Sig Sauer P226 MK25 Navy

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David Dias: That pistol has probably never left the Arms Room or the US.

Chris Lau: Where did you buy it . In California they are selling for 1200

hannah fleser: It's a classic

1975ats: You only pointed it at yourself 5 times with a magazine in before you did a safety check. Then continually through the video with the firearm roostered. And at 4:51 you mentioned shooting the camera. We're more worried about you shooting your self or someone around you.

Blake: no safety check ?

Danny_dan92: Can you take off the barcode? I mean it takes away from the sleekness of the handgun

Nick Sallah: I don't want to be one of those guys... But it is not the best habit to be constantly flagging your hand with the muzzle... Love the Sig though.

1AD7um1: In California P226 NITRON $949.99, P226 MK25 $999.99 what say you America?

G. sixone4: I want to write this as small as I can. "cringe"

frank cruz: Cool info Dude.

Andrew Snorlax: just picked one up today for 850. love it already

Jason NOT Bourne: $1160 at Stockade in southern california

Zach Barry: So I live in CO and I really want this gun but I'm only 18, I don't want to wait another 3 years so is there a way for me to get this being at my current age?

Morris Zachrisson: I noticed that some Sigs MK25 (and even regular P226) does not have signs of wear on the right side of that quadratic barrel chamber (where 9mm para is engraved). But some of them has that part of barrel totally worn out with huge white scratches (and the time of using does not matter). Does that mean that the demensions slide vs barrel = friction are slightly different from pistol to pistol (even same model)? What is always worn off is though the upper part of barrel chamber.

Siber Glomak: Inokatsu costs more :)

ybrik5: I have the old sig navy prior to this mk25. I installed SRT, dig OEM metal guide rod and put a 228 take down and deroostering levers (early production) as those are recommended by a member in sigforum. Now it looks a classic with those small parts.

Great review though! Tnx

leibstandarte1stSS: He had to be silenced by his own Govt. His Lies were becoming " Problematic"
Propaganda is Propaganda ,

Ron Johnson: the navy uses mil-comm 

Ron Johnson: try mil-comm its the best try it you will love it make your gun look new and added iol

Leadfarmer 503: I love Oregon 15 rounds and only paid $900 for the gun. Great review on the gun in the book.
Sig Sauer P226 MK25 Navy 5 out of 5

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alexandriaskateteam: @ThrashinThursdays its been repaved bro
David Dias: That pistol has probably never left the Arms Room or the US.
Falaima Mokeni: How do u become so good with your weak foot? please tell me. plz plz
Jorge Tapia: You would have to be a Surefire owner to know. Love my p2x Fury 600 lumen and is brighter than the fenix pd35 that claims 1000 lumens! Your paying for clean pure lumens on Surefire that Chinese crap lumens!!
Little Wolf: If you have windows ten and a monitor than hover over ur skype until u can right click the minimized version of your skype and that click move hold down left click and move your mouse to your main screen let me know if this fixed your issue if not I will come up with another solution to this problem
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Ellie Rose Welsby: Who thinks this is more about 'how to talk gibberish'

Sig Sauer P226 MK25 Navy