Bowtech Insanity CPX (Speed Consistency Test At 350 Fps)

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Bowtech Insanity  CPX    (Speed consistency test  at 350 fps)
Bowtech Insanity CPX (Speed consistency test at 350 fps)
BowTech Insanity review
BowTech Insanity review
Shooting a Bowtech Invasion CPX Compound Bow at 2000 frames/second
Shooting a Bowtech Invasion CPX Compound Bow at 2000 frames/second
Bowtech Invasion 80 yard groups
Bowtech Invasion 80 yard groups

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Apostle John Bailey: I'm using 85 grain field points Thanks.

Timothy Crothers: thanks for video it makes my descision

allen wanderlich jr.: hey southern, no your speed is about right i was shootin an invasion at 72 lbs with a 29 in draw with a 373 gr arrow and was averaging about 322 ft per second. your short draw length is whats killing your speed. but still 298 is fast!

Apostle John Bailey: This was just a test. I won't hunt at 70 pounds. I will hunt with 65 pounds.

smokinfast1: Wow that is way over advertised speed . Must be a freak nasty bow !

William Deal: Cpxl has a longer axle to axle.

William Deal: Did you end up buying the cpx john?

Apostle John Bailey: Yes I had to order new limbs. I like Bowtech but they really have to work out there paint Issues.

Z7EXTREMEBABY: I just shot that bow today , I am going to test some more in morning, if I can get the speed I want at 31 inch draw its a deal , like the bow shoots smooth

MooseSlayer3006: Are you having any issues with the limbs flaking?

Apostle John Bailey: @graveshunter2009 Thanks $950.00 plus tax

Apostle John Bailey: This is My CPX that I'm shooting Thanks.

ruffryderweb1: Wats is the difference between the cpx and the cpxl

southernfryedyankee: Awesome video. I do have a question. Has the bow been tuned by anyone? I currently shoot an Invasion 27.5" DL 70lbs and a 366g arrow and I am only getting 298 FPS. I know you have an inch longer DL , shooting a slightly lighter arrow than me and the IBO is just a bit more than the Invasion. I am just trying to figure out if my bow is just way out of tune or if that Insanity just blows the Invasion out of the water. I would LOVE to get some more speed without having to buy a new bow. Thank you

Apostle John Bailey: I tune my own Bows. Here's what I see in your setup. You cane shoot a 350 Grain Arrow and it should get your speed up to 305 to 310 fps. I changed my Hunting setup to a 315 Grain Arrow with a 85 Grain Thunderhead at 62 Ib.s and it's shooting 331 fps. I tried my last years arrow 345 grain Arrow with this years seup and both shot in the Block Black the light Arrow went 1" deeper. It's ok to shoot a heavy Arrow but if you want to get the Best Performance out of your Bow try Scaling down.

Apostle John Bailey: It's a Great Bow. I Love it.

Apostle John Bailey: I will shoot it at 65 I.lbs through the chronograph soon. Thanks

graveshunter2009: Dang that bow is bad! unreal consistency with unreal speed! What is the price running for that bow not loaded?

Apostle John Bailey: @Chilipiper23 I hunt with a 354 Grain Arrow at 66 pounds. I was just seeing what I can get up to.

Apostle John Bailey: CPX has a 32" axle to axle with a 355 IBO CPXL has a 35" axle to axle with a 340 IBO

alc: Awesome bow. Your video helped my decision on buying one. Its set at 72lbs. and 27.5" draw. Im shooting carbon express blue streak select 350's but have'nt chronographed it yet. What weight field points are you using in the video?

Apostle John Bailey: Yes.

Apostle John Bailey: It's a sweet Bow. If you get it you won't be disapointed.

Daniel Campbell: Can you get the Insanity set at 65lbs? I only see test being done at 60lbs and 70lbs.
Bowtech Insanity CPX (Speed consistency test at 350 fps) 5 out of 5

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Bowtech Insanity  CPX    (Speed consistency test  at 350 fps)