Tracfone ZTE Valet Review

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Tracfone ZTE Valet Review
Tracfone ZTE Valet Review
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Joncharmed93: Has anyone found a solution to the ZTE locking up? When I press the power button the buttons at the bottom light up, but the screen won't turn on. Is my phone defective? I am hearing others having this problem too. Tracfone should recall this device if this phone is defective.

Holistic Health & Living: I'm not sure I understand how they charge for Android service. Are you saying that one will be charged $7 per month in addition to buying the cards every three months? Or did I misunderstand?

Curtis Zeisler: ust got this ZTE Valet Z665c for $50 still learning. the 3 icons at the bottom (return home setting) don't lite up? Why

Wally TheBiscuit: Thanks for the review. Wife and I are planning on getting one this week. It's on sale for $49.99 USD and we have a $10.00 coupon. Very nice review. Thanks again.

cmod doesgames: Thx im probably gonna get that phone and good review u got a subscriber

BrokenTengu99: Does this phone really charge 1 unit per text , as opposed to .3 units per text on older tracfone " dumbphones " ?

vickiescraftcloset: hi I am having trouble opening up a picture message from a contact. It shows a download arrow but it says unable to open. Do I have to unlock something before it will download?

Wolf King: Because this is an android phone, clearly it must have wifi connectivity. I do have a question about it. What service does it actually use? Strait talk and net 10 seem to be all I find listed for android tracfones. If it uses the green card vs the yellow airtime card used for strait talk then perhaps I'll buy one. 

Peter Hewel: Does it have Google Play or some bullsh!t app store? With it work with PayPal credit card reader?

Nick Hobart: It seems impossible to find out the amount of minutes remaining and service days on this. I refuse to pay extra for this information, so it's going into the trash.

twirlyboggs: Great for me - 200 texts / minutes / MB for $13.33/month - I use computers at home and wi-fi at work or wherever I can I installed a 32 GB micro SD and have 20GB of mp3's on it no complaints for what it is~ I think they did a great job I will not pay $600-1200 /year for a phone service !

D3M0N-K1ll3R: 2 questions does it have front cam and how much internal storage does it have.

cambria williams: how much does the phone cost

WatDaMattaForYou: But isn't all data free in you use wifi?

Adam Stanley: I have a question. I have this phone,with Tracfone. Can you update the Android OS to the latest without messing up the phone? I would think the info on what carrier,like Tracfone,is in the BIOS or something,but if I upgraded the OS from 4.1 to 4.3,will the phone still work,or does it require some special version of Android that is built for this phone specifically?

Logan Wojtkowski: Does it still use minutes to text when you're connected to wifi?

Brian Nguyen: if you connect to a wifi signal does it use data?

William Borrelli: You mention nothing about actual messaging. Spent a lot of time on the way it looks, but nothing about functionality of messaging. Texts. Are texts displayed like on other Android devices? When a text comes in, does it display any useful information before one actually accepts and reads it? My current Tracfone also receives texts from unhappy servers, but it does not display who the text is coming from, only a few characters from the beginning of the message, but that is enough I know it from a server, so I do not have to open it if I choose not to. In addition, does it display who a text is coming from? ie. from my wife? From my running partner, from a different friend? Anyone have any video or description of that? I would find that information MUCH more useful than the screen size, or processor, which is displayed anywhere you would pick up one of these. Thanks though.

Benjamin Lee: Can you just connect to wifi so you don't data?

xXDarkWolfXx961: Is the texts the same as regular tracfones? Like .30 minutes per text or is it 1.00 per text now. And do we still have to pay for receiving texts? 

Tyler Holt: Can an SD Card be used to store the data?

Richard Blaszak: I got the same problem more than once. If it continues to happen, I will send itback.

Rahul Narvekar: do you also have to buy a data plan card

Larry W. Loughry: I want to know if I use wifi does it use the data for the phone?

ALger90: Just switch to virgin mobile unlimited data unlimited text 300 talk min just 35$ a month

MollyXAnime: If you are connected to WiFi do you still use data?

Jbrown0841: Does anyone know how you can view your minutes on this phone. I just changed from a previous tracfone that has an icon showing me my remaining minutes. However, I cannot locate how many minutes are on my phone. Any one have any ideas? 

Kayla Lirette: When connected to WiFi it shouldn't take data right?

Drew Sharp: Just recently got this Android Smartphone, and love it so far! :) One cool thing about the carrier is the points 3x, so if you buy a $20 - 60 minute card that can be found at most national stores like walmart or 7/11... Its now 180 Voice Minutes, AND 180 TXTs, AND 180 mbs data plan!! You could get a data card, but the dont 3X only 1X, so thats stupid in my opinion. Another WAY COOL thing is that if you use the WIFI, it DOES NOT effect your 3g data plan!! 

feritosman: no FM radio right?

BrokenTengu99: Is the video / youtube player full screen ? And does the GPS use up data time ?Thinking about getting this .

Jason Judkins: can you make free phone calls on this with google voice over a Wi-Fi connection? Thanks!

LADYmoses: thank you your review just purchased this for my mom....sounds great for an entry level device.

Julian Smithe: But if you use WiFi then you can use YouTube as much as you want.

Colin Willmarth: I'm on the it act phone as I make this comment in fact I'm making the comment on the phone works great the screen quality aka graphics are kinda sad though other than that good starter phone in 12 this is a upgrade of my old tracfone huge upgrade. If your looking at buying the crappy 15$ that you cant get apps on and going this phone is to pricey think again . You can buy more memory for it. And the SD card that it comes with is 4 gigs so it comes with 5 total. And something you did not menchen. You can choose to buy minutes for it and not need to pay 7 a month. That's what i do. Thx for the video!!!!!!

Alejandra Therese: Also can u send pictures from this phone? 

francis mingora: net 10 50 muth unlimted no data same phone 50 bucks wi fi all u want to 

Nicholas Scholl: How much data do you get with a 1 year tracfone card? How much data does the navigation app use every hour? Is there a way to check how many minutes, texts and data you have on this phone? Does WIFI take data away from this smartphone tracfone? Thank you!

John Holeman: Will this unit work with radiation detection inexpensive peripherals and public networks? People have fire coming in!

Jordan Holley: I have that phone its really good.I got it for 79.99 on amazon.

stephen thomas: I got it

JaninaTutorials: Hi, I've been watching your videos for a long time now, and I would really appreciate it if you check out my recent video on the Tracfone BYOP Program: iPhone 4s. Thanks!

Anon5K: I'm considering this Android as I already have the tracfone 840 just for emergency use. Noted that this is Verizon geared, not useful in the hills here. We have ATT tower near by.

Ron Garrett: You should be able to save money on data when wifi is available.

Dave C: Thanks for your detailed review.

Mark Kaercher: Nice job. As a longtime Tracfone owner, I appreciate your reviews.

jory szymura: Thank u so much man!

Maze McCloud: Great review! I just have one question: how's the battery life? (Occasional texting throughout the day and light data usage on something like Facebook)

AureusSicarius: are the talk text and data seperate like it says on the box (like one text doesnt effect the number of talk minutes)

Cat Love: Will playing games on it use min on the phone please anwers
Tracfone ZTE Valet Review 4.5 out of 5

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matt c: great reveiw mate
GamingCoachX: I like your videos on mod highlights actually bud. Keep doing these and you'll rock it out. Thanks for your help.
Krzyskle pl: good mod

Tracfone ZTE Valet Review