Super Bowl 47 Rigged: Bad Calls By Refs! (Review)

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Super Bowl 47 Rigged: Bad Calls by Refs! (Review)
Super Bowl 47 Rigged: Bad Calls by Refs! (Review)
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Super Bowl XLVII Sucked the Big One
Last Play of Super Bowl XLVII Baltimore Ravens defeat San Francisco 49ers
Last Play of Super Bowl XLVII Baltimore Ravens defeat San Francisco 49ers
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Superbowl 47 Team Introductions Ravens vs. 49ers

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Kurtis Butts: It doesn't matter if it was an accident or not the point is the 49ers should have had an automatic first down. I also think it was a bull sh*t call.

Tony: Ball was uncatchable, maybe if he threw it a little more accurately they get the call, but Crabtree pushed off anyways. Both guys were fighting for the ball

shiauZOOMer: That's because it was an accident. If Team A needs a player on the opposing Team B to get kicked out to win the game, then clearly Team A doesn't deserve to win.

yourmomsspermdoner: hey dumbcrap. you must not of seen Delanie Walker getting tackled at the 4 yd line on the same play.

oooshitman9: Yep. It sure was some fixed BS!

Tyler Younan: That is so true it is bull****

Big JNJ: Have bad calls so get over it

Big JNJ: Ref's get me master, but ever sport ever game WILL

David Gee: Man, ever since the Seahawks were legitimately screwed in Super Bowl 40, EVERYONE thinks their team was ripped off. And most people don't even mean it, they're just saying it to be spiteful or edgy.

Taylor Tri: Yes, sports are officially dead. In my best guess is because of the officiating on NFL and NBA. As a San Francisco 49ers fan and a Chicago Bulls fan, we officially need a strike on both sport leagues for a season: NO GAMES & NO PLAYOFF. Just like the 2004 NHL and 1994 MLB.

OttomanTurk209: hey dumbcrap, the ball was on the five yard line and the holding was found in the endzone! Last time I checked you can't make contact after five yards. So are you saying it should've been defensive PI? This guy is right in the video NFL needs to get their crap together.

Melissa Fuller: Everybody argues the Crabtree no call on 4th down but that was only the 8th worst call/no call that cost SF. Ravens were allowed to throw punches & toss refs around for Christ's sake. Go watch the wide angle replay of the KO return TD & see the biggest hold ever as 2 Ravens hold Miller out of the running lane Jones ran threw. Hilariously bad no call. How about BAL jumping offsides 4 times? OPI on pushoffs? Helmet to helmet? could go on all day & what I'm saying isn't even arguable.

MOEDOE1989: funny how raven fans reply with "u mad bro"? lol ya were given a tainted ring

GreenSPMK: Robbed? Like the falcons? Or the seahawks? Who was getting their ass beat the majority of the game? Who had the advantage of a power outage? They didnt get robbed, they had multiple chances to win and they couldnt pull it off. They didnt deserve it

Christopher Silva: No they didn;t earn it or deserve it, the 49ers got robbed. Soo stop it

Christopher Silva: Your a corn for that you lame ass nigga. Ravens cheated thats it

Christopher Silva: The hell are u talking about???

SteelCurtainGaming: First of all buddy, I can tell that you didn't even watch the video. Because if you did you wouldn't be saying that comment, 2nd of all, if your going to comment on a video you didn't even watch, don't bother leaving a comment!

Mikal Martin: @blazestudios23 there is pretty much holding on every play from both offences and special teams, but the refs cant be calling holding every play now can they?

blazestudios23: This isn't even the worst play review the 3rd down and notice the helmet to helmet that didn't get called or the 3 Ravens holding on the kick off return for a TD.
Super Bowl 47 Rigged: Bad Calls by Refs! (Review) 5 out of 5

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Super Bowl 47 Rigged: Bad Calls by Refs! (Review)