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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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NiaBTheSingingGamer: Get it the developers of a game forgot to add walking animation to watch it so now everytime you walk he teleports behind you! Its like that in all the copies of the game! Fricken scary!!!!!
Loveinthemist11: that was soo COOL! the dancing reminded me of the movie "Elf"! hahaha.
segaprophet: I'll stick with my Caanoo, thanks..
Alastair Scoular: i tav the dryden area, where is this trail?
TheBlueHowler: 2 coins... Reference to two bits from The Outsiders?
greatplanesman: @tecatedrag So the flywheel is unbalanced, which is what causes the vibrations??
Kpoploverthatlovestosing 123: What video are they talking about when sabrina says she wants to be that kitty crawling around them? pls someone tell me?

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