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colterperry: what PSI?
Roberth Mendes: Cara, parabens pela moto! Estou pensando seriamente em comprar uma. Os elogios são muitos, beleza... economia etc... Esse video, tem mais de um ano, queria saber agora sua critica sobre a moto... Principalmente os defeitos... Agradeço!
Shewolf: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I cant believe it was that simple.
WXIIIR: @winghyro I guess that even with more 20$ would be an excellent price, i'm really not seeing at the moment a computer case that for 70$ would beat this one on cooling and aesthetics ( in build quality and cable management it would get raped i know ), besides maybe aerocool rs-9
JoeP: Well done!!!
Mark Hill: useless video
HansIslandTV: do you know what does my HEAD in about these synth tutorials... its nothing personal against the good author of this clip or anything but seriously - why don't they just get to the point? if you can't load a plug-in into your DAW of choice and orientate yourself around the interface - then you're clearly a spaz and would be looking for cubase tutorials rather than specific synthesiser ones that's 2 and a half minutes of valuable music production time wasted

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