Multimeter Review / Buyers Guide / Comparison: Brymen TBM867 Vs Fluke 87-V

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Multimeter review / buyers guide / comparison: Brymen TBM867 vs Fluke 87-V
Multimeter review / buyers guide / comparison: Brymen TBM867 vs Fluke 87-V
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Steven Jaynes: I would add the Bremen English Manual is very good and seriously better than Chinese Meter manuals I have or have seen.

blake the miner: I'm just starting soldering and pcb making do I need a high end meter for just mesuring dc current ohms and continunity

Foxy rollins: Awesome Vid, very scientific

EpiScintilate: We had a Metrel MD 9050 in our lab. It looked identical to the Brymen
TBM867 except it was blue. The specs look very close as well. From what I remember it didn't have the 500000 count button; but don't quote me on that. Quite reasonably priced. It worked fine. The capacitance function on the Metrel MD 9050 had very good resolution, much better than the Flukes.

Where I see the Flukes winning is perhaps the AC bandwidth. However the Brymen TBM869 seems to be better than the Brymen TBM867 in this respect, at least on paper

We also had a Fluke 287 in the lab, I agree with all you said at the beginning of the video. The display isn't great and it chews batteries like crazy. Spec-wise the Fluke 287 is fantastic. It also has a very wide AC bandwidth.

I've lined-up meters Fluke 8808A, Fluke 28-ii, Fluke 287 and the Metrel MD 9050 on bench and they all agree to small digits, similar to what you did in the video.

Ts: Thanks to you I now know what Multimeter to buy

Gerard Bonus: A bit too long winded and slow moving

Korrus Korrowaty: I disagree with You about speed of min and max catch. There is a CREST function that is very fast and store min and max values. It is designed for fast changing signals >1ms.

Mods & Tweaks: Will buy this Brymen TBM867s great review!

Murnel Babineaux: 4-20ma Industrial Apps , Oil and Gas Industry- Instrumentation. PWM apps for valve service, etc,.

Clamp-On Multimeter Channel: I have the Greenlee dm860a 50000 count multimeter very nice multimeter can measure a lot with it I think there's a button you can push to change it to 50,000 count or 500000 count as well bought my Greenlee dm860a I think I paid around $200 for it but new they run about $400.

meirbns: Hi,
Thanks for the comparison.
I would like to add note that 4-20mA loop is analog signal (not representing digital) used in the industry, where you need to transmit signals for long distances in the manufacturing plant, without loosing the signal. 4mA represents ZERO and 20mA represents FULL SCALE (what ever it is. Pressure, Resistance Temperature, Conductivity....).
If you use simple 0-5V or 0-10 volts, your signal is subjected to voltage drop along a long line, and there is no detection of discontinuity (0 volts) in the line. While using the 4-20mA will immediately detects line breakage (no 4mA current), and the signal is not sensitive to line voltage drop.
Thanks again for the excellent video !

Dragos Puri: The 4~20mA is more than just digital LOW or HIGH. It is better to use current to transmit a analog value over long wires, so you don't lose precision do to voltage drops.

David Newton: So it's nearly 5 years since this video was posted. Do you still feel the same about this meter or have you found an upgrade?

I'm in the market for a mid to high end DMM and I could use some updated recommendations from you. Perhaps a new shootout/buyers guide to mid to high end meters?

Cope1024: The current version is BM867s. What differences if any?

Ryszard Sytnik: I was watching this video and thinking about the name of this multimeter "Brymen" what sound similar to like German name. But when I did research and find out that this is made in Lodz City of Poland.  I was born and live for 33 years in Poland. I start asking my self question do I dreaming? or something?. Don't get me wrong, I like my country and this product (sound like success). But I just don't have that much faith and I will buy Fluke 87 V. ;-)

Clyde Wary: I have a Fluke 87 III, and I absolutely love it!  I got it from Ebay.  It was "NOS."  After I got probes & case for it, I think I spent as much as I could have gotten a series five for.  But I think it worked out for the best.  I learned that calibrating the 87 V is done with software, and it must be sent to Fluke for that.  But the 87 III is calibrated with internal pots, which any technician can tweak.  And I've got some decent voltage standards.

Dirtyharry70585: ebay is selling those used 87V for less and they have LIFE TIME warranty.

Its time to upgrade dude!

Remco Meeder: I have just ordered a BM869 from TME since that is the only way to get it here in the Netherlands. You can get the Greenlee branded one but it is much more expensive. I have a UNI-T UT61E which performs well as well but the complete lack of decent input protection and no decent fuses made me buy the Brymen. For work I used different Fluke multimeters ranging from the 87-IV to the fabulous Fluke 789 process meter. The 789 is hands down the best meter I have ever worked with, if you work in processcontrol environments it is a great device because it has a current source as well to generate 0/4 - 20 mA and as a bonus it can power loop powered devices (it generates 24V for this, so you chew through the 4 AA batteries quite quickly). 
I am really looking forward to receiving the Brymen since I changed jobs and no longer have access to Fluke devices (except my own old Fluke 97 Scopemeter)

Chingus696: My BM869S should be here tomorrow. $209 shipped to the usa. Great video as always, thank you!

Ron Bartch: Thank you for a great review!  I purchased a BM869s from TME and it was shipped from Poland to the USA via DHL.  Total cost $235.46 US .  Note $9.90 Shipping and Handling is included in the total. Delivery was unbelievably fast and as noted quite cheap.  I couldn't ship it across town, for that!  Thanks again for great videos!
Multimeter review / buyers guide / comparison: Brymen TBM867 vs Fluke 87-V 5 out of 5

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Steven Jaynes: I would add the Bremen English Manual is very good and seriously better than Chinese Meter manuals I have or have seen.
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Elva Hernandez: Clearly stated instructions. Love the tape idea. Thank you.
R M S Y: I have pro tools mp9 with m audi fasttrack can I still upgrade?
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Multimeter review / buyers guide / comparison: Brymen TBM867 vs Fluke 87-V