Stoeger Uplander Side By Side Shotgun Review

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eduardovjk: It's good gun... Want a bad gun?

Buy chinese...

Canadian Metis Man: most modern every day mans shotguns are inferior in quality and craftsmanship to there lower  price counterparts of the past.

Riley Perkins: great review iv had my 20 gauge version sens i was 10 i'm 21 now i like it cause i shoot it well defiantly not high quality never has misfired on me but i did have to send it back when i couldn't open it which was irritating but i have also used it alot before that and after lots of pheasant and grouse have died under this gun mine has double triggers its roughly $400 here in the states great review though

kmeekins2: Had this gun for a little over a year now and shot plenty of skeet/trap with it and I'm extremely happy with it. Even put a few slugs with it just for fun, no problems there either. I agree it's no high end over $1000 gun. I do feel it was worth the money, it's been a fun gun so far. 

caleb10985: That looks like a baikal

Andrew Annas: Thanks for the review. I will mark this gun off my list. Looking to get a side by side or O/U. 

Adolfo Guerra: If you are a conservative you are more than welcome to come to the US.

Joseph D. Heller: I just got my Stoeger Uplander about a mouth ago, used. It has the dual triggers. Finally got the chance to go trap shooting with my new toy. I did 2 rounds, so 50 clay and it shot everytime. Like I said, I got it used, so there is no telling how old it is or often the old owner shot; but for $300 after tax, not bad. Also, unlike my nicer over and under; I do not care if I drop, scratch, or whatever.

hunterfishernz: Blimey I seem to have stirred up a hornets nest with this review. Some people really like their Stoegers! Look if all you can afford is a cheap gun then good luck with a Stoeger. You may get one that works ok. However I stand by my review and after 25 years or firearm experience, I can tell you they are cheap shotgun that can be unreliable and are not very refined at all. Yes it is true there is not much choice these days but I would prefer a second hand, SKB, Mirouku or Winchester 23 any day.

DreamPen: The video I was referring to:

DreamPen: Ignore the people saying your review is wrong. Just go through enough online reviews: Stoeger's quality is inconsistent. There are lots of reports of trigger problems and weak primer strikes. I even saw a video where the gun locks in a weird way if tilted while open, preventing a reload. It's not that you can't get a Stoeger that doesn't work well; it's just that there's a real chance the particular gun you're getting is going to need fixing. The guys who got good Stoegers are simply fortunate.

stonedimaculate1983: i was not looking for yuppies in the rain

CrashByron: No problems with my double trigger Stoeger. I love that gun.

DuckManClyde: Im with you on that one, Anything built under the Beretta / Benelli name is well respected, and trusted in my house, i have the new longfowler, and condor o/u s, and their my new favorites in the case.

hunterfishernz: Well I have been involved with shooting for 30 years. I also worked in a leading Auckland Gun-shop for 5 years full time. In that time our peak business period was the lead up to the duck shooting seasons. I sold hundreds of shotguns from cheap russian single barrell's to Perazzi under overs and everything in between. We used to sell Boitio SBS guns which are the same as the Stoeger. Many of them used to fail and come back to us. Light strike issues on the primers were the main issues.

metisman100: you should have got the dubble trigger

aussie rifleman: saw a beretta side by side 28 inch barrel 400 dollars

TheKodiak72: Well its going fine for me, and I wont cry if it gets some dings like a $4000 beretta.. Nice engraving doesnt kill game/break clays

hunterfishernz: I dont agree sorry, In fact I would now rate the gun as below average quality. There are many factors that rate a quality gun and the fact that it should go bang every time you pull the trigger is only one of them.

bocapone556: Some people can't afford spending $1000-$2500 for a good shotgun. I know this gun doesn't have all the flash of higher end shotguns. It does serve it's purpose. It's backed by Beretta and he who knows Beretta knows they wouldn't back a piece of garbage. It's not going to win a beauty contest but it will take down birds. It's all personal preference. If you know how to shoot, you can shoot. But if you don't know how to shoot, even a $2500 shotgun isn't going to help you.
Stoeger Uplander Side by Side Shotgun Review 5 out of 5

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Stoeger Uplander Side by Side Shotgun Review