#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK | Natural Hair Tutorial

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#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK   Natural Hair Tutorial
#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK Natural Hair Tutorial
Braided MoHawk Protective HairStyle
Braided MoHawk Protective HairStyle
No-Heat BEACHY WAVES   Valencia Rose Hair
No-Heat BEACHY WAVES Valencia Rose Hair

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qtepiee88: who the heck would dislike this! so cute!

Sw33tSparkl3: Girl u did that! 100% on point. Beautiful

Trill stunnass: When going to sleep, how do you protect it so that the curls don't fall out?

Jocelyn Roberts: Omg if only I could braid my own hair 

MsAirbears: Very pretty, your hair must grow fast. Unless this was recorded before the undercut.

Vero R: If.I dont have afro hair, that style will work on my hair??

Natural Gal: You know what? You are the bomb.com! I just love your styles. I know I can duplicate this style,if I can give myself boxbraids. Thanks for sharing!

NaturalNeiicey: so cute.. i have to try this!!

TwinGodesses: Love it! 

PictureMeNatural: So cuteeee! Happy new Year Hun!

Nivea HeartsBeauty: Giiiirl I love it. .thanks for sharing xx

Alex Amethea: very cute

vanie0295: Beautiful!!! There's no way I could have done something like that.

TotalDivaRea: I've Entered

nishamonae: Love it!!!!!

Fashion to Live: This turned out so pretty! Tfs!

VeePeeJay: This is really pretty. happy New Year :)

Emmy Vargas: Oh how I wish I could actually cornrow. :sigh...weep: it is my biggest shame :-( LOL

Naturalicity: I love this style!

NajaDiamond: Gorgeous look! Girl you my inspiration to be more daring with my hair and try new styles, I love how you switch it up!

TiffanyNicholsDesign: This styles was Super Cute on you!!! Happy New Year!!!

Keli B.: Nice every time

Destini Couture: too cute , Q: what program are you using to edit ?

marquita83: very nice i like!!

LifeOfMula: I love this style! 😻

shyann williams: bravo bravo, cheers toast bravo to you ! I love it dahhlliinngg.. I'm going to do this tomorrow, thank you so much.

Godsladie: Love this style...will def be duping this

Divalishous Starr: All I can say is "Simply Beautiful!"

MONALOC06: Very cute and neat .. Im doing these type of braided hair styles with my natural hai and im running out of styley i say yes to more hairstyles -moemoe

NaturalHairStyles101: So cute! Love your styles! 

mamatosh05: How cute is that!

Erica Bonnee': Love it

A M Sanders: Very cute! Thanks for the tutorial.

J Sanders: I love it!

afrikahchick: Super cute hairstyle!! Love it!! :-)

For the Love of Curls: Super cute!

shadajah84: You make it look so easy. 

jahsloved1: you changed your yt name, thats why i havent seen any new videos yet ... great tutorial

BadGirl0804: That style looks sooo cool. I wish I had those type of hair styling skills. Love watching your videos- you get right to the point.

Gloria Musoke: This is amazing !

shantel shields: I've entered

delise williams: Love it!

ChrissySoNatural: I love it! I'm gonna try this tomorrow. Thx for posting!

Cookie Lee: Beautiful style - so cute thank you for sharing.

KianaJTV: I love it! Now all I need to know is how to braid

NDM Styles: that is hot!

Msbeautywithin1: Nice, love it. You made it so easy to do. Thanks

BelleFemmeDiaries: This is beautiful! Man I wish I knew how to braid!

Ciara Jones: lol. I had the same question that some people have asked: what happened to the undercut? I could be wrong but I'm assuming this video was recorded beforehand because I can't think of any method that could grow back hair that fast.......in just a few short weeks. if so, send me the product! :-) anywho, not only that, she stated in the undercut video that she cut off a good amount of her hair because the ends were like "scruff mcgruff", lol. here, the length is still the same & so are her ends. therefore, I think it is safe to conclude that this video was filmed prior to the new style that I would LOVE to see her rock! by the way, this style is cute...

louisianamrs: Now if I cld just braid my own hair 
#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK | Natural Hair Tutorial 5 out of 5

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#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK | Natural Hair Tutorial