Super Bowl 47 Rigged: Bad Calls By Refs! (Review)

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Super Bowl 47 Rigged: Bad Calls by Refs! (Review)
Super Bowl 47 Rigged: Bad Calls by Refs! (Review)
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TheAuToMaTiC82: The ball landed out of bounds but it was thrown low enough that crabtree would have caught it had he not been held

David Carter: Crabtree would not have been able to catch that ball anyways...Kaepernick threw that ball well over the endzone, and that's why there was no call...Accept it. the 49ers deserve to lose.

SteelCurtainGaming: If you knew what a holding/pass interference was you would know what is possible and what isn't, the player has a chance to catch the ball even though it might go out of bounds. What happened was the baltimore player held the wide receiver in the endzone with both arms, which is a direct holding penalty, but instead of calling it, the refs didn't! That is giving away a game on a bad call.

ReiZ xJuicyy: You do know the head ref was black as well, right?

kayneassasin: honestly if i wanted a fixed sport i'd watch wrestling(which i do sometimes) but football shouldn't stoop this low.

mlmr11: You can argue for all the replays and challenges you want. When the NFL scripts a game , the outcome is inevitable. Watch the games and enjoy them but just understand that you are never watching an authentic contest when you watch "professional" sports

Michael Honore: Michael crabtree clearly pushed the corners head down on that fourth down yes it was a hold but the c as ll would of been offset and there would of been no penalty on the play.....

MyCrazy117: Im a Seahawks fan and we were a victim of the refs in XL and we get no credit for that even when the ref admitted years later!

ThaJokerStud: Ok, argue with me, the commentators and the analysts who says what I commented. (Which by the way they get paid.)

DonovanMcNabb100: YES! I saw that too on the holding. I barely hear a peep on it. So much hype on Ray Lewis. Pat Willis is now the better player

jaybee7414: You're right. Ravens are the best team in all the land!! ALL THE LAND!!!!

GreenSPMK: So the NFL is racist against a half black QB but is ok with a team that is 90% black.....riiiiiiight

OzzyFan324282: as far as wins, not rank

NYG801090: Couldn't have even been caught*

David Gee: Man, ever since the Seahawks were legitimately screwed in Super Bowl 40, EVERYONE thinks their team was ripped off. And most people don't even mean it, they're just saying it to be spiteful or edgy.

Chris Nelson: i was going to make this same video... i still will make this video... i will go to my grave before i EVER allow the Ravens to be given credit for this BLATANTLY CRIMINAL ACT! SPORTS ARE OFFICIALLY DEAD UNTIL WE GET THIS GAME TRIED IN A COURT OF LAW, AND THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!

SteelCurtainGaming: Baltimore had gotten away with such a view holding calls, and a few different calls, I think that I am completely done watching football after this season, it was such a disrespectful year towards the fans!

Mikal Martin: there cant ve defensive holding if the ball is already in the air, also crabtree initiated contact first so if anything it should have been offensive PI, you cant determine the game on 1 play. learn football please

finalfantasy1912: Did you hear Cary Williams didn't even get fined for the push on the ref yet Bill Belichick gets fined 50k (isn't much for him but still) for grabbing an official to try and get clarity on a call? Seriously man something is wrong with that.

Krystal Love: RIGGED. FIXED. I believe it. Ref gave authority to hold them. No call. Everyone seen it.

LeGette88: Ravens had a lot of facemasks that weren't called, and that last play in the endzone was a hold, and played 4-5times and still didn't call it.. the power outage had NOTHING to do with it being rigged.. 49ers smashed the falcons when they were getting blown out , and there was NO power outage.. 9ers got a ring stole by officiating..

CodNoobslayer12: Yes but he was held before the pass past the 5 yard line that is called a holding.

Dustin Burd: i think the nfl should have a rematch... that game was bull

Chris Nelson: no no no no no! the world does NOT get to dismiss this criminal act! it will not happen... you do not get to make it go away, simply by making this an EMOTIONAL argument... IT IS NOT! this is about HUMANITY being able to survive the next 100 years, and IF WE ARE BEING GUIDED BY THE KIND OF SCUM WHO IS RIGGING NFL, NBA AND MAJOR SOCCER GAMES... WE WILL NOT SURVIVE THE NEXT 100 YEARS! these people absolutely MUST be taking out of their freaking holes, and put on trial before all of humanity!

TPKelley4440: That wasnt the only big missed call there were 7or 8 block in the backs that the missed too

SteelCurtainGaming: I think that is why they gave it to him as well!

kayneassasin: one problem is under 2 minutes the coach cannot challenge a play. but yea this game was fixed. you could smell the ravens winning the superbowl before the playoffs started. ray lewis had to go out on a bang.

ThaJokerStud: I think it was a good call. It was incomplete. Both the receiver and corner back had mutual contact. So I can relate with the call.

GreenSPMK: Nope we won and u mad. City of champions won what they worked for. Ray lewis went to court, was found to be innocent, was allowed to live a better life and now ppl want to bring something up from over 12years ago to justify a loss.

SteelCurtainGaming: actually he was touched, not the way they described, but he was touched by the dude rolling over underneath him and knocking him over, it should have been a 15yd penalty and should have given them a 1st down!

GreenSPMK: Burgh is the city of rapist...oh but u dont mind that right?

stevewhite16: That is the stupidest thing I've heard today. DBs always initiate the contact near the LOS. It makes sense for them to hold, it makes no sense for receivers to charge into DBs. Crabtree did push off once he was being held.

CrazyBear65: The Ratbirds didn't win anything, they had it handed to them on a platter by the crooked refs. The NFL is phony, just like WWE, now a lot more people realize it. I've always been a die-hard Steeler fan, since I was old enough to know what a football is (Hanratty was QB back then) and I've been watching this bad-call/no-call bullcrap increase progressively over the last few years. It happens in every game. The deck is stacked, the dice are loaded. I won't be watching any NFL games anymore.

Tony: Ball was uncatchable, maybe if he threw it a little more accurately they get the call, but Crabtree pushed off anyways. Both guys were fighting for the ball

OzzyFan324282: oh really? what happened to his white suit that night? why was blood found in HIS limo, why did he tell his limo passengers to keep their mouth shut? why did he say in his hotel that he doesn't want to end his career like this? you guys did not win, the refs did.

muhfankingboss: The Only Reason he Was Pushing Him Off Was Cuz The aside Was Wrapped Around His Arm, & The Play Before Should've Been Called For A Helmet To Helmet Hit

SteelCurtainGaming: I am saying the power outage in John H! Towards him and his player, the motivation and strive was lost during the time and gave the 49ers more rest, but the calls were based towards the 49ers, and that was unacceptable by nfl officials!

PREDATOR11910: Not a fan of either team but that TD return from Jacoby Jones should of been called back! Look at all the attention Ray Lewis is getting. Pat Willis is a better LB now anyway. Its all about money

JSC3: There was also helmet to helmet contact by the Ravens on Crabtree the play before...


Victor Manuel: Knucklehead you sound like band wagon fan, Ravens have no real fans.

Chris Nelson: and that is some freaking bullcrap, calling yourself Mr True Knowledge, when clearly TRUTH or KNOWLEDGE are not things you give a flying freak about... CHANGE YOUR NAME! you do not have a right to have that ID... ANYWHERE!

blazestudios23: Please explain away the helmet to helmet on 3rd down and the 3 Ravens players holding on the kick off return they did for a touch down.

Melissa Fuller: Everybody argues the Crabtree no call on 4th down but that was only the 8th worst call/no call that cost SF. Ravens were allowed to throw punches & toss refs around for Christ's sake. Go watch the wide angle replay of the KO return TD & see the biggest hold ever as 2 Ravens hold Miller out of the running lane Jones ran threw. Hilariously bad no call. How about BAL jumping offsides 4 times? OPI on pushoffs? Helmet to helmet? could go on all day & what I'm saying isn't even arguable.

DIG6286: He wasnt the guy had contact with him in the endzone u could clearly see his jersey streched out from being held

HackerMW2Master128: If Look at The Play, The 49er Player Was Pushing Off And He Grab Him. A Lot Of 49ers Will Be Mad. You Can Push And Grab Before 5 Yards And The Ball Was Throw Were Nobody Can Catch It. Punt Hold Should Have Been Call. But If They Accept The Penalty It Would Have Been 10 Sec Run Down On The Clock Because Under 2min. BS Im Seahawk Fan

Myk ul: LOL your funny dude..... "thats directly bullshht"

joe ahl: Well not exactly I'm a cheifs fan all the way.. but I do like the 49ers also and they deserved that win way more than ravens

oooshitman9: Yep. It sure was some fixed BS!

Preston Wood: I believe the 49ers would have one if that penalty at the end was called in. I mean what the actual freak. He was clearly holding. It really isn't fair at all. Like you said, it's complete bullcrap, and i don't even like that much football and I know that.
Super Bowl 47 Rigged: Bad Calls by Refs! (Review) 4.2 out of 5

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Super Bowl 47 Rigged: Bad Calls by Refs! (Review)