#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK | Natural Hair Tutorial

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VEDA Day 8 : Braided Senegalese Mohawk Part 2
VEDA Day 8 : Braided Senegalese Mohawk Part 2
Braided Mohawk
Braided Mohawk
Easy Braided Mohawk ►Natural Hair
Easy Braided Mohawk ►Natural Hair

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Roud Ragheb: wow....you look lovery as well

Shae Bae: i can't believe she just actually did her own hair I'm shocked! by the way merry Christmas everyone and happy newyear my bday today I'm trying to find out how I'm gonna get my hair dang this stuff be blowing me. been looking for hairstyles since the last today's I'm not getting no weave so its really complicated right now💯💯👍👍

mathisbev: You are amazing

Melissa Chambers: How'd you grow your under cut so fast?

Sharonda Cox: I love it!!!! Braids r so perfect!!!

Benita Obeng: wow so amazing u can braid ur own hair

FreshBunny😍: beautiful. my braiding skills suck xD

Dairy Of A Desperate Working Wife: Amazing! I'll try this

kibret bahre: I love it

grace grace: waaw wat a style sweet sister u re too much .u hv no size.natural gals we re too much .tanks

butterscotch leopold: you make it look so easy!

danielle Spencer: Ur hair is to cute 😍

Sharon Anderson: i hate that your ...not my sister or cuzing ...amazing love love love it

Samina Mowa: wow nicee😊

Jeanette Bristol: I'm all loving this hairstyle

sukiyaki: Amazing.

Cornisha Richmond: How does one part so straight on their own head?!

shaichan13: Looooooooove! Thank you! :D

Mzz Swagga: Which i found this video earlier!! Great Job though, can't wait to try it
#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK | Natural Hair Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Roud Ragheb: wow....you look lovery as well
ronin4711: Good Video, I have the 3 set Veritas Dovetail saws and they perform flawlessly.
I believe that the Gent's saws are just as good just with a different grip style in your hand. You mentioned your Dozuki saw that cuts smooth but slow, so, before you "knock it", I suggest you try a different saw that I have: Gyokucho #372 Rip Cut Dozuki (Dovetail) Saw, it's razor sharp and cuts pretty fast too either rip or cross cut.
David Barron swears by it, I second it. Check out his videos about Japanese saws.

mak simrun: Its way toooo coooool man.. ...
Funtoso: next time you make a video, do not forget to turn ON the lights
abu bakr al-swaghdadi: What song is this?
MickeysJunky408: honestly it would be cool for a title match in cali if they got the venue and promo to pull the amount of fans needed but at the same time its King of THE DOT, so it makes complete sense why title matches are only held in THE DOT. it does suck for the battlers that cant make it to canada, but like he said, SWIM BRUH lol
vicky kasel: Bekah really liked your interview with Caitriona

#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK | Natural Hair Tutorial