak: Alan Troy Posted: "how well does the bike cruise between 70-75MPH? I heard it's not good running them over 70 MPH for a long ride. I'm looking into getting an Iron 883, but i'm afraid it won't be able to handle long rides at 70-75MPH. So i'm stuck between an Iron or a Forty Eight." Hi Alan, the system won't let me reply to your post! Hopefully you'll see this... The Iron handles 70-80 MPH without a hitch! There's a sweet spot at 75 that is wonderful. You could go cross country at these speeds and never hurt anything... With the lower gearing of an 883, I think it is running about 600 RPM's higher at 70 MPH than a 1200. Thanks for watching Alan!
Leonardo Martins: O bruno so posta partida que ele ganha
redraja380: Act 1 0:00 Act 2 17:52
EyeAreRandom: Great video. I am sure to subscribe to you for more videos. A quick question though. What was your favourite class? I tried most of them but not the engineer.
param parekh: I got 1 ninja h2 its the best

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