Quiet Generator Shelter.

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Quiet generator Shelter.
Quiet generator Shelter.
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Generac iQ: The Quietest Generator EVER!!
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f1rststring: It's WHISPER QUIET!!!!!!!!!!

tonyinfinity: LOL you put a glasspack on it?

tonyinfinity: Everybody seems to want to make their generators quieter. Instead of all
the time and money building some elaborate enclosure just bury it in
the ground. Dig a hole and put some pea gravel for a base and a lid that
lifts up and a couple fans for circulation and you'll barely hear that
thing from ten feet away

jonneil smyth: sir if you tried large car mufflers you would find you will get little to zero exhaust noise

Mel Gibson: there's no sound in the vacuum of space...how to create a vacuum of space

qazwsxzwharp: That quiets it a little. Now swap the generator for a Honda EU3000i and it will really be quiet.

jimbolyo: Great job! I'm looking into doing something similar. I think I would make the base larger, to accommodate a fuel supply system. I'm thinking maybe a 100 gal propane tank or something.

indigoridge: Thanks for the inspiration. I just ordered a horizontal shed, 1340 CFM attic vent fan and a 3 inch duct cap to replicate your project. I've been looking at other generator sheds on Youtube and see some similarities, and some differences. If you were to do this over, is there anything you'd change?

Alur Lyrx: LOL, I like how the Carbon Monoxide exhaust vent it pointed over the fence to his neighbor's yard. Considerate.

El CID: Good Job!!! Way to dump all those fumes into the neighbor's yard!! LoL Otherwise; Great contraption

11wertyh: Is someone doing the lawn behind you?

Nick S: The thing sounds like crap. Get a windmill or solar panels if want quiet power.

notsosilentmajority1: I love the metal lining inside the shed, it is a great heat shield and looks great too.  This is the all around best set up I have seen so far on YouTube. Excellent job.  You should give a verbal summary as you're showing all aspects of what you did. I think people would really enjoy it and it would probably answer any remaining questions they may have. You did an absolutely great job on this. Thanks for sharing.

Semi Lost: If my power went out once a week I might consider a set-up like this,But c'mon I only bring out the genny once every ten years for emergency power. I'll deal with a little noise until the power from Edison comes back on.

Gabriel Karrr: basically a neat job could do whith some sound deadening material which should be firer retardent i agree about the fire hazard near the house

ryan ry: Very impressive, i am looking to have something similar done. 

jpyka4x4: O you fancy huh

Ricardo Munn: First, I would not put a heat producing engine inside of a plastic box even with vents and a fan. Second, the exhaust? Gasses can and will make their way into the house with such a short pipe. I would vent it all the way up to the roof and above to let the wind carry away the fumes...

Warsrogue: pretty cool. probably would go with a different muffler setup. That magnaflow looks more like a thrush copy made for performance than to be quiet. But if it's quiet enough in person I'm happy for ya.

diastoleny: I really love the creativeness but I'd be worried if something went wrong. Way too much to loose. Cool video though.
Quiet generator Shelter. 5 out of 5

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Quiet generator Shelter.