Zero Tolerance 0550 Gen. 2 Folder

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Zero Tolerance 0550 Gen. 2 Folder
Zero Tolerance 0550 Gen. 2 Folder
ZT 0550 Lock Fail? (Gen 2)
ZT 0550 Lock Fail? (Gen 2)
Knife Comparison: Zero Tolerance 0550 vs 0560
Knife Comparison: Zero Tolerance 0550 vs 0560
Zero Tolerance 0550 Review
Zero Tolerance 0550 Review
Knife Review: Zero Tolerance 0550
Knife Review: Zero Tolerance 0550
Zero Tolerance 0550 vs Zero Tolerance 0560
Zero Tolerance 0550 vs Zero Tolerance 0560
Zero Tolerance 0550 Hinderer Review
Zero Tolerance 0550 Hinderer Review
Unboxing: Zero Tolerance 0550 Rick Hinderer
Unboxing: Zero Tolerance 0550 Rick Hinderer

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MrBenrokEarth: Love the 0550.

Blade Brotherhood: Thank you!....or did you mean the knife?

AbyssalTentacle: Bladehq has the 0550 for $145 with an account, but I don't know if it's the V2 or V1

Blade Brotherhood: It does! I couldn't put my finger on it but you are right, the blast on the new ones is much nicer.

nuby86: Ah, sorry. I was talking to my mom, but great vid! LOL

Blade Brotherhood: And I think off the hinderer site they have a couple colors too, nothing that I wanted though

Blade Brotherhood: LOL, did I really say hugest?

jennifer baker: Just seen the other vid. Have u had any probs since u got it back

Hiluxtaco: I like the look of it with the cutout on the outside....

nothingintheendable: Chop something!

Blade Brotherhood: I did that to a bunch of production knives too, regreted doing it

Practically Everyday: Dude I loved my 0550... I sold it to fund a custom, but I'm still thinking about it.... *sigh*

KrazyCash: Just got myself the Gen 1 design not too long ago. For my first Ti framelock I dig it. Don't mind the strong detent either, opens up with authority. Good vid, man!

cookiesinmynose69: How did you remove the logo?

JDYTC: Thank you very much for your reply. Do you know if a original Hinderer pocketclip fits on the verticalized pocketclip-screw-holes of the 0550?

herotolegend: Thanks man. I know what I'm buying when I get payed :D

819rambo: I hopeing to get the 0560

Blade Brotherhood: Welcome to the sickness my friend....welcome

GreenVVolF: never mind. I made my own. Check out the video I put up of the new scale.

JChadwell20: Would you say you like the 0550 better than the 0560? Or would you say they are basically the same. Btw, you sound like x4cto in this video! lmao

kevin bandfield: where did u by the gen 2? thanks :)

Blade Brotherhood: Thanks for the support! Hopefully Mr. Hinderer will be coming out with the deep cary scales here soon!

Locutus D'Borg: Guess I'll sell my XM-18 and buy a ZT 0550 (*_*)

mikedifeo: You talk a lot better than you sing ! ! ! THIN and LONG, not good for anything. SHORT and FAT always works better, that's what she said. So it is long, thin and not sticky !!!! That new ZT is very nice.Looks like you got a good buy on it. And finally, I hop eyou are not tutoring the young stallion in English, "HUGEST" really. LOL........... By hte way how is the young stallion and Chino doing?

nothingintheendable: So why the 550 over the 560? I want one but can't make up my mind on one.

Lazy Lizard Gear: Moving the cutout to the outside was probbly a good idea. I've seen tests and reasoning that suggest it makes the lock more secure. Bit of a bummer about the clip though IMHO. I like the standard ZT style, but think the deep carry style like on the 560 and Gen2 here are annoying. They stick up too high and create a hot spot for me.

PianoKammy: I was looking at the Ritter Griptillian for $120... but now I'm seriously thinking about shelling out another $80 to get this blade. I have.... to .... have... it..... I've thoroughly beat my Tenacious to hell and back, and I want a tank. This is the tank I want.

jennifer baker: i got the chance right now to pick up a nib gen2 with the orig black scale, acu scale and a black blue frag for 175 shipped. im GETTIN IT :) love your reviews btw

Blade Brotherhood: Same here man! Not sure why, but the Gen 2 looks a lot better on the lock side to me

Blade Brotherhood: You no like? LOL

jester0916: i heard somewhere that the gen 1's with a serial # over 2000 were carbidized from the factory. my serial # is 1812 and was not carbidized when i got it new for $160. I sent it over to smokeeater and he did the detent ball and the carbidizing for $25.

Blade Brotherhood: Shipped out today

Phil Wappner: Like the new cutout position. Mabye ill get one now. Thanks Carter.

jester0916: LOL!

Evan Eriksen: Think it would look even sweeter if those screws were satin instead of black.

herotolegend: Price considered, do you prefer the ZT 550 or strider SnG?

Mymugface: Just ordered mines.

TheRealCxixmx: if you want a gen 1 bladehq has it for 155 and kershawguy from bladeforums will give it to ya for 145 free shipping if ya contact him.

PracticalGunandGear: I love the new one, got it a few weeks ago and it is sooo smooth!

Hiluxtaco: So I have to ask. Are you going to stonewash the new one?

Blade Brotherhood: Same here!

jwboyk1: im carrying my gen 1 today

BOHEMIANHUNTINGCLUB: That's a great look'n knife!! nice vid!

DISaltzman: still has three different Hinderer scales, unfortunately only in green, pink, and yellow.

tacokiller101: where can i get one?

X4CTO: Yeah I remember bro... I am leaning toward the 0550 as the overall better EDC, but the texture and blade shape are a little more beautiful to me on the 0560.

nerv5th: Nice design change but how it is putting inside and outside the pocket I have issues with striders, hinderers that had that frame-lock cutout on the outside that if you have pants that are made from a softer fabric the fabric catches on the corner and you must use force to put it out. I'm curious if this problem is also with this gen 2. BTW I'm waiting on my 0550 :)

Blade Brotherhood: I would say it's one of the best (if not the best) production, framelock folders in the "overbuilt" catagory. It's just a really high quality blade, made in the US, at a very reasonable price.

X4CTO: LMAO! Y'all don't want me to get involved in this discussion.

Blade Brotherhood: LOL
Zero Tolerance 0550 Gen. 2 Folder 4.7 out of 5

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Jack Ferriola: I was having a problem where the holes for the included screws weren't threaded and when I tried to install them I wasn't sure whether to force them in or what. She screws seem too big for the holes too. What do I do?
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Zero Tolerance 0550 Gen. 2 Folder