Bruce Lee Lighting Matches With Nunchucks

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Bruce Lee Lighting Matches with Nunchucks
Bruce Lee Lighting Matches with Nunchucks
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Bruce Lee- Ping Pong (Full Version)
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Rod Dunne: I don't have to say anything... if you like *Bruce Lee* you'll dig all 80 seconds. #brucelee #nunchuks 

Andrews Smith: bruce lee is cool and all, but what about a round of applause for the brave mofo who stood there and put the matchstick in his mouth

Brett Hospital: Bruce. freakING. Lee. selling phones. WITH AWESOME!

Amit Mehra: Sheer awesomeness......

danielandhisguitar: freak fruit ninja, Bruce Lee is a match ninja.

IRISH CHAP: Even do its not Bruce Lee im sure Bruce could do this with his eyes closed. True legend .

Franklin Yoakum: THATS NOT!!!!! BRUCE!!!!!!!! uper body too long!! 

Quertime: Another amazing video from Bruce Lee! Let's see how he lights matches with nunchucks.

agustin romeo: Fake no fake, I DON'T GIVE A freak, esta genial..

Jorge Gonzalez: gracias al amigo +Reinaldo Orrego Bruce freaking Puto Cabron LEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Jake Pettengill:

Alejandro Cruz: oh man! cool video

Eryck Bracho: Bruce Lee Lighting Matches with Nunchucks

Buyer Brown: Simply amazing...

derbywiz322: It's not Bruce Lee and it is camera tricks just like the video of 'him' playing ping pong with nunchucks. See Had me fooled too.

Matthew Long: Aaand the followup

Kanan St.Rose: Simply amazing...

Amit Mehra: Sheer awesomeness......

kavilhas1: sooo many idiots saying it can't be bruce since it's a phone ad... because it's totally impossible for nokia to have gotten footage of bruce lee without it having been recorded specifically for them.

Shaggy Rogers: I don't have to say anything... if you like *Bruce Lee* you'll dig all 80 seconds. #brucelee #nunchuks 

GeneralDeth1: Bruce Lee was one of the toughest humans to EVER live...

Alex_Silent: Bruce Lee is a legend he is the master in karate hell freak any mma fighter

Candida Correa: retards believing anything they see. this is part of a series of commercials. Fake as crap in other words. stupid lads and gals.

Drawolfer: I did read the comments, I just think you overreacted a little (and I'm not trying to be rude) These kind of promos are for crap and giggles, not meant to be taken so literally.

ryoungjohn85: I read this as "fighting matches with nunchucks"

Crow Hood: :29 the "I just shat myself" face

carl dirkson: i would let him do it if he was alive and right after i wiped my ass i kill myself with disshonor for not trusting him

Wei Sheng: this is fake.this is only a advitisement of nokia.the fighter's name is 石天龙 shi tianlong. he is also good and known as a amazing bruce lee imitater.

1986husker: Young padawans, why do you think Chuck Norris is so great, he learned from the legend.

bweazel: Too bad it's not Bruce Lee.

Corey Dulaney: This isn't Bruce look at the other film of him

Steve Percoco: Then why didn't it fool me for even a second? Some idiot posts an actor hitting a ping-pong ball with nunchcks and suggest in the title it's Bruce Lee. They even go as far as making the video in black and white and because someone with some intelligence points out that they didn't fool anyone, then another idiot like yourself has to say I'm just being a critic. Very amusing.

tom bill: Asian level is doing a handstand on your finger tips this is BRUCE LEE level

Antares Legionaire: Bruce Lee played Fruit Ninja so hard it bricked his X-Box

2pacTheRealistic: This is a disgrace of Bruce lee. This is not Bruce lee this guy is fat

Billyjoelovesu: :)

zguza1: Be wather my friend...

Simon s: @breakaslob He might know a bit of karate but im pretty sure he started with boxing and win chun. Havent you watched ip man?

Daniel Smith: You gotta have some freakin TRUST.

Beans: @F1llmon no. Jamie and what's-his-face would just make lame jokes and sound effects and then try to do it themselves. They'd make up some excuse to build some lame "scientific" and "controllable" experiment and end up "busting" the so called myth. Then, videos will pour into their studios of hillbillies showing that it can be done and that whatever pseudo-science myth-busters uses is BS.

trever gray: no, asian level is kicking chuck norris's ass standing on your fingertips is spiderman level and lighting matches thrown from 20 feet away with your awesome nunchaku skills is bruce lee level

King Beleth: That is not Bruce Lee!


SamoanLeatherNeck: This isn't bruce. I don't get why you freak tards keep labelling this vid with bruces name. This the oing pong one is fake and not the bruce.

Serestonge Poll: the other guy is a legend too

jamilchong666: True that davis

SK8TERxBOY46: The boss man!!

Tom Wardrop: You're all retarded. There. Now can we spend less time being little bitches, and more time watching crazy crap on Youtube.

IvanBMusic1: Shut the freak up. *Face palm*
Bruce Lee Lighting Matches with Nunchucks 4.9 out of 5

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Rod Dunne: I don't have to say anything... if you like *Bruce Lee* you'll dig all 80 seconds. #brucelee #nunchuks 
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Bruce Lee Lighting Matches with Nunchucks