Keurig VUE Vs Keurig K-Cup

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Keurig VUE vs Keurig K-Cup
Keurig VUE vs Keurig K-Cup
Keurig VUE vs Keurig K-Cup (revised) - Which one is the best for you?
Keurig VUE vs Keurig K-Cup (revised) - Which one is the best for you?
Keurig K-Cup vs Keurig VUE vs Keurig Rivo - Which Keurig Coffee Maker is right for you?
Keurig K-Cup vs Keurig VUE vs Keurig Rivo - Which Keurig Coffee Maker is right for you?
K2V Cup Review + Howto use Keurig K-Cups with Keurig VUE Brewers
K2V Cup Review + Howto use Keurig K-Cups with Keurig VUE Brewers
Keurig VUE Coffee
Keurig VUE Coffee

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lottsalasagna: The world is already trashed. ...too late you won't be saving anything


Connie Engel: Hi, where can I purchase  a solofill V2 from ?? Have been looking every where !  thank you

cgracia: Ummm...I just came here to find the difference between a Keurig K-Cup and a Keurig Vue Cup.

I was doing grocery shopping and saw that Cafe Bustelo has coffee in K-Cups and was happy for the opportunity to drink Hispanic coffee at work. (I am of Puerto Rican descent, and I am unapologetically American... but when it comes to my coffee, I have to stick to my roots.)

Anyway, I bought the Bustelo K-Cups, but I saw that they weren't for Vue systems. Since I didn't know the difference, I wanted to make sure my office didn't use Vue. When the gentleman in the video went into the explanation of the difference in cups, I was satisfied that my purchase was still good (we do use K-Cups). So in that respect, he helped me out. I even finished watching the video and while the Vue seems like something I may purchase to complete my Yuppie transformation...I will probably wait until Bustelo makes Vue cups. And yeah I get that I can use reusable cups, I agree that the whole point of k cups is the convenience factor of just taking a cup, plopping it in, throw out the cup, drink coffee and repeat.

So, for that... thank you for the video.

And BTW, I do say Kur-rig. :) Glad I am not the only one judging by the comments.

nintendonerd2011: I can't. The ignorance is real here. It's kur-ig not kur-eag. Just stop. you sound like a total idiot.

docwilkey: Thanks for the info.

Cory McNutt: I just want to say a couple things about Keurig:

1) I have owned both models - I went to the Vue because  wanted a larger cup of coffee - who drinks a 4,6 8 or even a 10 ounce cup of coffee? We all use travel mugs and need 16 -18 ounces of coffee.
2) I went to the Vue cup for an 18 ounce cup and I was told that the selection of coffee would increase - not so for decaf lovers - not ONE flavored decaf Vue they do not even make the Vue brewer any longer.
3) No I am faced with getting a new maker and I refuse to buy a new K-cup machine that will only brew a 10 ounce cup of coffee and a company that forces me to buy their cups - which I do any way, but now I am forced to and I do not like it..
40 Why can't they make a K-cup brewer that makes a NORMAL size cup of coffee and have an abundance of flavors - decaf as well?

steve wilson: How can any one respect your opinion when you can't even pronounce the name of the company you are reviewing correctly lol

Ken DeCamp: LOOOONNNNGGG video that could have been condensed to one minute.

yumha38: I am not trying to sound negative, but the machines are not cheap....and to top it off....the people are 'forced' to buy a pod every time you want coffee??

Scott Wilkins: Vue = More expensive, less choice, more work, recycling is a pain, harder to clean.
K-cups are so much better overall.  And I've found zero difference in the final coffee they both make.  They can say the Vue is better all day long, in reality it's not better in any way.

Will Clow: I swear I'm not trying to be a prick but you could re-edit this video to be about 2-3 minutes

Mike Garofalo: 20 minutes of useless info 53 seconds of useful info. I love my whatever you wanna call it machine, but my real big issue is they don't brew what is advertised as far as cup size. I have a whatever you wanna call it platinum machine pretty basic 3 cup sizes but each size is always an ounce off or more and really who drinks from a china cup every morning ? NO ONE !!!! You made a 20 minute video promoting the what ever you wanna call it VUE !!! In my opinion the view isn't worth the $150.00 price. Lets be honest 99% of the people viewing this video just want a darn good cup of coffee in the morning or evening !!! hell if you wanna make all those fancy drinks you can skip these machines and go by a professional cappuccino / espresso
machine !!!!!!

mbrobich: Should have only taken 5 minutes. 15 minutes too long with little useful information.

tuckerton296: I like the vue more, as it's easy to use regular kcups in it. Just peal the top of a vue cup off, and poke a holl in the side of the vue. Make sure it's hole ligns up, and you can brew coffee with the vue, using a k-cup

Chuck Holmes: Dude... Your bangs are dripping

WageTube: This is an older video. Is this Vue still current in January 2014, or in your opinion has Keurig come out with a later version making the price worth it?

WageTube: People posting about the correct pronunciation of the Keurig brand name, I suppose you know the correct way to spell and say "voilà" (hint: it is not spelled "vwaylah" nor pronounced "way la").

I suspect some of you dissing the reviewer for the way he says Keurig also have an opinion on the country of origin for the Häagen-Dazs ice cream brand name (kind of Danish sounding, isn't it).

Before you post and embarrass yourself, be advised that Häagen-Dazs is a made up word. Although exotic, expensive, and foreign sounding, the word is gibberish. The word does not have meaning in any language or etymology.

WageTube: I like the Vue because it can make a latte. I have always had to have two machines, a Tassimo and a Keurig. Takes up a lot of kitchen counter space.

I used the Tassimo to make latte drinks, something before the Vue the Keurig could not do. The problem with the Tassimo is that the machines are not as popular as the Keurig, hence few stores carry the coffee "pods" and there's not as big as a variety of coffees as the Keurig. And the Tassimo cups are not really capable of being refilled, at least not efficiently (there's some ridiculous workarounds but nothing that works well).

It appears that Keurig is getting smart, knowing that in this horrid economy people are desperate to reuse the cups, filling them with Trader Joe or their favorite coffee. And now they are branching out to making latte drinks.

Actually, I'm sure this was part of a bigger scheme, to make new machines with added functionality (such as making a latte) motivating people to replace their machines with newer models.

Based on your excellent reviews I'll be "passing down" my Tassimo and Keurig machines and getting the latest Keurig offering that makes latte drinks (my preferred coffee, as I like a lot of cream in my coffee).
Keurig VUE vs Keurig K-Cup 5 out of 5

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lottsalasagna: The world is already trashed. ...too late you won't be saving anything
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Keurig VUE vs Keurig K-Cup