Bruce Lee Lighting Matches With Nunchucks

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My son(5year old) acting Bruce Lee's nunchaku scene
My son(5year old) acting Bruce Lee's nunchaku scene
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Bruce Lee Final Fight - The Fight Walkthrough
BEST STORY EVER: Jackie Chan Picks A Fight With Bruce Lee... And Loses
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William Harris: the GOAT

warlockuk: Shame the N96 was a crap phone

Ernest Vargas: well write what the freak u want and say what the freak u want about Bruce Lee but u didn't face him and u didn't fight him . so what u know about a "master"! Ya'll s damn freaken opinions u can go stick them strait wear the sun don't shine!!!!! have a nice day!

kiss peter: bullcrap detector activated , spotted massive bovine fecal matter .

IamThePanther: Ахуеть просто!!! Я конечно много материалов про него видел и читал, включая биографические фильмы... Но это вижу впервые...

Zerk: one day man..just one day I'm going to learn nunchaku

Trevor Odle: this crap right here

Roland Lontok: Many have tried to immitate but never equalled "

Swifigames: What if Bruce Lee was an alien...

tony zbg: there is no one on the planet like him

Bill Montgomery: This is not bruce lee!

Boooty Lunch: Bruce is so bad ass, one could say we are no 'match' to him

Marky Marquez: That's fake

Marky Marquez: Those nunchucks are made of a different sunstance

R3systems: I really wanna learn the ancient art of Nunchaku

v ali: honestly this video is a disgrace to Bruce Lee the man.... it was even filmed after his death. it wouldn't be that hard to put "Bruce Lee look alike"...if you watch Bruce even in his movies he didn't do very flashy things and even if it appeared flashy it was real martial arts & not some silly promotion for Nokia...PISSES ME THE freak OFF. he should be remembered for his legacy and contributions to martial arts...not lighting matches and hitting ping pong balls..



Bruce Lee Lighting Matches with Nunchucks 5 out of 5

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kimberly martinez: This is the probably the 23rd time I've watched this tutorial. I finally bought plumage and I plan on recreating this for an upcoming event😍 I love how easy to follow your tutorials are!!!!!❤️❤️
Lena Storm: I don't understand why people have a problem with kids seeing sombody naked! I think kids shoulden't see violent sex but a naked person isn't that bad! Kids see naked humens everytime the go to the bathtub! But the thing that annoyes me the most is censureship on TV.
A few days ago i watched "the Hangover" on TV and the cut out EVERY SINGLE dirty joke! Everyone who has seen this movie knows that most of the humor commes from dirty jokes. For example: There is a seen where the three main charakters drive in there car, looking for there friend Doug. Suddenly the hear a strang noise from the trunk. They tink it's there lost friend and opend the trunk. Then a naked man jumps out of the trunk and attaks them (I think he attaks them with a stick). Then he rans away. The three man lay moaning on the ground and are like:"Who the freak was that?" That's the original version that is on the DVD. But on TV they cut the entire scene where the naked man is showing. That means people who saw this movie for the first time saw this scene: Three men open the trunk und in the very next secon the lay on the ground, moaning and swearing. If something isn't for kids, don't show it at a time (it was noon) where kids can see it on TV!
Another example are animes. Everyone who knows only a little about animes knows that they are NOT made for kids! Only because something is handdrawn, doesn't mean it is for children! I live in Austria (Btw, I'm sorry for my bad english) and we can watch animes at noon or afternoon at kids-channels in TV. And isntead of, oh, I don't know, showing these shows in the evening, they censured all of them and show them to little kids!

EpicCODZombies: This game looks very funny. :D great vid
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belchingguy: very good jacket
Viet Le: I bought this game for the music and that narration alone :D
Ar Mui: Shu是什麼色号?有號碼嗎

Bruce Lee Lighting Matches with Nunchucks