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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Tamika Olivas: @okeeno27 how do you get QPST..CAN U DOWNLOAD FREE RINGTONES WITH THAT
burak Katar: herst zeig dein auto von außen so seh ich ja nur wie es innen is
tdeezy: nice
Олег Малюта: ну что это за обзор? где технические тонкости ничего конкретного
Hannah Sam: Im going to do the same hair, but for the bottom its going to be a neon color (Other than pink) And the rest black.
Josh Erb: I own a Hobart 140, works great, i have had 40lbs of wire through it, flux core only, got it at Orscheln's for $429 on sale. Longevity's roller feed system looks cheap, not settable, Hobart's is, i can set the tensioner to 3.5, you cannot on the Longevity,you turn a wing nut, it works, but that is it. also these MINI MIG's should all come with brass 300 amp grounds, i replace these every time. Now what happens if need a warranty service? from the research i've seen through the Better Business Bureau is pray that your Longevity welder doesn't break, bc there is no local service, and they will hold onto your machine for months, make you pay hundreds of dollars in shipping fees. don't believe me, look up BBB for Longevity welders complaints, they are all warranty issues. Best part is Hobart is Miller.... Miller is Hobart..... you can get great top notch parts and accessories for a Hobart. The worst thing Longevity did in this video was put their machine right next to the Hobart, the fit and finish is just lacking badly for the Longevity, that has nothing to do with how it operates! but its the first impression that counts.
johnny102marvin: This is like memorizing katas in martial arts.

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