#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK | Natural Hair Tutorial

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CROCHET BRAIDS: Side Mohawk! (Slow motion)
CROCHET BRAIDS: Side Mohawk! (Slow motion)
african american braided hairstyles for kids
african american braided hairstyles for kids
Braided Mohawk
Braided Mohawk
How to do a braided mohawk on natural hair
How to do a braided mohawk on natural hair
Vintage Roll with Fishtail Braid
Vintage Roll with Fishtail Braid
Two-Strand Twisted Mohawk
Two-Strand Twisted Mohawk
How to do a quick & easy Braided Mohawk on natural hair
How to do a quick & easy Braided Mohawk on natural hair
Mohawk braids by Seddeb Braids
Mohawk braids by Seddeb Braids

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J. Wilson: damn you got some serious skills

Sw33tSparkl3: Girl u did that! 100% on point. Beautiful

qtepiee88: who the heck would dislike this! so cute!

Natural Gal: You know what? You are the bomb.com! I just love your styles. I know I can duplicate this style,if I can give myself boxbraids. Thanks for sharing!

Trill stunnass: When going to sleep, how do you protect it so that the curls don't fall out?

Nicole Sharae: Definitely trying this style!!! love it

Jocelyn roberts: Omg if only I could braid my own hair 

Ongelique Pyles: you have so much patience .

Obeyy Candacee: 😩😍👏👏

A M Sanders: Very cute! Thanks for the tutorial.

tadiah84: This looks sick!! Wish I could do this to my hair omg!

Ursula Mims: Love it 

Latrice Anglin: That is too cute.......

Nikki Jay: Thank you soooo much for this tutorial. I definitely used it and I'm ecstatic with the results :)

NATASHA WILSON: Cute! I wished I knew how to braid. You make it look so easy!

MsYBBG: Watching this made me realize I need to do MORE with my hair :) lol Thanks!

kimberly route: Wow very pretty

sandy green: This is absolutely beautiful. I really love it! Flawless beauty!

Kerry Black: Hair inspiration, thx!!

pndiya: That looks sooo pretty on you! I wish my natural would grow out already so I can try it

ShayLove122985: This is gorgeous

luvlyrickle: Phenomenal!! Thanks for sharing. Subscribing NOW!

Ana-kay Haye: thats really cute

Lez Mon: Thanks I'm gone try this this weekend, transitioning 

Lisa Montgomery: wow you could really do hair I love tis video and your very like ready for it like to do your hair

Claire is Kewl: Omg, I am amazed at the patience you have when doing this hair style The parts in the cornrows are perfect and the twist-and-curl is fantastic too. 

all natural herbs: what a darling hairstyle

Monica C.: Your hair has grown so much! I love this look on you! :-)

Denise Grant: Just t cant find a style that fit my face You are amazing tho. All the styles look beautiful on you. 

jessicag011: OMG! I love this tutorial and the end result is gorgeous!!!!!!

~~My NaTuRal HaIR JoURnEy~~: Love!

Elania Freeman: This video helped me because I'm a beginner and didn't know how to handle this hair

Donna Coffey: Please do a Nicki Minaj lookalike vid! You look just like her! Beautiful :-)

Ashley A.: Girl you are AMAZING! Thanks for the tutorial. I hope my hair turns out this pretty

naturallybowens: This style is beautiful and very easy. Great job TFS

Tameka Huggins: Great video

Brittany Renee: I'm obsessed with your video omg!!!!!!

MSjapaDean26: I love this hairstyle. Looks really good.

Kisha White: OMG I LOVE THIS!

Mackenzie Jones: I've been waiting to do this hairstyle for the longest but now that ive been seeing people rock this hairstyle i'm diff going to get it you rocked that hairstyle to cute.

Latisha bell: LOVE this! Gonna try this soon

NaturalPassion4Hair: Great job on your hair style! Inspired to try

cassie charles: Exactly what I was looking for love it ! Thanks ((:

Naomi Clark: Beautiful as always your hair is really growing!!

caroline rose: This is so cute, and your gourgeous

Kae Sanders: You did an AMAZING job on your hair. The finished look is BEAUTIFUL!

beauttty072: I wish i can braid my own hair

Msbrownsugarondeck: Love it!

Tabea Pawlitzki: I could never do this with my hair, but the picture looked so cool I had to watch the video! This looks so hard. I can't believe you did this all yourself. Beautiful!
#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK | Natural Hair Tutorial 5 out of 5

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J. Wilson: damn you got some serious skills
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#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK | Natural Hair Tutorial