Sig Sauer P226 MK25 Navy

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Kwa sig p226 review and quick talk
Sig 226 Clean and Lube 2_HQ_WD.mp4
Sig 226 Clean and Lube 2_HQ_WD.mp4
History Book Review: One Perfect Op: An Insider's Account of the Navy Seal Special Warfare Teams ...
History Book Review: One Perfect Op: An Insider's Account of the Navy Seal Special Warfare Teams ...

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frank cruz: Cool info Dude.

Andrew Snorlax: just picked one up today for 850. love it already

Jason Not Bourne: $1160 at Stockade in southern california

Zach Barry: So I live in CO and I really want this gun but I'm only 18, I don't want to wait another 3 years so is there a way for me to get this being at my current age?

Morris Zachrisson: I noticed that some Sigs MK25 (and even regular P226) does not have signs of wear on the right side of that quadratic barrel chamber (where 9mm para is engraved). But some of them has that part of barrel totally worn out with huge white scratches (and the time of using does not matter). Does that mean that the demensions slide vs barrel = friction are slightly different from pistol to pistol (even same model)? What is always worn off is though the upper part of barrel chamber.

Siber Glomak: Inokatsu costs more :)

ybrik5: I have the old sig navy prior to this mk25. I installed SRT, dig OEM metal guide rod and put a 228 take down and deroostering levers (early production) as those are recommended by a member in sigforum. Now it looks a classic with those small parts.

Great review though! Tnx

leibstandarte1stSS: He had to be silenced by his own Govt. His Lies were becoming " Problematic"
Propaganda is Propaganda ,

Ron Johnson: the navy uses mil-comm 

Ron Johnson: try mil-comm its the best try it you will love it make your gun look new and added iol

paul Ghinga: I love Oregon 15 rounds and only paid $900 for the gun. Great review on the gun in the book.

Brodie Lee: great book, great hero, and amazing gun. i have one of my own. be glad yours was $950-$1000. I'm in canada and mine cost me $1300. and we are limited to only 10 round mags at most. cost and limits aside though, amazing gun.

Armando Cora: Why did they choose a 9mm over a ,45 or a .40?

Beau Hollis: good video and nice intro for Kyle.

Beau Hollis: good video and nice intro for Kyle.

Andrea Ramallo: I have a Beretta 92, but I love Sig also, Really great gun

gunz-n-gadgets: I'm a glock guy as well, but I'm in the market for this gun. It has been a nightmare to find though. When I'm broke they are all over the place, but when I have money they are nonexistent......

HardcoreAmericanUSA: I need to buy that book. May Mr. Kyle Rest in Peace. Great looking gun

arfbarg: This is not the exact pistol the Seals carried. This is a replica of it. Marketing ploy by Sig. Nice gun though. 

Jack Alchem: When he turned the gun and it showed that anchor, it was like BOOM MOTHERfreakER!
Sig Sauer P226 MK25 Navy 5 out of 5

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Cyrus K: This game may have high school students with weapons and monsters, but it's a Military Academy, there's no demon overlord trying to take over the world, but more about politics, nobles and rulers fighting for power, civil war, terrorists fighting for what they think is right. The Legend of Heroes lore is extremely deep and well thought out, and the writing is superb, I highly recommend it and not overlook it just because it's anime-like.
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Sig Sauer P226 MK25 Navy