#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK | Natural Hair Tutorial

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How to do a quick & easy Braided Mohawk on natural hair
How to do a quick & easy Braided Mohawk on natural hair
Braided Mohawk-Tutorial/Review Sapphire Wand
Braided Mohawk-Tutorial/Review Sapphire Wand
VEDA Day 8: Braided Senegalese Mohawk Part 1
VEDA Day 8: Braided Senegalese Mohawk Part 1
Braided Mohawk Natural Hairstyle
Braided Mohawk Natural Hairstyle

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A'Chauntae Hall: I LOVE your channel... Can't wait for my hair to get your length´╗┐

Andriely Ribeiro: love­čśś­čśś´╗┐

Dechasa Shinuna: I love everything... natural neat make beautiful look´╗┐

Tanny Smith: wow!! stunning!!! something so simple but classy and sexy´╗┐

Patrice Olivier: if your hair long how to do d curls n how wud it cum out.. plz reply want to know cz im dyin to do it...´╗┐

mihret zenebe: wow Best´╗┐

Shatera chaffa: awesome!´╗┐

Jailah 123: do we need to use your stuff u using inna video or can we use our own´╗┐

Olivia Davis: ur very pretty´╗┐

MsTPZ: thanks so much!!!´╗┐

love wright: Can you braid my hair´╗┐

Mellisa Brooks: did this last week it Looked great! thanks Kim´╗┐

Candace White: I just love your styles!!´╗┐

Shieva: shouting you out on my next video... I did my daughters hair like this for her birthday! <3´╗┐

Supermom Hkfan: Gifted hands´╗┐

XQuamisa Darko: I love your hair an i love the music you put in, in the background´╗┐

Kasheva Lewis: you make jealous and regret I perm my hair. can't wait to grow it back up.´╗┐

S Domingo: that's so pretty. I'm fixing to do this in my daughter hair´╗┐

Chick Fight: Your so talented !! Love ur vids´╗┐

MonaNaturally Me: love it!´╗┐
#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK | Natural Hair Tutorial 5 out of 5

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#BAWSE BRAIDED MOHAWK | Natural Hair Tutorial