Tracfone ZTE Valet Review

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Tracfone ZTE Valet Review
Tracfone ZTE Valet Review
ZTE Valet Android Tracfone Review
ZTE Valet Android Tracfone Review
ZTE Valet Tracfone Review
ZTE Valet Tracfone Review
Compare The Tracfone ZTE Valet and Samsung Centura Androids
Compare The Tracfone ZTE Valet and Samsung Centura Androids
ZTE Valet Android Tracfone Unboxing
ZTE Valet Android Tracfone Unboxing

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Layne Staley: A phone for older folks and small children. If you want it for practice purposes then look elsewhere because this phone sucks balls.

John Davis V: Don't buy this phone. it has many problems with it. I've had mine for a year and a half. The mic breaks after a year and it's very slow.

Lorenzo Cunningham: 20 dollar phone's my haircut cost more then that 

dshawn crabtree: this dude sounds like a freaking sleazy illegal immigrant from colombia or honduras,  these freaking parasites have invaded america, even in my city which was traditionally mexican we now have just as much of these south americans as we do mexicans, this is an all out assault on our mexican communitys we need to protest these freakers and get them out.

Sylvia Ramirez: how do we delete a Google account on the device if we don't want it on the phone anymore?

Billy Henley: the zte midnight z768g is a peace of crap the service gos in out cant use it in the house

Nantahayala: Could you create a video that shows how to use this phone from beginning to end???

dalemccartney: Does anyone else have issues when using the dial pad to select options during a phone call? When I go to select my option, the screen flashes and won't allow me to choose the option I need.

Ike: Don't buy this phone. Get the Moto e instead! For the same exact price you get:
-A better screen
-Better processor
-Bigger screen
-Better battery
-Better look
-Better everything!

Save your time and buy a moto e. It's a no-brainer.

SCRAPPY04RULES: if you get the phone to do all its update does it kill the phones memory  I have a LG Optimus dynamic phone and if I update it I have no memory and if I put any apps on it  will this phone be the same way

Kc Shack: wow your the answer to my confusion.  Great informative video.  Us dinasours need to be edmicated.  If someone would have a store to educated seniors I would pay hourly even online.   Idea  for  youngsters  Theres a demand do you have the supply?  :)) Godspeed  

coondogtheman1234: Can this phone play Minecraft PE?

Cake Baker:
Can you set reminders with this phone? Text, missed call reminders? and if so, can anyone tell me if you can set the notification sound to keep going until I pick up the message instead of just once?

Sarah T. Guttenberg: Anyone else have trouble sending pictures via text message? My mom just got one and can't get photos to send

Jada Jura: How do u take a snapshot on it?

icecreamget: I got this thing for $50 to replace my (decimated) $30 phone. when i first got it it was about half as good. now its about a tenth as good. no exagerations

Dennis Wescoat: 1. So how do you turn this ZTE  Z665C on? 2. So how do you make a call.  3 What is the data that your are talking about? 4. How do you answer the phone if it rings  5 Where is the tutorials for this trac phone 5. Where after you put the 60 minutes on when you call in to the rude India Indians do you tell how many minutes left & when you have to buy a new card?  What are the symbols at the bottom of the phone for. The white receiver with the blue background is for calling I assume what are the 6 dots in side a rectangle in a circle for/ What is the red background with the bust of a human head for What is the puke green with the smiley face what is the world globe for?  How do you get the settings thing to work what is the gallery for I take it you can take a single picture but can you take a moving picture? Calculator how do you activate it to use it?  Then you slide these symbols then there is A Google Key used for. What does the blue google thing do for you? The"D" zedge is for what & how is it needed.   what happens when you try to use the note pad & how do you turn it on & use it. Play what music, where is the radio on/off switch & station changer?  Some one set up my G mail Account at the store. How do you open it & can you reply? Play store what is that? The calendar is self explanatory but how do you get to it or look ahead or behind & how do you mark a date to be remembered on the calendar as a reminder?  Well were are at email?? Is it different from the G mail? how does it work? How do you get sounds from Music/talking on the phone or so people can hear the speaker. Do you have to have a little note book to keep beside the phone so that you can write other folks phone numbers down or is there a place in/on the phone to be able to call them if you can't remember the phone number. Does this have directory assistance? You said something about a GPS in this phone...Where is it? Why does it take 15 minutes to turn on. I was told you have to take the battery out every time you turn it off & then to turn it back on?   Does the WIFI or the phone eat up the battery? my 15 year old Trac Phone could stay on for 4 days before it needed charging...this phone is only good for 3 hours on a charge? & has to be charged up again for several days before you can use it at all. This is a brand new phone & I have never been able to make a call or receive a call as I can't figure out how to answer the phone.  This phone will on stay on for a couple of minutes before it shuts off & does it when you are trying to make a call. but even though it is off ???it is on & then you lose your battery charge.   Is this phone a phone you can text on & how do you do that.... Is this phone like a computer that I could look up stuff like the bio of Abraham Lincoln Marilyn Monroe or look up how many Buicks were built in 1956?   Why are directions in Spanish when I am a White American..... Did I get a phone that is for Hispanics??? Where can I find out how to use this Android/Smart Phone owned by a dumb person who wants to learn how to make. receive calls.  I was told to come to YOU TUBE TUTORIALS & I would get help but this film clip left me more confused. Is there a step by step tutorial to get me started????     I admit it that I am technically challenged but I am able to learn & learn well when there is some direction done in order, step by step...... Have not found anything like that from Trac Phone, ZTE, or this supposedly You Tube Help stuff?????   Anyway I can see where these smart phones are so great when there is no directions & are supposed to be used like a computer. I have 2 computers & they have nothing in common with this almost phone that is useless Oh!! How do you delete email & how do you get rid of the small gray screen that says remove items from the home screen What is a Green R2D2 do & what is he for????? I just tried to text a message & it rang up some man on the telephone????

lbanta61: Totally cool measuring device!

Cryptonymicus: The Tracfone web site says, "...every paid Airtime Minute you add to this phone will be tripled. For example, add a 60 minute Airtime Card and get 180 Minutes Talk Time + 180 Texts + 180 MB Data."
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Tracfone ZTE Valet Review