Quiet Generator Shelter.

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Quiet generator Shelter.
Quiet generator Shelter.
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4x Quieter generator in 10 seconds
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freddie fernandez: that is one unquiet beast. LOL

algamush: Nice job. You did it right, IMO

Leo Ryan: Quiet my ass! This is louder than my Champion with no shelter.

NYROCATV: I have an old storage container that houses a 6500 gen and is about 50 yards from the home. All enclosed with insulation and drywall and the exhaust runs outside into 2 tractor mufflers that are encased in cinder block and cement and sitting on the back porch the crickets are louder than the gen.

mickey scuteri: Does anybody know where i can buy an electric powered generator

Joe Daney: nice job

john smith: Jez for the amount of time money and effort you could've just bought a bigger and quieter genny lol

C Tomlin: wish you had some db readings for reference,...nice work

David Drumwright: Excellent, Excellent! This is exactly what I want to do with my generator that I just bought. From watching other guys on YouTube put on automotive mufflers, there was only a two decibel drop in noise. Housing it in an noise insulated compartment is the way to go from what I've seen if one really wants to drop decibel levels... I'm going to do this. Stand by for MY YouTube video...

snizzle dizzle: good job buddy nice video

Doc Z: What could go wrong, am I right, AM I RIGHT!! ;)

Paul: Nice.

Mike Davis: I bet your home owners insurance co will ok this . Not sure if the cabinet meets UL requirements,,,but maybe it will just melt and not ignite...good luck dude.

Lee Watson: If i take out my hearing aid's i cunt here a thing. Lol

bigfish101: is it on i cant hear it

Fred Legend: It's WHISPER QUIET!!!!!!!!!!

SUPERNOVA: LOL you put a glasspack on it?

jonneil smyth: sir if you tried large car mufflers you would find you will get little to zero exhaust noise

Mel Gibson: there's no sound in the vacuum of space...how to create a vacuum of space

qazwsxzwharp: That quiets it a little. Now swap the generator for a Honda EU3000i and it will really be quiet.
Quiet generator Shelter. 5 out of 5

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freddie fernandez: that is one unquiet beast. LOL
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Quiet generator Shelter.