BlackBerry PlayBook Red Flashing Light Fix

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BlackBerry PlayBook Red Flashing Light Fix
BlackBerry PlayBook Red Flashing Light Fix
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blackberry solution for blinking red light
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AsaPlayz MC: thanks this is really helpful but in my playbook it gives me a green light

Gustavo Tellez: so do i

greenthum39: thanks for you taking your time to help others going to try this

Beg2Live4Life: i have a fix, this is the last thing i buy blackberry their company is crap no wonder their stock plunged. bb10 is dead on arrival. im going to buy a samsung note 2

9edmar: Tnx very helpfull!!

FlashCrysis: when i do it i get an error saying cannot connect and enter password on tablet at the last bit of update but i dnt have a pass word set on the tablet and i cant type it in any ways :x

John Mark: My blackberry is not charged...Its Dead :"""( I Believe the usb slot is not working It Wont Charge Help Plzzz PLEASE!!!!!!! P.L.E.A.S.E :""""(

kingdropper2: How long do I have to charge it before it starts working?

daivik Padmanabhan: me too

Albert Aitken: if you have a mac this worked for me plug it in to ur computer if it says it cant connect with device do repair so all ur stuff is deleted nd then plug it into a wall charger nd do the power vol up nd down thing for 12 secs nd then plug it in for 2 mins take it out for 8 secs nd repeat a few times hope this helps :)

Di'Andre Cason: i did everything on video still does not work. Any advise.

Canadastrucker: Thanks man for your video. It did work but I guess just charging for long time would work as well. Thanks anyway.

flopezvolpe: I have the same problem, but finally (i was wait 5 hours) i get error message. have you got the solution or any tip to solve it? Thanks.

GreenLeafGecko: No stack charge it. Plug in for 2 mins. Then unplug for 2 mins. Repeat it 6 times or so to jump start the playbooks battery

Geordy5314: is this work for the blackberry 9000?

Khouri86: I haven't had a single problem with my 32GB Wi-Fi model

Tony Duarte: did u ever get a solution for that cuz that happend to me

YeayeayeaDam: feel sorry for you for buying playbook...

Dave villanueva: kupal ka

Tuden Jamir: hey can anyone help me wit my blackberry playbook shortcuts like ALL, MEDIA on the top of the screen caz itz not showing

Francis Steven: my bbp does not work at all, it refused to charge completely, please guys i beg for your help. thank you all.

Ekoue Walter ADAMAH: he dude i forget my pin how to go about it, thank u

Sienna Kohn: I plugged mine into the computer and the error message did pop up and when I clicked update, it came up with the "enter email" and then I hit close..however, the error message popped up again and again...not sure what I am doing wrong. I was on the phone with tech support for 2.5 hours regarding a verification with my blackberry ID and then when having the PB wiped...this is when all hell broke loose...not sure what to do know.They said to send it in, but I was hoping to fix this on my

SanrollySoccer: Hi when I update, it charge and then it says that there is not avaiable updates and the red light change into green, and when I disconnect of the computer it disappear (the light), What I now?

usman attique: i m repeatedly getting update error messege...i m trying it for last 3 days

alom2042: that was very helpful indeed ...... superb

Mark Whaley: Thanks for this vid. One point that seems to have helped resolve the problem is to just leave the tablet alone for a long time while charging. Only after doing this and clicking on the Update OS button in BDM error msg did things appear to get on track. I'm downloading a new OS now. Hopefully, I'll be able to run Setup successfully now and get past the "Select Region" window. Thanks again.

Beg2Live4Life: This stupid playbook has been nothing but trouble. when i got it i had trouble power it the red light would just flash, then that went away and then came the wifi issues it would not connect to my wifi network then that went away and now the screen is giving me problems, the backlight wont turn on and i can hardly see anything. on top of that after restarting the playbook it wont turn on which is why im here. that thing is a joke don't buy it.

Matthew Moore: what if the desktop software is what caused it?

oldenmccloud10: % £:%%%=% 6%*5÷47*

l34116: my playbook on red light next to 5 yellow lights....What happen???

Beg2Live4Life: Oh trust me the problems are coming your way. Your playbook is gonna slap you so hard when you have your guard down that you will be lucky if you still have your pants on when you wake up. On an other note, I just bought a nexus 7 32gb to replace my dead playbook. It feels like I'm in heaven. Comparing this thing you guys use to a nexus 7 is not even fair. Enjoy your playbook. But rmb one day, it's gonna try to losen your pants. Don't drop the soap.

kerry jairam: hey my bb playbook isnt event giving me the red light its out blank what do i do ..

MTPowns: Mines been charging for 2 months

H2OSecrets: DUDE i have th same problem but it wont update its toooooooooo slow!!!!!!! it takes 4 or more hours for me to get it to 25% but then my computer will shut down :( i cnt get it fixed :(

TheGrizz070: @Snickafritz dood, I updated software, and where it says select langauge and country of origin, NOTHING. there is nothing listed there. :( Dunno why. Good luck with the upgrade.

erik barragan: does charging it for a long time actually work

BUCK50tv: hey when i plug mine in to the computer it dosent even pop up on the computer to do the update

lerpoy holmes: My playbook stop charging I tried another plug it started charging again

SauvySalesGuy: when i plug mine in to my blackberry desktop software (mac) it says try charging or replacing the blackberry device :S can anyone help?

josh auchincloss: not working, apparently theres no update available

HotNoob: Yea, it's true, i got a galaxy tab 2 10.1" recently, and it's pretty ownage - other than it failing with 720p play back over the network cause the wifi is only 100mbps... not smart to cheap out on the wifi... but other than that it's great :) tons of apps... but then again, it's not fair to compare the 2 year old playbook to the newer tablets. as per the BB10, it sounds like there was a lot of money under the table to pump out good reviews this time. so i'm not surprised that it's failing.

Beg2Live4Life: And WOW JUST WOW now guess what!!!! I just got the black screen of death! The screen is all black and i hear the screen capture sound when i press the volume button but the screen is black. Freaken piece of garbage, do not buy this thing. Let that company go bankrupt.

Evilbones76: Awful, freaking awful bit of hardware. This crap is garbage. I have one that will not turn, just flashes the red like, does not do a double flash. Just flashes every second. POS

flightbrothermember: i had the same problem i tried charging it with the usb, that didn't work so i tried the normal plug socket charger. while the normal charger is pluged into the blackberry i left for 5 mins and then turned it on and it worked.

flopezvolpe: Hi, i have the same problem, but i have no battery on the tablet, so when i update os, the process suddenly stops. have you any suggest? Thanks.

GreenLeafGecko: IF its a Bb Playbook You need to do a task Called "stack charging" Plug in the charger for 2 min. then take it out for 2min, then plug it bank in again for another 2min! its called Stack Charging! google it! charge for 2min. unplug for 2min. the red light for charging will pop up! do not let you BB playbook's battery run dead!

boredoutofmification: how can i find out my pin number?

Canadastrucker: @YeayeaDam - I feel sorry for you for your silly comments...

rojay brown: worked for ,...hands down
BlackBerry PlayBook Red Flashing Light Fix 4.3 out of 5

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BlackBerry PlayBook Red Flashing Light Fix